Thursday, April 28, 2011

Casey Anthony And Her Team Strike Out Yet Again, Hearing Scheduled For Monday

Judge Belvin Perry ruled on two motions today. The first is the Order Denying Amended Motion For Hearing On The Unreliability Of Expert Opinion Testimony Of Dr. Hall. This finally puts to rest the defense arguments that Dr. Hall cannot give his opinion based on his experience as a botanist.

The Court stands by its prior finding that Dr. Hall will present pure opinion testimony at the trial based on his training and experience, and no hearing is warranted. The jury will be entitled to determine the credibility and reliability of his opinion, which it may accept or reject.

So, as is true in many trials, there will be dueling experts with the members of the jury deciding who to believe. If Judge Perry said it once, he has now said it at least three times!

The second one, the Order Denying Motion For Reconsideration Regarding Motion To Exclude Stain In Trunk Of Car should let Mr. Baez know that he wasn't confused at the hearing when the original motion was argued.

Yesterday, Perry ruled that the Chloroform and computer searches could come in. In his Order, Perry went all the way back to the first use of the science involved in 1900. In essence, the science of GC/MS is well established in the scientific community. What is up for discussion will be the professional opinions of Dr. Arpad Vass vs. Dr. Kenneth Furton.

All we have left now is the motion to exclude Dr. Vass' air samples which indicate the possibility of a decomposing body having been in Casey Anthony's car.

Today, it was announced that the next status hearing is scheduled for Monday, May 2 at 9:30 AM.

"Muito obrigado" to FRG for keeping me up to date. I've been ducking onto the Internet between waves of thunder storms for the past couple of days. Fortunately, we haven't had any tornados.

I also hope all our readers who live in affected states are safe and sound.

See you all in court Monday!


Sprocket said...

Stay safe ritanita! Your coverage of the Anthony case is unreplaceable! No one could step in and do the wonderful analysis and translation into "legalease" like you do.

FRG said...


Thank you so much for the update! And by the way, you are quite welcome!

Justice for Caylee is coming for sure!

If I were KC I would beg for a plea deal! That's what you get when you have a greedy lawyer that has his own agenda and it's not acting in your best interest right? Pity!

It's scary to think that defense's experts testimonies will be all about "smoke and mirrors".

KC's lawyers will go with the "Chewbacca defense"! LOL! Jokes apart, their job will be to point the fingers at George, Mr. Kronk, Jesse Grund, and whomever they find suitable. But will it work? I just hope not and jurors will see through their tricks.

I have confidence in the prosecutors that they will do a great job presenting their case.

One more ruling ritanita... I am trying not to be optimistic, I have faith that whatever HHJP's ruling is there won't be no grounds for an appeal.

Well, see you in court on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ritanita and FRG :):)

Firstly Miss Rita...awesome reporting as ALWAYS!! Bless u and hope ur safe!!

I just had a couple questions for u girlz!! I watched that 48 hours investigation they did a couple weeks ago and I am QUITE nervous there might not be justice for Precious Caylee. They did a mock jury and out of them I think 10 said they would aquit or give lesser charge as there is no PROOF she did this maliciously. So do u really think the EVIDENCE shown to them, which was not revealed on tv, is that botched that the jurors could not convict her in the end?? I am hoping though since it has now FAMOUSLY been aired on TV Miss Baden saying CASEY LIED...I hope that will somehow come to be shown in court. I do not understand how at the VERY FIRST, when Casey was arrested, Miss Baden was on Fox news blabbing how Casey was GUILTY as sin, then a few short months later decides to be her LAWYER then yet again a few short months later back to trashing her?? So can that not come into play for the Prosecution to show that something is not right with the defense and the lawyers?? I too like u FRG hope there can not b and appeal as that truly would b a crime!! I just hope we get a jury that can see through the circus that the defense is :):)


ritanita said...

Hi Stephanie!

That 48 hours program was as bogus as they come. Even CBS didn't play it up big in the aftermath and the producers of the episode were upset at that!

Let's hope the members of the jury are immune to such propaganda. Also, I hope they haven't followed the case as closely as we have.

They will listen to the prosecution, the defense and figure it out for themselves.

What will happen will be what they decide. We have to hope that the jury has a good dose of common sense and can separate a doubt from a reasonable doubt.

I'll be at the vet at 9:30 this morning with one of my furry pets for an annual check-up. The other one goes in the afternoon. So, I'll be catching the hearing in a "backwards sort of way" with the end coming before the beginning.

I'll probably have to watch the whole thing late in the day.

Watch for a new post tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita :):)

Oh very happy to hear that u were thinking like me on the 48 hours thing!! I was thinking what have they been shown that we the public have not. I felt just crushed when they showed the jurors saying they would acquit her!! I was just like WTH?? But good to know it was a propaganda issue. I though was very taken aback by Miss Baden!! That really shocked me her flip flopping. I wonder if she will b at all involved in the trial?? It is looking like it shall b a great trial. I am now off to read ur new post as I have been away the past couple days, so now trying to catch up as I LOVE READING UR INFO!! Glad to know u r safe!!

Stephanie Sander