Friday, June 27, 2014

Michael Gargiulo Pretrial 19; Cameron Brown 3rd Trial, Pretrial 17 & Alberd Tersargyan

Michael Thomas Gargiulo, booking photo, date unknown

Lauren Sarene Key, 4 years old
UPDATE 11/2614: add Tersargyan's other name.
8:23 AM
I'm at the downtown  criminal court building with Mr. Sprocket. A few minutes ago, DDA Daniel Akemon and an assistant quickly passed and entered Dept. 105, Judge Bowers courtroom. I believe they are both working on the case of Damascio Ybarra Torres who shot some doctors at Cal USC Medical Center., sometime in 2003 or 2004.  DDA Akemon was just assigned to follow that case. It's a complicated, mixed sentencing case. Then DDA Akemon heads down to Dept. 109 to get a new date on the Alberd Tersargyan (aka Albert Harutyunyan) case.

DDA Craig Hum, who is prosecuting the Brown case arrives with an assistant. When Dept. 107 opens, DDA Hum and his assistant head in side.

8:32 AM
Mr. Sprocket and I head into Dept. 107.

Brown is already here, sitting at the defense table.
He’s sitting in the chair at the end of the fable so he’s facing us.

Patty Brown is here in the second row. Her body is turned facing toward her husband.  She hands a paper to the bailiff, and the bailiff hands the paper to him.  Brown is wearing black, horn rimmed glasses.

The bailiff leans in to answer a question Brown has. DDA Hum and the court reporter are chatting. This is the earliest that Brown has been brought up, but Judge Lomeli is in trial at the moment so I’m sure that’s why it’s happening so quickly.

I ask Judge Lomeli’s bailiff (the same bailiff I first met in 2007 during Spector 1) if Gargiulo has been brought up yet. He calls and checks for me. No, not yet.

I’ll leave the courtroom in a few minutes to cover the Gargiulo hearing and Mr. Sprocket will take over taking notes on this case.

Mr. Sprocket and I are at Olive View Hospital so that he could register for a Cardiac Rehab Program and to get some additional blood tests.

I thought I would give a quick update on Michael Thomas Gargiulo. When he came out of the holding area, he was completely bald. No side burns, no mustache. No facial hair whatsoever.  It was a stark change.

I also obtained a copy of the prosecution's motion that was filed today. This motion is to introduce at trial, crime scene evidence and expert testimony from a retired FBI Behavioral Analyst, Mary Ellen O'Toole.  You can read the motion, HERE.

Gargiulo hearing continued in Part II....


Anonymous said...

Dear Sprocket and Company,
What happened on the June 31st hearing?
We are all chomping at the bit for any info!