Monday, March 8, 2010

Date Set For Casey Anthony Murder Trial

WFTV and Click Orlando have both reported that Judge Stan Strickland has set the date for the Casey Anthony murder trial for May 9, 2011. In addition, Click Orlando is reporting that the deadline for depositions are to be completed by October 31, 2010. InSession has also just reported that witness lists must be completed by August 31, 2010.

More details when the documents are available!

We've also been hearing that the next set of documents should be made public on Wednesday.

Check back with T&T for the actual documents as they become available.

Click Orlando


Judge's Order


Depositions of expert witnesses (State), September 30, 2010

Evidence review by defense expert witnesses, October 31, 2010

Expert witness list (defense), November 30, 2010

Depositions of expert witnesses by defense, February 28, 2011

Motions related to forensic/scientific evidence to be heard by February 28, 2011

Depositions of LE officers/employees, September 30, 2010

Non-forensic/scientific evidentiary motions to be files by October 31, 2010 and heard no later than January 31, 2011

All other witnesses are to be listed by August 31, 2010

Depositions of all other witnesses by October 31, 2010

All other non-forensic/scientific motions filed by and heard by January 31, 2011

Discovery schedule for penalty phase witnesses will be addressed in June 2010

Trial date, May 9, 2011

There is also a General Discovery Order:

Once a witness becomes known to the Defendant, she shall decide within 30 days whether the witness will be listed... In no event shall any witness be listed or deposed, by either party, outside the time limits provided in this order. In the absence of a stipulation, it will be the burden of the listing or deposing party to show good cause for any delay to this Court.

It looks like it's going to be a LONG and BUSY year!


FRG said...

Sorry about that:-(
JB better starts moving faster, at the pace they have moved they won't be able to start this trial until 2020. LOL
Do you think that JS was more comfortable by setting the trial date now that he might declare KC as an indigent and therefore for some reason the State will have more control over the pace, or it has nothing to do with it?
Thanks a lot. I just love your articles.

ritanita said...

ritanita said...
Not a problem, FRG, I think we are all sitting at our computers today waiting for documents to come up!

As for the indigence issue, I don't think Strickland has a choice in the matter. It is a death penalty case.

I do think that the judge is lighting a fire under the defense now. Notice that the General Order I quoted goes only to the defense. The State has had their witness list out there for over a year and continuously update it.

Another issue is concerning the indigence situation. From what I have read, the defense will not receive money for any of this. The money is paid directly to the "vendors" by a state agency. I also have the opinion that the defense will not be given a vast amount of money to spend and their expenses will be cleared by the state agency.

LOL! Jean Casares JUST said the same thing on InSession!

Will the granting of indigent status also help get the defense moving? I have no doubt because they can no longer claim they can't afford depositions, etc.

FRG said...

I was listening to the hearing on the "conflict of interests" on youtube, which was on March 25, 2009 and according to JB he has a retainer agreement with KC and one with co-counsel LKB right? You can hear at about 5:25 of this video, and what does it really mean? Where is the money that went to LKB was paid? Is she pro-bono? It's very confusing. Do you know what I mean? You read there is a Motion (we didn't take a look at), Toni Pipitone stated Friday the money KC received she has spent with JB and Lyon, will we ever know what JB has done with the money? Just curious. I hope it's not confusing.

ritanita said...

You're right about LKB. She does have a retainer agreement with Casey, too.

However, since the judge said at the time after the in-camera meeting that everything seemed in order, we never learned about it.

Those money issues have been simmering for a long time.

I noticed that affidavits were filed from Lyon and Baez, but none from her.

I don't know if we'll ever learn the details, but I'm sure hoping we do.

One interesting thing that I learned today reading around was that "expenses" for Lyon also included investigative costs. Those must have included Mort Smith, the PI from DePaul.

Anonymous said...

why does this all seem so far away? I thought they were aiming for a 2010 trial?
The defense better stop dragging this out!!

ritanita said...


It does seem so very far away and dragged out. However, this is a capital murder case and the judge has to make sure there are no good reasons for appeal.

The defense has certainly been dragging their heels on the case, including their recent the motion for indigency, are claiming lack of money for depositions, etc.

Now, the judge is moving the case forward, allowing adequate time for the defense to depose all the witnesses and prepare for trial.

This, plus money from the state should light a major fire under them.

donchais said...

Well, so begins Casey's long decent into hell!

FRG said...

Well, it seems according to WKMG's latest article that Lyon's students, I mean the defense has filed one more of those "frivolous Motions" again, here is the article so you will understand what I am saying.
Is there a remote chance that JS will keep KC's photo of her partying while her daughter was missing and the infamous "911 phone calls" made by Cindy??? Good luck on that. In my layperson opinion it is laughable!!! LOL
What do you think Ritanita?

ritanita said...

FRG, check the blog again! I just posted an article about the indigency motion.

I'm waiting to read the Motion in Limine before I comment.

These types of motions will become more and more frequent as the year goes on. They usually appear closer in to the trial date and I'm surprised the defense started on these so early.

None of the defense requests seem out of line with what I've seen in other cases. There will be some good, lawyerly debate when this motion comes to a hearing.

Just think of the words "probative" and "prejudicial" as you read about it. That's the decision the judge will have to make.