Thursday, April 30, 2009

April is a cruel month for the entire Anthony family

There is a new slew of documents to be released tomorrow (or later today, depending on your time zone) and we who are ardently following the Casey Anthony case in the murder of her toddler daughter, Caylee Marie, are waiting to see what new information will be divulged. Those of us who read and analyze every document and every transcript are hoping these documents will reveal the "smoking gun" that will knock down whatever the defense may invent.

While waiting, I've been thinking about this past month. It was a very busy month with the press following the story's every twist and turn.

The last I reported, George and Cindy had completed their deposition "performances" for the cameras. Now, the proverbial "other shoe" has been dropped and they may be kicked in their financial butt.

Morgan and Morgan has filed a pair of motions to compel George and Cindy Anthony to answer those questions they refused to answer. Cindy's came first and received the most press. In reality, the motion only addresses one question that she did not answer. She was asked if her daughter, Casey, had ever used her credit cards without her permission.

Mrs. Anthony refused to answer in more-than-so-many-words. She claimed the question wasn't "relevant" and finally refused to answer, in spite of her attorney, Brad Conway's attempts to advise her.

Mr. Conway obviously knew that it was a question that she should answer, in spite of his protestations that it was an "ongoing investigation" and stated for her that, "My client does not want to answer that because it's going to affect her daughter's ability to get a fair trial on pending criminal charges."

Read the motion

The motion to compel George Anthony included more questions. In his case, one has to wonder why he refused to answer some of them when he had already supplied the answers while giving information to the FBI in his interviews. In some cases, the information he refused to give was given during TV interviews. Is it possible he wasn't forthcoming in those TV interviews?

Here is a list of questions he is being asked to answer:

"Were there incidences in the year leading up to the disappearance where your daughter had taken money, to your knowledge, that didn't belong to her?"

George refused to answer. In his interview with the FBI, he mentioned how Casey cleaned out Caylee's bank account and piggy bank. He also mentioned that she stole money from other places, such as her mother's purse.

There are a series of questions about Dominic Casey:

When asked if Cindy and George were paying his bill, Brad Conway asserted that it was privileged because it was work-product. When asked, "work product?" Conway stated that it was attorney-client. Gee... did you know that either of the Anthonys was a lawyer?

When asked about leads as to the location of Caylee's remains, George claimed to have heard nothing from Mr. Casey. He supposed the lead came from a psychic.

When asked about his search for the "real" Zenaida, Mr. Conway became very testy. He stated for his client that, "... it had everything to do with the fact that they were being investigated by the sheriff's office. There were obstruction of justice charges being thrown around."

Mr. Morgan replied, "That doesn't work."

When George was asked about the gas-can incident, he again refused to discuss it.

He also refused to answer why he told LE that he had a feeling his daughter hadn't been working for the past two years.

Finally, George refused to discuss the whole "pool ladder" incident.

Read the motion

It will be interesting to see what Judge Rodrigues will decide. The hearing is set for May 21.

One thing is for sure. If Judge Rodrigues orders them to answer any or all these questions, the Anthonys will probably have to pay the costs. All the judge has to do is read the provided transcripts or view the pertinent sections of the depositions to know that George and Cindy came in with very bad attitudes and made a disgrace of the legal proceedings.

On April 13, things went from bad to worse for Ms. Casey when the State filed a Notice of Intent to seek the death penalty. Jose Baez went on record saying that there were Forces Out To Get Casey Anthony. He further went on to give an exclusive interview with WESH to discuss the case. Being sweeps time, WESH spread that interview out for over a week!

I'm not sure what Baez was up to with the interview, but I've always heard him say that Casey has A COMPELLING REASON for all of this problem, and we'll have to wait to hear it at trial!

Meanwhile, we are able to consider Mr. Baez's words of wisdom as featured on WESH.

While Mr. Baez was dealing with the press and the death penalty, Casey's parents were on a rather pathetic press tour. Originally scheduled to appear on Oprah Winfry in May, the Anthonys decided to start their press tour with the 3rd rated morning program, the "Early Show." Oprah cancelled, Cindy says she cancelled, for INTEGRITY? Who really knows, but their performance on the "Early Show" was quite different from their appearance in the Morgan&Morgan depositions!

Finally, cruel April found Jose Baez making yet another motion to obtain extensive phone records from a "few" people involved in the case. Read the motion for the exact details of what records he wants, I have problems putting numbers in my pre-paid cell phone! So far, three of those mentioned in the motion have filed objections due to the unlimited nature of the records being requested. I'll be writing more about this motion and any new ones prior to the re-scheduled hearing on May 28 at 10 a.m.


shari said...

Hopefully this judge will be as "by the book" as Strickland has been, so far anyway. Someone needs to make these people learn some respect for the court system and other people. Hopefully they will listen to a judge....although in Cindys case, I am doubtful. I just hope the prosecution has a really airtight case....

Katprint said...

Jose Baez is quite right that the prosecutors are "out to get" Casey. The prosecutors are obviously horrified and outraged by Casey's heinous murder of her poor defenseless little daughter Caylee not to mention Casey's callous disposal of Caylee's body and malicious efforts to frame innocent bystanders - friends and strangers alike. The prosecutors are clearly determined to make Casey pay for her crimes, even committing themselves to seek the death penalty against her, thus it may fairly be said that they are "out to get her."

But as far as I can tell, that is the ONE THING that Baez got right. Everything else he said was pretty much dead wrong.

donchais said...

Yup, ritanita! It was quite the month for Cirque du Anthony!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update RitaNita!I hope Judge Rodrigues orders George and Cindy to answer the questions they refused to answer during the deposition, and I hope they have to pay the court costs! I say "hit 'em where it hurts" i.e. their pocketbook! Seems all they really care about these days is making a buck of Caylee's death, and supporting Casey.

I still find it VERY ODD that neither George, Cindy or Lee have visited Casey in jail since Caylee's remains were found. They want to support her publically, they haven't laid eyes on her in almost 6 - 7 months? STRANGE!

One more thing, in the Early Show interview Cindy claimed to have written suicide letters back in July? This tells me she KNEW Caylee was dead then. People who have hope of seeing a loved one again do not write suicide letters. Either she was lying in that interview and never wrote those letters, or she knew the truth back in July - like George did!

Why are they trying to convince the public that Casey is innocent when they don't even believe it themselves? It's time for them to STFU.

Thank you for the wonderful write up/up date!!

Kitty M.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that there will be a change of venue requested?
The Anthony's are pretty well-known in the whole State of Florida so I don't know where they could actually go, but I wondered what you thought.

ritanita said...

Tess, I'm sure the defense will ask for a change of venue. Baez discussed it a while back. He's already done his research and market analysis and has venues he'd prefer.

I'm not sure if the court will grant one considering the wide coverage of the case. If they do, the judge will decide where to hold the trial.

What will happen? As in all of this case, one NEVER knows!