Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Belated Merry Christmas 2013

Tree at the US Capitol Building, date unknown

UPDATED 12/26: spelling of Ms. Brazil's name
The T&T crew hopes everyone had a memorable holiday this year.

Since I am under the weather with a sore throat, we had a low-key celebration at home. Mr. Sprocket is the resident cook and this year he made an excellent turkey with chili from the local Indian store.

Trial Coverage Update
After my last post on December 10, I took a break from writing to sew holiday gifts for friends and family. I did step away from my sewing machine to attend a pretrial hearing for Gerhard Becker on December 11, and more of Joshua Woodward's prelim on December 16.  I hope to be finished sewing in the next day or two and I will update those stories over the next few weeks.

I have the rest of the Bryan Barnes and Javier Bolden prelim coming, as well as a story on DDA Deborah Brazil's December 11 swearing in ceremony to the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Sprocket Gift Wrapping Tip
If you run out of wrapping paper on Christmas eve, fabric works in a pinch.

Happy Holidays, and best wishes for the new year.