Saturday, April 12, 2008

Maria Lauterbach’s Death – What’s Wrong With This Picture?

OK, so many things don’t add up to me so I went surfing on the net. Something in the timeline is off and just begs some answers.

December 19 - Lauterbach reported missing by her mother, believed to be, one of the last people speak with her on December 13.

December 14 - Police believe Lauterbach was murdered at Laurean’s house.

December 16 - Surveillance video shows Laurean shopping at a Lowe's home improvement store two days after Maria Lauterbach is believed to have been killed.

The video shows Laurean purchasing supplies, paint, concrete blocks and a wheelbarrow.

Laurean is seen shopping with another person described by "America's Most Wanted" as "a friend."

December 24 - Laurean tried to use Lauterbach’s ATM card on Christmas Eve and attempted to cover the ATM’s security camera with a rag.

January 10 - According to police affidavits, Laurean told his wife he buried Lauterbach in their backyard fire pit December 15 after Lauterbach committed suicide in the couple's home -- slitting her own throat. He said he got scared and buried her body.

Blood spatters inside Laurean’s home and garage show Lauterbach was beaten to death inside. Someone tried to clean up the blood, including painting over it.

A neighbor said Christina Laurean talked about repainting several rooms around the same time.

(The autopsy report says death is most likely due to blunt force injury to the head, but also indicates a "superficial incised wound to the left side of the neck." The wound is four-inches long with a two-inch gape. It appears to be real but may have occurred after death". )

January 11 - Christina Laurean waited a day after her husband told her about Lauterbach's death before telling authorities about what she knew.

Laurean fled Jacksonville, hours before Lauterbach's remains were discovered.

1) If Maria did indeed die on the 14th and the Lowe’s tape shows Laurean shopping for paint, concrete blocks and a wheelbarrow on the 16th, where was Maria’s body all that time?

2) Who was the friend seen with Laurean at Lowe’s? Did he have help?

3) Police affidavits state that Laurean told Christina that he buried Maria in the fire pit on the 15th. The concrete blocks were purchased on the 16th!

4) How much does Christina actually know? Did she and their 17-month old daughter not live at the house? How could Christina not have seen anything amiss with all the blood, cleanup and a decomposing body on the property? Did she in fact help clean up the murder scene?

5) I’ve seen varying reports on the number of bonfires/barbecues at the fire pit over the Christmas holidays. They range from two to three. Burning flesh has a very distinctive smell. No one noticed this?

6) Did Christina wait 24 hours before telling police what she knew in order to give Laurean a head start in fleeing the country?

I know police say Christina has been co-operative and is not a suspect, but is it just me?

Yeah, I have lots more questions...


Katprint said...

It is not uncommon for murderers to move the bodies of their victims from one place to another. I don't see a conflict in the scenario of: beaten to death on 12/14 and stashed in a closet or under a tarp, buried in the dirt beneath the backyard firepit on 12/15 (he must have already owned a shovel if that was not one of the things purchased at Lowe's), then further clean-up and cover-up materials purchased on 12/16.

I agree that Christina is probably more complicit, but there may have been some coercion there. If I were a young wife with a small child and my scary murdering husband threatened to kill me (or my baby!!!) unless I helped him, it would be difficult to say no.

donchais said...

Laurean bought the shovel at Lowe's.

You may be right, maybe he did coerce Christina.

Maybe the police suspect/know more about Christina than they are telling.

Ms.KaylisGrammy said...

I think that Christina knows a lot more than she is telling. Too many things just don't make sense. Like the repainting, the dog being moved from the back to the front, and Maria's car being parked in the driveway. Plus, now it has come out that Cesar was eMailing Christina from an Internet Cafe in Mexico and LE seized her (Christina's) sister's computer.

I doubt we will ever know the whole truth, but I'd just about bet the farm that Christina was involved in at least the cover-up.