Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Note to Readers

As some of you know, several things have kept me from catching up on several cases I've been following.

I've been crazy busy helping Mr. Sprocket get back to work full time (he's doing fabulous, by the way) as well as several house and car projects that needed my attention.

You can see some of my recent hard work at my sewing machine, since I'm kicking off my Market Bag Madness Sale 2014 today.

I'll be getting back to writing about Michael Gargiulo, Cameron Brown, Dawn DaLuise and Joshua Woodward in the next few days.

Thank you everyone, for your patience.


Anonymous said...

We love you and praying for the best.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Mr. Sprocket's doing well.

David In TN

Rain Clair said...

I'm so interested to know what is happening with Joshua Woodward. The man in the similar case in FL was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket: I read your blog about Jahi's cardiac arrest theories and I disagree.

1. Blood transfusion is not usually done for T&A and UPPP in the OR, and they don't give blood until the hemoglobin is down to 7. AABB's blood transfusion recommended guidelines is followed by hospitals, so I don't believe Jahi received any blood at all. And I also don't believe that blood loss was the reason for her cardiac arrest.

The story about 4 units of blood being given is nothing but pure speculation.

Are you familiar with POPE/NPPE and acute upper airway obstruction? I suspect airway obstruction was the reason for her cardiac arrest rather than PTH, especially with laryngospasm. When blood enters and contacts the vocal cords, they reflexively close. The result is acute upper airway obstruction and NO oxygen being delivered to the body especially the brain. Cardiac arrest follows soon after. It happens quick and develops more rapidly than cardiac arrest due to "hypovolemic shock."

Sprocket said...

Dear GoldenShellback1,

It would be helpful if you referenced the specific entry and author who wrote about what you are referencing. This entry is not the place for your comment. I will copy and paste your comment onto the last McMath story.

I don't believe myself personally, wrote that Jahi McMath had blood transfusions.

I have passed your comment onto KZ, T&T's guest writer. It may take some time for her answer, but she is under no obligation to do so.