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Cameron Brown Post Verdict Hearing 2

5/13/15 - Cameron Brown, 
moments before the guilty verdict was read.

July 17, 2015
On June 19, Brown was scheduled to have a Marsden hearing on July 10. I missed that hearing. Checking the LA County Sheriff's inmate locator web page, Brown was scheduled for another hearing today.

When I get inside Dept. 107, I find out that Brown's Marsden hearing didn't happen on July 10. There are several attorneys in the well and a few cases that will be heard before Brown's Marsden hearing, which will happen today. Defense attorney Aron Laub is waiting his turn in the jury box. I go over to say hello.

Other Cases in 107
The first hearing was over very quickly. The defendant was ill and did not come to court. The court ordered a bench warrant.

The second hearing was for three defendant’s: Leyla Ors (a German National out on bond), Joseph Cavallo and Emanuel Hudson (two attorneys, out of custody and not appearing), charged with trying to extort a Saudi sheik’s Son, Thamer Albalwi.

Short Synopsis
Last year, Leyla Ors went to the LAPD and accused Thamer Albalwi of rape and torture. After an initial investigation, Albalwi was arrested. I happened to be in the Airport Courthouse attending the preliminary hearing in the DaLuise case when Albalwi, out on bail, also had a court appearance. His counsel was former DDA Alan Jackson. Charges against Albalwi were eventually dismissed and the court declared him factually innocent.

Ors, Cavallo, Hudson Case

Court and counsel are waiting for defense attorney Harlan Braun, who is representing one of the defendants and will also stand in for second counsel. DDA Deborah Deleport from JSID is the assigned prosecutor listed on the DA's calendar but I'm not sure if she is here today or someone else is standing in.

Mr. Braun arrives at 8:39 am and the hearing starts. Ms. Ors is present with counsel and a court provided interpreter. The case is 0 of 90 today. The court did receive a memo with parameters as to the items involved and what needs to be extracted for this court's consideration. That went through [another judge's] court, and two court research attorneys were assigned.

I believe Mr. Braun raises the issue of confidentiality and the court explains that special masters are a common occurrence. Confidentiality won't be an issue. Some of the items must remain in a specific location, "the Wilshire Building" because of an LAPD agreement with the Secret Service; other items will be brought to court. The research attorney will have to go to the Wilshire location for research and extraction for those items that cannot be moved.

The DDA informs the court that she needs another extraction order for three more items that have not been extracted yet. These are three items obtained from Ms. Ors hotel room: a cell phone; phone card and sim card. The people also need another minute order to extract information from those items and to copy and preserve it to present to research attorneys.  The court thought those items were on the original memo. The people indicate they were, but those items have not been extracted yet. The court will sign the minute order and the prosecution needs a certified copy. Counsel for Ms. Ors doesn't believe they will get to the prelim anytime soon.

The people suggest putting the case over for another two months. The case is put over to October 8, and the case will be 0 of 90 on that date.

There is concern about some items that have not been returned to one of the defendants, and it's been over a year. A camera, a laptop and a few other items. The prosecution states that as soon as they're done, they'll be happy to turn them over. Mr. Braun states he will send over a proposal. Ms. Ors counsel states they are not agreeing to waive any suppression.

And that's it for this case.

 Lauren Sarene Key, died November 8, 2000.
Playing house under a table.

Cameron Brown

After the three defendant hearing, the court and Mr. Laub discuss the Brown case off the record. They are discussing the various ways things could go. If the Marsden is denied by the court, and the defendant decides to go pro per, the court will need Mr. Hum here.  After a bit more discussion, there is a bench conference. I overhear that there is another hearing for Brown on July 24.

Then the courtroom is cleared for the Marsden hearing. Since I can't attend, I head home.

Brown Sentencing
Sources indicate that after the hearing on July 24, Mr. Laub is still the counsel of record. Brown's sentencing and motion for a new trial will happen on September 18, 2015.


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Tamika Bibb,

The verdict is set by California law. Since Brown was convicted of first degree with two special circumstances (lying in wait and murder for financial gain) Brown's sentence is automatically, Life Without Possibility of Parole. LWOP.