Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recommend Trials & Tribulations on Google®

Google® has a new ranking system that lets readers with a Google® or Gmail account, rank websites. If you are logged into your account, up in the top right corner of the blog you should be able to see a +1 sign. Clicking on that +1 will help promote Trials & Tribulations.

You have the ability to also recommend individual blog stories. Just click on the link to a specific blog entry and then press the +1.

Many of you have written me, thanking me and telling me how much you appreciate T&T's in depth trial coverage. You can give T&T and all our writers a big thanks by ranking the blog and the individual trial coverage stories you like. It would help spread the word about T&T's trial coverage and reporting. Everyone here at T&T would so appreciate that.


S. R. Hicks said...

Greetings -

Thank you for this site.

Who are on the T&T "team?"

Are you lawyers, journalists, crime "hobby" folks - a combination?

Have you heard of the site It was started by a former beat reporter named Laura Amico. It tracks and reports on murder cases in Washington, D.C. It has been commendably recognized.

Sandy said...

More than happy to rank your site as a +1; I'd rank it higher if it was possible!