Friday, May 1, 2009

Laurean Murder Case - Gag Order Issued

Onslow County Superior Court Judge Charles Henry has issued a gag order in the Cesar Laurean case that prohibits prosecutors, law enforcement and Laurean's defense attorney are not to release any information to the news media or the public.

That includes information on Laurean's background, the results of any tests or features of any physical evidence, opinions about Laurean's guilt or innocence, and any other information that might prejudice a trial.

Judge Henry acknowledged the significant amount of publicity the case has received since Maria Luatenbach and her unborn baby’s burned bodies were recovered from Laurean’s backyard fire pit and his subsequent escape to Mexico.

Defense attorney Dick McNeil stated he is concerned that the state has talked about the facts in the case for 16 months.

Laurean is scheduled to appear in court May 18. McNeil said his client will enter a plea of not guilty.


Summer's Mom said...

Yeah, the "facts in the case" would present a problem for the defense....

Anonymous said...

Laurean should have a permanent "gag" put on him - like the one he put on Maria Lautenbach!