Thursday, April 21, 2011

National Crime Victim's Rights Week: THE UNNAMED VICTIMS

Yesterday, DDA Alan Jackson wrote an article that appeared in the California political blog FlashReport.ORG. Below is a portion of the article and a link back to read the complete article. Republished with permission from FlashReport. Sprocket.


Alan Jackson, Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County - Candidate For District Attorney

April 20, 2011

I walked into the courtroom and felt immediately out of place. An odd sensation, especially for a public prosecutor, someone who has made his life’s work fighting for victims within the walls of courthouses throughout Los Angeles County. But those were my courtrooms. This was not.

The Second Appellate Division for the California Court of Appeals conducts its business in beautiful environs. Dark wood walls accent expensive-looking green marble. A meticulously crafted bench carved in a semi-circle provides a dignified stage for the appellate justices who occupy its space. Thick carpet quiets the almost serene tone of the room. But the elegance of the courtroom stands in stark contrast to the horrors described within it.

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