Monday, December 13, 2010

The Latest Phil Spector News II

~ Phil Spector ~

I just got the notice in my E-mail from the California Court of Appeals that in case B216426 2nd District, Division 3, the "Appellant's reply" brief has been filed. What this means is, Phil Spector's attorneys have filed their response to the CA Attorney General's brief. (The defendant filed his initial appeal; the AG filed their response and then the defendant gets to file a response to that.) When I come across a copy on the net, I will link to it.

Since all the briefs are now in with the 2nd Court of Appeals, a date will be set to hear oral arguments. This will take place at the Ronald Reagan State Office Building. After that the court will have 90 days to issue a decision. My friends in the mainstream media tell me this court is notoriously conservative, so it will be interesting to see if they rule in Spector's favor or not.

Tomorrow, down at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, in Judge Malcolm Mackey's courtroom (Department 55, 5th Floor, Room #515), Robert Shapiro will be presenting a motion to have Spector's civil suit against him dismissed. Years ago, Phil Spector filed against Shapiro to get his $1 million retainer returned. I do not know who Spector's attorney is in this case. If Judge Mackey rules against Shapiro, the case will go to trial in March of next year. I plan on attending this hearing if I can get a seat. I saw the courtroom today and it's quite tiny.


Anonymous said...

Betsy it would be most interesting to know PS's legal bills starting AFTER being convicted. Further, I read elsewhere that appeal courts are loathe to release convicted murderers on technicalities. We shall see.

Wonder whatever happened to the suit against PS in which recording artists claimed that their royalties are no longer being paid what was/is due them? At an age where most people are settling into a retirement-stage-of-life-and-mindset, this man is living a hell on earth. I would not want to be in his shoes.

To the rest of you, Happy Holidays!
Wes J.

Sprocket said...

The group of musicians is still trying to get Spector (and now "Chelle" aka Rachelle Short Spector) to pay.

Here's a link to a recent article:

Spector Sued

Anonymous said...

The part of Spector's appeal that worries me is the judge allowing his own taped comments during the prosecutor's closing argument. I wish Fidler had not allowed that.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this update. And thank you for posting that picture of PS which reminds us exactly what kind of a loathsome person he truly is. If a picture can speak 1000 words, then this one says it all.

Liz said...

Thanks Sprocket - hope you make the hearing. Perhaps if Phil had listened to Mr Shapiro, things may now be very different.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. We're looking forward to your next report.

David In TN

ritanita said...

Sprocket, after enduring Trials 1&2, this appeal is like a little gnat on the side of a buffalo.

As far as lawsuits go by those not receiving their royalties, I would assume Mr. Spector's CFO would be the one to sue. YKWIM!

Logic is over-rated said...

"this appeal is like a little gnat on the side of a buffalo"

Well done ritanita, well done indeed.