Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Phone Hearing Phunk: Casey Anthony Gets More Investigative Funds

December 15, 2010

The defense filed two responses to the motion to compel evidence today. Here is one just released by the media. It contains the information asked for by Judge Perry. Note that it is signed the 14th but not submitted until the 15th. This is a "sneak peak" copy.



I wasn't around for the hearing, and it didn't seem to matter. The only coverage came from WESH tweets. However, they did just post an article.

From what I read, the defense has received more investigative hours to check out the 110 witnesses that Jose Baez doesn't feel need to be investigated. The exact amount of hours is up for grabs at this point as the JAC is still trying to figure out how many hours haven't been paid. It sounds like a paper work nightmare to me at this point. I'm hearing 110 hours so far.

As for the travel expenses, Baez claimed that he applied for reimbursement from the JAC and the JAC wanted a court order. Judge Perry wants to see the paperwork before he writes that order.

Judge Perry also noted that some of the expenses already submitted to the JAC may not be reimbursable (FOX Live News)

Confused? LOL! So am I.

I also wonder if Baez has complied with the judge's order to supply discovery for Dr. Brock and Dr. Fairgrieve. The deadline was today.

Meanwhile, we have another hearing on Monday, December 20, at 1:30 PM. We are supposed to hear the Finnell motion to seal the names of mitigation witnesses. I have to wonder if any other standing motions will be heard while they are all together in the courtroom.

Come on back and visit later as I learn more about the hearing and what has happened! Consider this a "running blog"!



In the meantime, my friend Muzikman has just uploaded an Amended Witness List from the defense which has removed two witnesses:

Michael J O'Kelly, (Expert) no particular field mentioned
Larry Daniels, (Expert) Guardian Digital Forensics


donchais said...

It's starting to feel like that old Abbott and Costello routine...'Whose on First...I Dunno'...!

ritanita said...

Amen, Donchais. If there had to be ONE hearing I had to miss, this was the one.

It sounds like the judge will go overboard on PI hours in lieu of depositions, he's holding their feet to the fire for "other" expenses.

FRG said...


Thanks a lot for the summary!

I know, I know, it is very confusing! I am not sure if JB does things on purpose or if he is just unorganized and stupid. Doesn't he understand the money he is spending is taxpayers' money? I think he is just trying to outwit JAC and JP, it has to be. JB is always "unprepared"... never has receipts. It's just part of his delay tactics! It's getting old.

Did JB say "death is different" again? I hope not.

Somebody please smack JB!!! LOL

donchais said...

I have a Bic lighter I'm willing to donate, lol!

ritanita said...

LOL! Donchais, you are too funny!

FRG...In my opinion, JB has no sense of money at all. This is true in both his personal and professional life.

When the dust settles on all the JAC stuff, I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be out a ton of money they thought would be reimbursed due to lack of proper paperwork.

Jose could tell them to pay their expenses and JAC will reimburse. Then, when JAC doesn't, who's out the $$?

Just a wild stab on my part!

FRG said...


From your point of view, you are absolutely right! Just now I noticed that! His mortgage is behind, his past would not be something I would say I would be proud of *insert rolling eyes*. I am starting to think that KC got what she deserves... JB!!! Well, she has a list of, cross that... she "had" a list of high profile attorneys, her experts witness list are also being reduced... hmmmm!!! Interesting!!!

Why can't I stop giggling? Good Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

This whole series of incompetent maneuvers seems designed to bring about a new trial when the defendant is found guilty; Baez is probably going to try several times during the proceedings to have mistrial declared.
I know the defendant gets to choose the lawyer, but Baez should never have been allowed to take this case/lead this team, due to his lack of experience and overall incompetence.

ritanita said...

I agree that Baez' favorite thing to say at trial will be "mistrial" over and over. It won't work.

Judge Perry is doing all he can to keep this trial on track and save the trial from having appellate issues.

We may not like that Baez is getting a lot of PI hours, but Perry has no choice. Should he deny necessary funds, it will be an easily appealable issue upon conviction.

Baez is playing with his smoke and mirrors and treading a fine line with the judge.

We do know now that he has filed a pair of motions this morning:

Response to State's Motion for Clarification of Expert Witnesses
Response to State's Motion for Clarification of Expert Witnesses (Part 2)


There are no defense filings for the 14th, the day the information for Fairgrieve and Bock were due.

Let's hope Muzikman or the MSM comes through with these documents!

More games being played.

ritanita said...

Here is a link to the response filed by Baez. It contains the information about the experts and is an interesting read. There should be a part 2 to the motion with the rest of the information mentioned.


FRG said...


Thank you for the update!

Evasive as usual, just as I expect JB's response to be.

JB and his experts know what the Prosecutors experts are going to testify about, at least they have an idea... otherwise why did they accept to work for KC?

BTW, we know there is no cause of death, they can rebut as much as they want to, in the end it won't matter, at least if you have half of a brain. Caylee didn't die of natural cause, did she?