Friday, November 22, 2013

Michael Gargiulo Case: Pretrial 13 & JFK Assassinated 50 Years Ago

Michael Thomas Gargiulo, after his arrest in 2008

Friday, November 22, 1963
Our nation looks back fifty years today, to remember the death of our 35th president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  As a young child, that day is seared in my memory because it was also my birthday.  I remember being sent home from elementary school. I didn't get to pass out the lollipops I had brought for my classmates. In my mind, I can still see the US flag in our classroom that we said our pledge of allegiance to, draped in black. When my mother got home from work, she took me with her to the post office to pick up a birthday present my father had mailed me. It was a small ceramic figurine, a princess with the month November at the base. I can still see the pain that was etched on people faces, many uncontrollably sobbing. Walking past the news stands, I remember seeing JFK DEAD in black type that looked like it was five inches tall.  Ever since that day, I've felt a connection and admiration of the man who died on my birthday.

Friday, November 22, 2013
There is a pretrial hearing in the Michael Gargiulo case today. In California, Gargiulo is alleged to have killed Ashely Ellerin in 2001, Mario Bruno in 2005, and the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy in 2008.

Today is also our 12th wedding anniversary. Mr. Sprocket is coming to court with me this morning. After the hearing, we'll be helping my friend and author Matthew McGough with some last minute research. Then it's off to celebrate.  I will have an update on the Gargiulo hearing over the weekend.

Continued in Gargiulo Pretrial 13, Part II.....