Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life Without Parole In Latest Christian-Newsom Trial

1. Eric “E” Boyd – Sentence 18 years

2. Letalvis “Rome” Cobbins – Sentence LWOP

3. Lemarcus “Slim” Davidson – Sentence Death by lethal injection

4. George “G” Thomas – Sentence LWOP

5. Vanessa “Nessa” Coleman – Trial scheduled for May 10

For those who have been following the George “G” Thomas trial, it didn’t come as a surprise when the jury read the sentence today.

After just under two hours of deliberating, the jury notified Judge Baumgartner they had reached a decision and then pronounced they unanimously decided on life without parole for each of the felony and the aggravated murders charges for Chris and Channon.

The families voiced a bit of disappointment, but accept that Thomas will die in a penitentiary.

Both Thomas and Cobbins will appear before Judge Baumgartner in February for sentencing on all of the lesser charges committed during these horrendous crimes.

Vanessa Coleman is scheduled to go to trial on May 10 and T & T will be covering the proceedings.


Melissa said...

I bet Vanessa is about pooping herself now considering they have more on her than they did on "G".

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your post. As someone who has followed the case for almost 3 years, I feel this was the right sentence considering the evidence presented. The statements by other suspects that Thomas killed Chris could not come in because they could not be cross-examined. Yes, there is more evidence against Vanessa Coleman than there was against Thomas.

David From TN

Anonymous said...

It was a just verdict and sentence. This jury did a fine job. I hope that in the years to come the Newsomes and the Christians can find some peace. I was interest in Hugh Newsomes'comment about working to tighten the criminal responsiblity law. I think that is one way they can make sure their children did not die in vain.

September moo

Tezi said...

I bet Vanessa is wondering what is going to happen to her now! After all, she did admit to giving Channon some water while she was being tied up in the bedroom....

Thanks donchais for the update.

Melissa said...

What is the evidence against her besides what the other CONVICTS said. At one point I had heard that she was taunting them into raping Newsom.

donchais said...


DNA on the knots of the bindings used to hog-tie Channon will be pretty darn difficult to refute!

Melissa said...

Damn straight! I didnt know what the evidence was. Thaanks.