Sunday, November 1, 2009

Asylum For The Senator

As you may remember, the Senator was arrested in April under the Jersey’s data protection laws after he published details of a police investigation into a registered nurse which he believed showed that the person remained a danger to the public and had been ignored by the authorities.
It’s been an interesting few weeks following Stuart Syvret!
We must begin back on October 21 when he authored the following e-mail to the judiciary:
From: Stuart Syvret
Sent: 21 October 2009 14:00
To: David Le Heuze; 'Stephen Baker'; Jonathan Bertram; William Redgrave
Cc: William Bailhache
Subject: Forgetfulness.
Importance: High.
Dear Mr. Le Heuze, Advocate Baker, Mr. Bertram, Mr. Redgrave
I do apologise. You know, these exercises are so complex and demanding, the most obvious of things can escape one's mind!
I can't actually be in court at 2.00 pm this afternoon - as I'm in London - where I have come to seek and secure some heavyweight legal advice. Who knows - perhaps some expertise that might even approach Advocate Baker's mastery of the subject?
Naturally, the people I'm hoping to secure advice from are very learned and very busy, so it has taken longer than I expected. Oh - I nearly forgot - I am also discussing the case with a number of Members of Parliament.
But - as this afternoon's event is merely a directions hearing, there isn't actually a specific requirement for the accused to be present.
Not - frankly - that it would make one atom of difference if I were present; Advocate Baker and the Jersey judiciary are going to undertake the extraordinary and unprecedented step of having the extant - and previously un-resisted defence case - that of public interest disclosure, based upon the catastrophic failure of the 1999 investigation into "Nurse M" - suddenly ruled "inadmissible" - because Advocate Baker and his Jersey oligarchy paymasters simply have no answer to the defence case - whatsoever.
Oh - silly me! I nearly forgot another reason for my presence in London. I'm in the process of finalising my legal action for personal damages against UK Justice Secretary Jack Straw, which I will have served in the next few days. After all, Mr. Straw himself has accepted, on-the-record, that he does carry responsibility for good governance and the proper administration of justice in the Crown Dependencies.
As I'm sure you'll recognise - he has very badly failed to carry out those duties - in a number of cases - not merely mine. For example - there can't be many places in the world that won't prosecute a child battering maniac - preferring instead to leave him in charge of the Education Department.
But, I imagine, such decisions free-up resources to enable the very obviously necessary prosecution of an elected representative of the people of Jersey - for trying to stop their grandmothers getting murdered.
Once again - do please accept my apologies for forgetting to alert you to my absence earlier.
After all - we can all be very forgetful about the most obvious of things - can't we?
For example like a judge turning up to hear a case - and having to borrow the relevant law book from the accused.
Or - oh so easily - the prosecution lawyer, allowing it to escape his mind that - in fact - he was aware of very significant items of evidence relevant to the defence - so didn’t declare or disclose them.
Fortunately, I was able to prompt Advocate Baker and remind him of the existence of that evidence, which he was then able to remember - for example - the fact that Mick Gradwell spent over half his time in Jersey doing nothing except “investigate” me and Lenny Harper.
And that Gradwell had two full-time cops - Mark Cane and Julia Jackson - doing nothing except investigate me - at the behest of Bill Bailhache - in a desperate search for something - anything - that could be used to side-track and discredit me.
You see - even though such evidenced facts are plainly of the most central importance to my abuse of process application - the prosecution unfortunately forgot about them.
It's easily done, I'll concede.
Indeed - why - only this morning I was e-mailed two further items of evidence - which the prosecution had forgotten - hitherto - to make me aware of - let alone disclose.
But - we're all forgetful, once in a while - don't you agree?
So once again, please accept my apologies for forgetting to alert you earlier to my absence.
See you in court next time.
OK, yes it was sarcastic and cocky, but consider the incredible frustration Stuart has had to deal with; what with all the dirty tricks and illegal cover-ups and perversion of justice perpetrated by the powers in Jersey, that he has uncovered.
Well as expected, the oligarchy went further insane and on the very same day, the legislature repealed the Human Rights (Jersey) Law 2000! Wait, it gets better and as Stuart says, “you can’t make this stuff up!” By that afternoon it had become a criminal offense not to turn up to a court hearing that one didn’t have to turn up to and an arrest warrant has been issued for Senator Stuart Syvret for contempt of court by Jersey's Magistrate's Court.
British Liberal Democrat MP, John Hemming, offered Stuart sanctuary. Hemming has informed Jersey authorities that any attempt to extradite Syvret will be done “over his dead body!”
“He is staying at my London flat as my guest and they can arrest him over my dead body,” Mr. Hemming said. “He is a brave and principled politician, but the authorities are prosecuting him rather than investigating the allegations about the nurse. We should not allow him to be prosecuted in a kangaroo court.”
Love him or hate him, the Senator firmly believes in his convictions and principles and I respect his doggedness and determination!
On the other hand, when will the powers that be in Jersey finally realize that the rest of us have figured out their motives? Game up!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Donchais.

You explain this shocking situation better than anyone else in America. The only way the corrupt judges, crooked politicos, greedy finance kings, numerous well connected pedophiles, child beater education czar, lying newspaper editors and their wealthy Jersey protectors will see justice is when the entire world is watching. Then Stuart will be safe.

You go, girl!

donchais said...

Anon, I fervently wish- in my heart - I could make more folks sit up, pay attention and grasp what the hell is is beyond shocking and appalling; it rivals anything Hollywood could put to screen.

For those who have and continue to fight the valiant fight, I will always be here and know, Stuart does and will always have safe havens...he has many friends, in many places!

The fight continues and intensifies and it has gotten to the point it needs and will be addressed...for better or worse.

That's when the truth outs!

ritanita said...


Please, please... Let Stuart know he has a lot of friends here at T&T!

Keep us posted on the aftermath.

Anonymous said...

Someone on his blog said Stuart's efforts read like a Grisham novel. I can't think of a crime and justice thriller any more frightening and unbelievable than what has happened on Jersey. Surely someone will write the book soon, and that could go a very long way in the cause of justice.

Sprocket said...

Donchais, keep up the good fight by continually writing about the travesty that is Jersey.

Anonymous said...

I just checked Stuart's blog and from the comments posted today, it looks like only about 20 - 30 people showed up for a scheduled rally and protest against the crooked system. I do not know if that is due to fear or to apathy. He certaily has more supporters than that just on our side of the pond.

Anonymous said...

It was due to heavy rain, a mainly apathetic island and it being a Monday morning when most people have to work.

Anonymous said...

If you can I would suggest you look at the channelonline interview with Stuart. He certainly comes across as a reasonable man with some very serious and legitimate concerns.

Anonymous said...

Great story which is happening in courtrooms across America on a daily basis. Stuart is a well educated man with resources, you can just imagine the impact of these same actions against a person of lesser resources. Devastating to say the lest.

Keep this story out there.

Michael G. Stogner
San Mateo County, California

Anonymous said...

Actually, one aspect of Stuart's life-long struggle which proves him to be all the more remarkable, is that he is almost entirely self educated. He was born and raised in poverty, and dropped out of school well before completing the Jersey equivilent level of our high school graduation. His love for words and his personal sense of justice for those in similarly challenging circumstances have inspired his popularity as the island's longest serving elected official. He has repeatedly outsmarted many of those pompous elites who look upon Stuart as being of an inferior class of human. I find his story to be one of extraordinary heroism, and hope to see his mission celebrated on a global scale.