Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bryan Barnes & Javier Bolden Prelim Day 2, Murders of USC Chinese Grad Students, Ming Qu & Ying Wu

UPDATE 1:10 PM: clarity, additional info on Judge Marcus statement
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
The preliminary hearing of Bryan Barnes and Javier Bolden entered its second day for felony murder in the deaths of two USC Chinese grad students, Ming Qu and Ying Wu. Barnes' former girlfriend, Latiana Collins is still on the stand as of the lunch hour.

Under direct, Ms. Collins was at first evasive and difficult to the point that Judge Marcus declared, "I will indicate that there is sufficient evidence to Green this witness, she has a considerate lack of memory and her answers are evasive."  At first, I thought Judge Marcus said "glean," but that was incorrect. Terri Keith from City News gave me the correct word. It was 'green.' (Judge Marcus did not call Collins a 'hostile' witness. Sprocket.)

Those of us in the gallery were not sure what Judge Marcus was referring to. Clarification was obtained from Judge Marcus' clerk by Public Information Office representative Pat Kelly. Judge Marcus was referring to California v. Green.

After the break and reviewing the transcript of her interview with detectives, Collins' memory improved.

Collins cried under cross examination by Jana Seng when she was asked about her arrest back in May 2012.

So far, Collins has testified that Barnes told her that he obtained a black iPhone in a robbery. He also told her, "I think I shot someone."

At the lunch hour, Judge Marcus indicated the prelim may go longer than expected. He's concerned they may not finish by Thursday. He obtained waivers from Barnes and Bolden to have their preliminary hearing interrupted, since he has a matter on Friday that is expected to go all day. 

I apologize, that I don't have my detailed notes from Monday's proceedings posted yet. I had to help Mr. Sprocket after court yesterday. I hope to have them up later tonight.  I'd also like to give a shout out to a T&T reader, Ms. Brazil's brother. She indicated he was a fan. Thank you so much for reading.

2:55 PM
Detective Carreon has been recalled to the stand.  He testified that a black and gray HTC cell phone recovered in a search on May 18th of the home where defendant Bryan Barnes was staying belonged to the victim Ming Qu.

Continued in Day 2, Part II......