Friday, April 24, 2015

Cameron Brown 3rd Trial - Q & A

This is the flyer that detectives handed out to motorists at checkpoints on Rancho Palos Verdes Drive South, on two consecutive Wednesday's after Lauren's death, in an effort to find information about what happened.  The photo of Lauren is one that Brown took of Lauren at the nursery school playground on 11/8/2000. The photo of Brown is one of several photos that was taken of him before being interviewed by detectives Jeffrey Leslie and Danny Smith at the Sheriff's Lomita Station.

A T&T reader asked if I would answer questions on the Brown case. I will answer questions over the weekend. If I don't have an answer to the question, I will say so.  Leave your question in the comments. I'll answer reader questions in this post.

George asked: (George left a question in the comments on Day 19, instead of this thread.)

Thank you of all the work you do. I do have a few questions and comments.
Did Brown believe that Sarah's husband was going to adopt Lauren? And if so, would that not negate his primary motivation for murder by nullifying the payment of child support?

How can Dr Chinwah say "That site was an extremely rugged site. Thought that the child could not get to the height without assistance, or being coerced".

The walk from Abalone Cove down PV Drive South and the path to IP is easy for an adult or child.

This is not to say that the tip of IP would ever be safe for a child; it is not. Has it been Brown's claim that the above was their path? If they went via Portuguese Point their path would be more difficult, but hardly "rugged"

Sprocket answers:
If Brown let Lauren be adopted, then yes, that would eliminate the child support.

I believe there are two witnesses that state Brown told them, he was willing to have Sarah's husband Greg adopt Lauren.  Those witnesses are Sarah and Jon Hans. During the trial, the defense has been that Brown never agreed to this and that it was a lie, made up by Sarah. If that's true, then how did Jon Hans come by that information, except through Brown?

The site an "extremely rugged site."

It was Dr. Carol Berkowitz, a pediatrician and expert in child development, who went on the hike from Abalone Cove parking lot to Inspiration Point, on the specific route that detectives believe the pair took, from witness sightings. It was Dr. Berkowitz, who had an extensive CV in child pediatrics, and was a fit athlete at the time. She stated the hike was not easy for her. She testified in her expert opinion that 4 year old Lauren would not have initiated the hike or completed it without assistance or being coerced.

The route Brown and Lauren took.
Brown and Lauren did not walk from Abalone Cove Parking lot along Palos Verdes Drive South to Inspiration Point. That is not borne out by witness sightings as well as Brown's own account of where he took Lauren.

Its my understanding that the hike started at Abalone Cove parking lot. They took the trail head from the parking lot down to the beach level, to the playground area that was attached to the nursery school. The playground area is no longer there. After playing on the playground for 20 minutes, Brown told detectives that Lauren just took off up the trail. She initiated the hike. It's my understanding that they went up the side of the cliff around where the nursery school was and where the lifeguard station was to the western side of Portuguese Point. They crossed Portuguese Point near the knoll to the eastern side of Portuguese Point. They  then took a trail to the upper road Palos Verdes Drive South. They walked along Palos Verdes Drive South, along the shoulder, not on the road, then took a trail that went downward a bit and then back up the eastern side of Inspiration Point. They then went onto the end of Inspiration Point.

The route they took is based on Brown's statements as well as eye witnesses that saw them on various points of the hike. Detective Leslie testified there are two points along the route, where they are not exactly sure which route was taken. I believe I am correct that these two points are: 1.) a short section of the route from the playground to Portuguese Point; 2.) after reaching the eastern side of PP, the exact trail they took to the upper road is unknown, since there are several routes.