Monday, November 24, 2014

Beth Karas Launches

 Beth Karas

In mid October 2014, right before the start of the Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial, former CourtTv/TruTv reporter and legal analyst Beth Karas launched a new website,, a monthly subscription based website.

On her new site, Karas explains why:
For the duration of Jodi Arias’s penalty phase retrial in Phoenix, Arizona, I’ll bring you updates and analysis through videos on this site. Why did I launch this? Because the judge is not allowing the trial to be televised live, and many of you who followed last year’s trial want to know the details of the retrial and how it ends. I was there every day last year, and I, too, want to see the final chapter. 
Here’s the plan: I will file a video report on the BK Live link on the site to talk about the entire day’s events—who testified, reaction from the players and jurors, and other observations. I’ll also answer your questions.
The access fee to KarasOnCrime is $5.99 per month. I believe this is the exact amount that CourtTv offered, back in 2004-2007, for online access to their accumulated video library of trial coverage.

There are several other journalists who are live-tweeting the Arias penalty phase retrial, but they don't bring to the table the experience and insight that Karas provides in her live blogging and her nightly wrap-ups. T&T co-contributor ritanita tells me, "Beth's site is excellent."

I don't have any personal insight, but I would not be surprised if there is a book in Beth's future. A book from Beth, detailing her experience as an Assistant District Attorney in New York City, as well as the many high profile trials she attended and reported on would be a fantastic read. I hope my wishful thinking comes true.