Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kelly Soo Park Case Update

Kelly Soo Park, at a pretrial hearing in 2015
Photo Credit: Pool Camera

UPDATE 4/21/16 5:15 AM correction on time of release

The LA County Sheriff's website indicating Park's status has been updated. It indicates Park's actual release time on Wednesday was "22:17" which is 10:17 pm.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's my understanding that Kelly Soo Park, one of 15 defendants charged in a massive medical insurance fraud scheme [BA425357] has been bonded out of custody this morning.

On April 12, Judge Kennedy dismissed 20 counts of aggravated mayhem against 11 defendants on the larger indictment. The dismissal of these counts dramatically reduced the bail amount to $1.635 million for each defendant. On Friday, April 15, Judge Kennedy also dismissed 1 count of aggravated mayhem on the smaller indictment [BA435339j] against defendant Tatiana Arnold.

Park's bail was initially set at $18.5 million when she was arrested. At a 1275 bail hearing last year, Park's bail was reduced to 10 million. Park's defense attorney Mark Kassabian was prepared for his client to post bond out on Friday but the hearing was put over until Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning, Park's many supporters were on the 9th floor of the Criminal Justice Center waiting for Park's bail hearing. Bail bondsman Josh Herman, who bonded Park when she was on trial in 2013 for first degree murder of Juliana Redding was also present.

Although the prosecution team for the fraud case was all set up at the people's table to argue the bail hearings, they were asked to leave so the court could continue with the  402 evidentiary hearing from the "Grim Sleeper," Lonnie Franklin, Jr., case. That hearing had started Monday, continued all day Tuesday and is still in progress today.

Before Tuesday's afternoon session began, Judge Kennedy had an informal discussion with DDA Karen Nishita and Kassabian about how much time would be needed for the hearing. DDA Nishita indicated they would need about 1.5 hours. Judge Kennedy had her clerk arrange for Park's bail hearing to be heard by Judge Henry Hall,  Dept. 111.

Tuesday evening, I checked the LA County Sheriff's website. It indicated Park was still in custody .

This morning, inside Dept. 109 before court started, I overheard Mark Kassabian speaking to Judge Kennedy's clerk. I overheard the word "passport" and that it needed to be turned over to someone.  The last thing I heard Kassabian say to the clerk was, "...she just got out."

Although the Sheriff's website is not updated with Park's release time, her inmate information does indicate that her permanent housing was assigned at 8:54 am [a good indicator as to the time she was released], bail amount is reset to zero and that she is bonded.  Screenshots of her inmate information are below.

I will update this post when I get any new information.



This cold blooded murderer seems to have a lot of cards stacked in her favor. It still baffles me how the jury delivered a not guilty verdict in her murder trial, despite all the evidence that was presented against her!

flatrocker99 said...

I too am sickened by the fact that this murderer has been set free! Another blow to my faith in our judicial system.

Unknown said...

I hope she rots in hell. Her and her defense team. What on earth was the jury thinking??????

Sprocket said...

We don't know what the jury thought. They declined to speak to the media after their not guilty verdict.

The jury bought the defense closing argument that Park and Julianna had been seen together by a defense witness, inside a Uwaydah home. This is a home that Julianna and a girlfriend had been living in. Julianna moved out of this home FIVE MONTHS before her murder.

The defense told the jury that Julianna could have taken items from the Uwaydah home [towels, dishes] that had Park's DNA on them. Five months before her murder.

The defense proposed that the "real killer" could have used these towels to clean up the crime scene, leaivng Park's DNA all over several items in Julianna's apartment, including Julianna's neck.

The jury bought it.

Stella said...

I'm confused... if this woman is out on bond; doesn't she still have a trial awaiting her at some point? Posting bail only means you have to show up at all your court hearings until your trial begins. Does anyone know when that will be? Hopefully, justice will prevail on this go-round and she'll be put away for life.

Sprocket said...

Park was on trial for murder in 2013. She was acquitted.

In September 2015, she and 12 other defendants were indicted by a grand jury in a massive 150 million dollar insurance fraud/medical malpractice scheme. Park, along with several other defendants is out on bond. Trial date is unknown at this point.

The alleged ringleader and one other defendant are in the wind. It's believed that they are both out of the country.

panther14 said...

The ringleader in the murder of Juliana Redding and the medical fraud is a little short,ugly red dot named Munir Uwaydah and it appears he is hiding outside of the U.S. I hope he and Kelly Soo Park rot in prison and melt into the concrete floor!

Carl jones said...

hopefully this time this thug will be put behind bars !!!!!!

Sprocket said...

Carl Jones:

Uwaydah [alleged ringleader] and Wendy Luke are not in custody. I do not know what Luke's role was in the alleged fraud conspiracy. Defendant's still in custody, [I think-not positive] are Folgar, Turney, Case and Nelson.

Unknown said...

Maybe she will finally get her just due! She is guilty of murder. Frightening to think she could go free again

Sprocket said...

Unknown -

Lonce LaMon of has been reporting on the fraud case for some time.

You can go to her site and search for Kelly Soo Park. That will bring up her coverage of the pretrial hearings.

Unknown said...

Yeah she did it, she's probably a hitman for the rich n famous maybe CIA, bloody fingerprints and DNA on her neck, something's up.Now she's been bailed again

Criminals need eliminating said...

I have just read the audio of her simply having her fingerprintson taken, and she asked why, she was told because they are investigating a murder and need prints. She done everything she could to NOT have her prints taken, tried to get out of it, delay tactics while she was thinking what to do to get out of it.. But in the end, she was arrested and they got her prints. She tried really hard,