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Stephanie Lazarus In Her Own Words (Part IV, 03/03/1985)


Stephanie Lazarus In Her Own Words (Part IV, 3/3/1985)

In 1986, Sherri Rasmussen was murdered in her Van Nuys home.

23 years later, in 2009, LAPD Detective Stephanie Lazarus was arrested for the crime. Lazarus was convicted of first degree murder in 2012, a trial I covered from gavel to gavel.

Early in her LAPD career, Stephanie kept a diary of her daily patrol rounds.

This diary entry is from March 3, 1985, 34 years ago today. 

At the time, Stephanie was a patrol officer assigned to the LAPD’s Hollywood Division.

2100 – 0430




Well this will be my first time working the trick task force. First thing Ofcr H--- who was in charge did was take all the girls pictures, myself, Patti C---, Linda P---, Michelle Ba---.

Then we had roll call. The PED unit was also there. They gave everyone their assignments. Then everyone put in $2.00 for pizza. Then we went and had Code 7 until 2230.

Tonight they used the Directors Guild, Sunset and Hayworth.

We didn’t actually start working until 2300. P--- went first, then Ba---, C--- and me.

The first guy I got was a man walking down the street. He asked me if I was working. Then he wanted a blow job for $25.00. I said OK let’s got to my place and Security arrested him. He was an Engineer.

NOTE Security is about 5’ from where the girl stands. One of the ofcrs was playing like a bum sweeping the sidewalks with a palm tree, it was funny.

After you arrest a guy you go in the back, get his ID, and write up a face sheet, arrest report and booking slip. Then when PED gets a few guys they take them to the Station to book them.

Just about every guy who stopped me asked if I was a cop. On my next turn 3 guys drove off and the 1 I got wanted a straight fuck for $40.00. This guy was mad at me because he asked if I was a cop and I said no. He was a butcher.

Well my next 2 times out were pathetic. I must [have] got turned down by 8 guys, all who thought I was a cop. One approach I tried that one of the guys suggested was to cuss at them. Well that didn’t work and Sgt. H--- didn’t like it.

All the other girls had gotten 5 arrests. I had only 2, but I went out once more. I had this Oriental stop for me, they're supposed to be the easiest. He wanted a fuck for $20.00. I got him pretty quick.

At least I didn’t feel too bad. We finished up about 0330 and went back to the Station.

NOTE At 0200 we had our pizza break. I got a ride back with 5 of the guys, Bo---, W--- and 3 other ofcrs. Well it was one of the guys last night so he wanted to chase a drag queen. We went to Highland and Franklin and chased one. It was kinda funny, we’re tearing down the streets and this thing is running for its life.

The work was easy and fun. Time went by quick. I was disappointed in how I did, not so much how much the susp offered but the time I was cussing at them. It’s not like me and the guys running the task force seemed mad at me. I don’t think they’ll ask me to do it again. I’m sure I’ll have to ask them.

This was the first day of my day watch. I am off on 3-4-85 and I’m having my nose surgery on 3-5-85. I’ll be out for a few weeks. 

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