Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rafael Martinez, Jr. Trial - Update III

Wednesday February 11, 2015
I get all the way to the security station this morning and I forgot my laptop. Mr. Sprocket was kind enough bring my laptop to the courthouse for me.  Consequently I did miss about the first five or ten minutes of testimony this morning.

Rafael Martinez is not on the stand. The defense is presenting their DNA expert, Marc Taylor, President and Laboratory Director of Technical Associates, Inc.  Mr. Tayor is detailing his CV when I arrive. Technical Associates performed DNA testing on Shawn and Nancy Boehm's fingernails as well as the fingernail scrapings. The results of their testing is presented to the jury. Unfortunately I was not able to follow a lot of this witnesses testimony.

I note that at the prosecution table, DDA Akemon uses a variety of different colored markers in the management of his case. Also back in the gallery is the alternate juror.

The lunch break was called at 11:50 am.

When I returned to the courtroom for the afternoon session I made a personal decision that I had to step away from this case. I will no longer attend testimony, closing arguments or sit for verdict watch.

I apologize to T&T readers for not being able to completely cover this trial. I will check with the courts public information office for if/when a verdict is reached and report the conclusion.

Again, my apologies.