Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Latest Phil Spector News III

I was able to obtain a copy of Phil Spector's "Appellant Reply" brief and have uploaded it to the net. You can read the 90 pages HERE. Enjoy!


iwishiwas said...

He'll lose. This one, the conviction appeal, his money,all of it. It's so over for him.
The only thing left to do is update to obit to reflect his current residence.
Is that cold? Not as cold as he was when he killed Lana!

Anonymous said...

On top of all of this, I see Rachelle fumbled the accounting that pays out the due monies to the girl groups that sued him. It's $150,000 and a $1,000,000 punitive charges against him. Maybe he didn't know that she was maybe siphoning the money for herself or something. Where did that money go? He can maybe plead he didn't know it was happening as he is in prison. I would hate to be Rachelle on visiting day.

Sprocket said...

I have not heard anything on the civil suit.

A few legally knowledgeable people I know in the MSM have said, that of all the arguments in the appeal, the issue about Jaime Lindermoot's video taped testimony and Judge Fidler's image, is the only one that "might have" some legs to it. Might have.

I'm not a legal eagle. I don't know if this argument is enough to tip the scales for a new trial. However, I have been told by many sources that this appeals court is notoriously conservative.

I hope to be able to get in to listen to the oral arguments when the hearing is scheduled.

Nora said...

Here's a new video inteview with the director of the film on Spector. http://www.nbcwashington.com/blogs/niteside/The_Agony_and_the_Ecstasy_of_Phil_Spector_All__National_-112176539.html I was shocked to hear him say that there is reasonable doubt Spector killed Lana. And he called her an over-the-hill starlet. Pretty much said the same thing about Spector being a has-been.