Friday, November 20, 2009

Casey Anthony's Defense Team: Slinging the Mud at Roy Kronk

I've been following this case for so long, that I was really enjoying the brief hiatus in press coverage and motion-filing. With some free time, I've been able to do some Christmas shopping and sewing. I've also been reading up and getting ready for the hearing on December 11 for the fraud case against Casey Anthony. Thanks to Bill Sheaffer's new blog for WFTV, I've learned a great deal about both the fraud trial and the criminal trial. I consider it a "must read."

This past week, articles kept cropping up about the fact that the deposition of Roy Kronk, the meter reader who discovered the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony would be taking place on Thursday, November 19. Then, on Wednesday, the day before the deposition, curious articles appeared in the local media.

WESH's headline read:
Anthonys Say They Only Want Truth From Kronk

The article stated that:

He is the man who brought the search for Caylee to a close last December. Sources said the defense for Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony, has done a lot of digging, asking a lot of questions about Kronk's past.

Brad Conway is the messenger here:

The Anthonys' attorney said Kronk's personal life and the circumstances of discovering the remains are different things. George and Cindy Anthony's attorney said all they want is the truth from Kronk and not dirt about his past.

"They have been vilified unfairly. They know what it's like to be under a microscope unfairly and they don't want that to happen to someone who found their granddaughter," attorney Brad Conway said.
I was taken aback to read this. I recalled the interviews LE had with Cindy and George and how they were always trying to feed the authorities tidbits about Casey's friends. Jesse Grund, Amy Huizenga, Tony Lazarro, and Ricardo Morales all became suspicious collaborators in some grand scheme to frame their daughter for the murder of little Caylee. In recently released e-mails between Cindy Anthony and Dominic Casey, there were mentions of digging up dirt on Jesse Grund's father, the Rev. Richard Grund in terms of pornography and other evil doings.

Well, yesterday evening, I had my answer to the question of why these articles sent off an alert in my brain. The headlines read as follows:

From WKMG:
New Anthony Defense Team Member Seen
P.I. Looking Into Past Of Man Who Found Caylee's Remains

The man who found the remains of Caylee Anthony was deposed on Thursday by Casey Anthony's defense team, which has added a private investigator to its lineup....

A new member of the defense team was seen entering the courtroom on Thursday. Mort Smith is a Chicago-based private investigator who teaches at DePaul University, the same school where fellow defense team member Andrea Lyon teaches. Smith has been digging into Kronk's personal life for the past several months in an effort to uncover information that might discredit the former meter reader, or at least cast doubt on his story of how he found Caylee.

Anthony Motion Wants Kronk Treated As Suspect
Defense: Roy Kronk 'Ignored' As Suspect In Caylee's Death

Defense Says Kronk May Have Killed Caylee

Motion: Kronk Could Have Killed Caylee

Apparently, Mr. Smith has visited Kronk's ex-wives, child, ex-girlfriend and has come up with the requisite amount of dirt and the Baez Law Firm and Andrea Lyon want Judge Strickland to allow them to throw it at Mr. Kronk at trial.

Now I am understanding the ominous foreshadowing of the Anthony family statement! It surely fits in with what the defense is trying to do. They want reasonable doubt. They have now decided that Mr. Kronk will be the next person to be thrown under the proverbial bus.
Late this evening, the Orlando Sentinel published a statement from Roy Kronk's attorney:
Following is the complete and unedited statement issued by Roy Kronk's attorney, David Evans, about allegations made by Casey Anthony's defense team. The statement was e-mailed shortly before 6:30 p.m. Thursday:

Today, the Casey Anthony defense team commenced, but did not complete, the deposition of Roy Kronk in the State v. Casey Anthony case. Shortly after adjourning the deposition, the Anthony defense team filed a Motion, Memorandum of Law, and accompanying materials suggesting that Roy Kronk, the individual who found Caylee Anthony's remains and repeatedly reported his find to law enforcement agencies, should be considered a suspect in the murder of Caylee Anthony.

Mr. Kronk is a witness, not a suspect. He voluntarily appeared today and truthfully responded to all questions asked by Anthony's attorney. He has cooperated fully with law enforcement from Day One. He has nothing to hide, and has hidden nothing.

It is the nature of criminal defense to attempt to find someone to blame for a crime other than the person charged. Mr. Kronk has understood from the beginning that the defense might attempt to cast suspicions in his direction--because that's what defense attorneys do. In their zeal to defend Casey Anthony, defense counsel has filed papers with the Court that are filled with allegations that have no basis in fact and falsely accuse Mr. Kronk of various types of bad behavior.

The State will respond to these papers in due course in the criminal proceedings. As for Mr. Kronk, he vehemently denies the allegations against him and is confident that he will be vindicated. In the meantime, as he stated early on in this case, no good deed goes unpunished.

David Evans,

Attorney for Roy Kronk
The motion and memorandum of law have been posted by Fox35, however, it is very blurry and I can't read it properly. I am hoping to have all the material together to read sometime tomorrow.

Memorandum of Law

In the meantime, please read the latest entry at THE HINKY METER. It's a fairly hilarious version of how Roy Kronk could be the culprit in this case.


Avenging Angel said...

It's outrageous, of course. I can see Ms. K-Baden's hand in this.

Was it ever determined how the various Anthony attorneys are being paid?

Ronni said...

It is outrageous! Cindy Anthony and all the sycophants who nod their heads sagely and agree with her every utterance will have to pay...if not in this life, SURELY in the next!

She could screw up a one-car funeral!

ritanita said...

Wes, speaking of Ms. Baden, she and Baez were just on InSession, speaking with Mr. Politan.

Baez said that they aren't ACCUSING Kronk of murder, just that LE didn't investigate his background enough. He also mentioned that they have to get the judge's permission to use this information as it is so REMOTE in time.

Then LKB stepped in and did some more blasting.

This is so much more smoke and mirrors and, unfortunately, Roy Kronk is the victim here.

As I said earlier, I can't read the papers as posted on Fox35, and I'm hoping they are posted elsewhere soon.


She could screw up a one-car funeral! ABSOLUTELY!

Anonymous said...

The defense so hates this man because of him their primary defense......Caylee is alive was destroyed. If not for Kronk we would still be hearings about sighting from around the world and how law enforcement is not following up on these leads. Heck even with her granddaughter's ashes hanging around her neck Cindy still reports sightings.

I wonder if people in the future will think twice about getting involved in something that could expose them to this kind of harrasement. Kronk is not a wealthy man and I think at this point unemployed so how does he afford the legal protection he so needs. This is beyond outrageous.

September moo

ritanita said...

September, I so agree with you. If not for Kronk, the trial would be over.

Finding the body and additional evidence turned this case into a major problem for the defense.

My feelings go out to Mr. Kronk at this point. He was injured on his job and was fired because he couldn't go back to work.

His lawyer has announced he will work pro bono for him at this point.

Between the rush on Kronk and the claims made that someone else put the body on Suburban, the defense is pulling at every straw they can.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be some "protection" for witnesses and reporters of crime that they cannot be embarrassed and harassed in this manner. Ms Baden knows well that a "little person" like this man does not have the ability---monetarily or otherwise--to stand up to her outlandish claims.

Karen said...

Just got through watching Issues w/JVM- nope, they want this Kronk to be The Killer, period. Those video interviews they got are pretty damaging- this is the defense case after all this thrashing around. Beyond mere reasonable doubt argument- they app. want to claim LE got wrong person here entirely...

shari said...

So, how many people have been under this bus???? This is so amazing. Where is the connection between Casey, Caylee, and Mr. Kronk??? And none of this still explains Casey NOT reporting her missing daughter, or the incessant partying while she was missing. And who had coffin flies and decomp. fluid in their car??? Did he plant all that also? He must have used her computer also. The man may not be the most upstanding dude...but this is absurd.

Anonymous said...

Why do LKB and company want to be on this case? For one thing, it will be the major story in the country when the trial gets underway. For another, the dream of a defense attorney is to win an aquittal for a client who is accused of a heinous crime with the evidence overwhelming and public opinion strongly against the defendant.

This is how F. Lee Bailey made his reputation in the 1960's.

David From TN

Anonymous said...

Karen, read your comments on JVM's interview......what "video interviews" are you refering to? I taped the show but haven't watched it yet, I want to be able to take Biez in small doses. I hope Jane asked some hard questions. What did you think of the show? Did anyone else catch it?

September moo

Anonymous said...

Ritanita, forgive my manners. Thank you for the information on his lawyer willingness to represent him for free. The guy needs a break.
I absoulutely believe this will cause people to look the other way when they have information that could put them in the middle of a mess like this. I know I wouldn't want my whole life put out there for everyone to know. I'm ashamed to say I might look the other way if I thought I'd be so publicly humiliated.

September moo

ritanita said...


Here are the addys for the videos. You can see the bits and pieces of interviews done with Kronk's two ex-wives and the daughter of his late girlfriend. There is some disagreement as to whether or not they are sworn statements. They are neatly edited for the "good stuff" and it is my opinion that they are not sworn statements.

Crystal Sparks (daughter of late gf)

April Hensley

Jill Kerley

In addition, Bill Sheaffer has posted a new entry blasting the defense. Just click on the link in the article.

David from TN,

F. Lee Bailey finally faced his karma when he was disbarred in 2002.

I caught the end of the JVM show first and saw her panel. They absolutely slammed the defense, Judge Mills, the former judge from Florida was especially scathing. Later, I watched the interview. There was nothing Baez said that was new and, as is his habit, he said the same-old, same-old.

One comment by Baez that left me chuchkling was a comment about the "pink elephant in the room." My friend Sedonia Sunset summarized it best when she said, "Pink elephants are generally associated with drinking. Ergo, Jose must be must be drunk if he's seeing pink elephants."

Karen said...

Howdy, ritanita- Thanks for catching that ball (video links)- I have a broken leg; just getting ready in the morning takes twice as long, and I am no techie-type on the best of days. The ex-wives, that's what I'm talkin' about. Manna from Heaven for this defense team, BUT only if admissible! And I'm thinkin', it's not! Whereas the PILES of similar stuff on Casey is! I'm thinkin' the State can find more piles of doo-doo on her if they just apply themselves- I have no doubt there's plenty left out there. Has Kronk taken a poly, I think I remember he did... if so, and he did well, he's good to go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links Ritanita! I watched the show today and loved the panel. Judge Mills' comment about him "grandstanding" was great. She and the prosecutor on the panel really had him on the ropes. He looked dazed and JVM was forced to protect him.....Let Mr. Biaz have the last word. If he thinks this is bad just wait until the trial.
The I'm not suggesting he did it just that LE needs to investigate him stance is a distinction without a difference and it made me sick.
I hope Strickland notes the number of times the defense has been on national tv(grandstanding) when he's deciding on the change of venue motion.

September moo

Anonymous said...

The Hinky Meter is a must read. Much more information in his articles than Kronk. Explains why DNA was not found, cell, text messages and the blanchard park scenerio. Great read.