Friday, May 8, 2015

Cameron Brown 3rd Trial - Update

Lauren's gravestone 8/29/96 - 11/8/00
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    • Lauren so loving with a smile and a glow  
    • All of us will miss you so  
    • Under God's care you now can sing  
    • Real joy in heaven you will bring  
    • Never to forget you time with us here
UPDATE Friday, May 8, 2015
I believe I have lost the testimony of a prosecution or a defense witness during a later edit. I'm remembering a witness who testified they met Brown at the local farmer's market and became friends. The witness testified that their brother-in-law owns the farm and that he sells the produce from that farm. This witness testified that Brown and Lauren went trick-or-treating on Halloween with the witness, the witness' family and a large group of children. I remember the witness testified that Brown carried his daughter on his shoulders for a time. This occurred a week before Lauren's death. I'm not certain when this witness testified. I sincerely apologize to T&T readers for my editing error and losing testimony.

I have a call in to the court reporter, requesting her list of witnesses who testified so I can compare that against my list. As soon as I get a response, I will update that entry as well as the 3rd trial witness list.

UPDATE 12 Noon
I did not lose the testimony of the defense witness, Donald DeArman. I missed listing this witness on the witness list. He testified on Day 25 [May 5] after Dr. Booker and before Lynne Brown's testimony was read in.

I believe all the entries have been fully edited. If you find an entry that appears to need editing, please let me know.