Thursday, March 4, 2010

Justice for Christian-Newsom: Thomas in Court Again

If defense attorneys Tom Dillard and Stephen Ross' mitigating circumstances were to be believed, Judge Richard Baumgartner should show
leniency in sentencing George Thomas on the lesser charges in the Christain-Newsom kidnap, rapes, and murders.

You see, while his mom was hard working and struggling to support her family, his father was a crack addict. His father was abusive and beat him as a child which explains Thomas' history of thefts and drug use and ultimately placed him at the Chipman Street house of horrors.

While there was no forensic evidence tying Thomas to the crimes, he admits to being at the Chipman Street house and additional testimony placed him there at the time of the crimes. Eventually, Thomas was sentenced to life without parole.

Today, Judge Baumgartner 'stacked' the two life sentences given by a jury in December. He also handed down another 25 years for lesser charges which will run concurrently with the life sentences.

Prosecutor Leland Price told Judge Baumgartner that Thomas was just as culpable as Cobbinss and Davidson and that just because Chris was murdered it didn't mean Channon had to die. Price said a message needs to be sent to this community!

Judge Baumgartner agreed and said, "I'm of the opinion Mr. Thomas along with Mr. Cobbins and Mr. Davidson are dangerous offenders who had no hesitation, absolutely none, when these two young people were raped and killed."

Baumgertner also said, “Mr. Thomas, you are the kind of individual who should not be out on the street forever with the rest of us.”

We also got a brief glimpse into Judge Baumgartner's mind. “I’ve had to sit here and listen to the evidence and see the photographs, and it affected me just like it does other people,” he said. “The difference is I have a job to do. I believe, and will take it to my death bed, we have the best justice system in the world. … I will continue to the best of my ability to uphold the law and ensure people get a fair trial.”