Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mark D. Jensen, Convicted of Antifreeze Poisoning of Wife Julie, to be Retried

1/5/16 Screenshot of Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections 
web page of Inmate Mark Jensen

UPDATE 1:22 PM reporting Jensen's bail set at 1.2 million.

January 6, 2016
Mark Jensen, convicted in 2008 of killing his wife by antifreeze poisoning will get a new trial.

Do any of you remember this case? This was a trial that T&T covered, by watching it online.

Mark Jensen's wife Julie died on December 3, 1998 from antifreeze poisoning. Jensen's defense argument was Julie committed suicide.

Jensen was convicted of her murder in February 2008. The prosecutor was Robert Jambois. Jensen was defended by Craig Albee.

One of the unique pieces of evidence in this case was a letter the victim had given to neighbor Ted Wojt (along with a roll of film), instructing him to give it to police in case of her unusual demise.

That letter was the main basis for Jensen's appeal. The Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed with the appellate court's decision to overturn Jensen's conviction on the grounds that statements Julie Jensen made before her death should never have been admitted into evidence.

Jensen was scheduled to have a bond hearing today. I will update as soon as I hear any news of his custody status.

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Eyes for Lies said...

Oh man, I can't believe this!

Unknown said...

Yes, I remember this case. The defendant would have to get over the notion that nobody is going to commit suicide by anti-freeze.

ritanita said...

Oh, I remember this trial all too well!

I believe there is a strong case against him. Craig Albee, Jensen's attorney tried like crazy to paint Julie a totally crazy, suicidal woman. It turned out that he was gas lighting her with suggestive photographs he put all over the place. I'm also remembering a witness who originally did a psychological autopsy and declared Julie suicidal, until questioned by the prosecutor. He changed his mind on the stand.

I think I'll take some time and go back to re-read the original trial before the new one takes place.

Shellbell said...

Apparently Kelly remarried and moved to Texas. I wonder if she will be more prone to talk....

Sprocket said...

Thank you Shellbell.

I'm not convinced that Kelly knew all that was going in in Mark's head at the time of Julie's death.