Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Robert Durst Case - Motions Filed by the People

February 8, 2016

T&T recently obtained motions filed by the people in the Robert Durst Case. You can read the documents through the embedded links below. They have been added to the Robert Durst Quick Links Page. When I am able to obtain copies of the defense motions, I will upload them.

The next pretrial hearing at the Airport Courthouse is scheduled for February 14, 2017, 10am.

Note added 2/10/17 - I highly recommend reading the People's Supplemental Declaration. It has the complete transcript of DDA John Lewin's interview with the defendant. Great read.

3/16/15 Robert Durst Criminal Complaint

12/5/16 People's Motion to Admit Special Master

12/16/16 People's Supplemental Declaration

12/19/16 People's Special Master Reply

12/29/16 People's Opposition to Defense Motion

1/5/17 People's Motion to Admit Defendant's Mirandized Statements

1/17/17 People's Motion Collateral Estoppel