Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stephanie Lazarus Pretrial Hearing 11

UPDATE September 29th:
The next pretrial hearing is December 2nd, 2011. Sprocket.

The Associated Press is reporting that the Stephanie Lazarus case has been postponed until January, 2012. Jury selection was originally slated to start October 24th, 2011.

This is what happens when I totally miss a hearing. As soon as I know when the next pretrial hearing is scheduled, I will update this entry.

Lazarus is accused of murdering Sherri Rae Rasmussen, the wife of John Ruetten, Lazarus' ex-boyfriend, in February, 1986. Prosecutors allege DNA evidence collected off of the victim's body and torn fingernails found at the scene link Lazarus to the murder.


Anonymous said...

I saw this episode on 48 Hour Mystery earlier this year & mentally checked that her trial was this fall. I live in Florida, and have been surprised that I haven't seen any updates (MJ's doc trial), so went on line to see what's up. Your site is great. The only site I came across that is actually giving trial updates, but I am no pc genius. However, I am a true crime junky, & would like to request any updates on trial coverage, etc. Thank you, and please I love the detailed clothing descriptions!

Sprocket said...

Thank you, Anon @ 8:05pm

Most news organizations are not going to write anything on this case unless there is a significant pretrial ruling by Judge Perry. Most of the information is already out there.

To get notification of T&T's updates, just scroll down until you see the link on the right that says "Subscribe to T&T."

If you have a Google® account, you can follow the blog that way, too.

Utah Chris said...

I too am from out of state and visit your blog regularly. Thanks for the trial updates. Event the clothing descriptions and elevator conversations are enlightening.

Thanks again from Utah Chris.

Anonymous said...

I live in Oregon and I too am interested in this story, as I knew Stephanie at one time. I love your updates. Thanks for all you do.

Sprocket said...

Thank you Utah Chris & Anon @ 9:25 am, for reading T&T. All of the ladies here appreciate hearing from our readers.

It's a very fascinating case.

I was so disappointed I missed the last hearing!! And then come to find out it's delayed until 2012. I'm guessing that's because one or both sides is still trying to wrap up their investigation.

Although this rescheduling worked out well for me now due to that family project I'm still working on, it does come up against some other trials I hope to attend, such as the Cameron Brown retrial, and Phil Spector's civil case.

It would be interesting to talk to someone who knew Stephanie in college, (on or off the record) just to get a sense of what type of person she was back then. I'm betting we will hear from some colleagues while she was with the LAPD as part of the prosecution's case-in-chief.

Anonymous said...

I lived in the dorm with both Stephanie and John. What information would anyone be interested in? Stephanie was not very noteworthy. John worked the front desk of the dorm.

Sprocket said...

Anon @ 3:34 pm:

Would you be willing to talk to me on the phone and/or meet in person if you are in the Los Angeles area?

Please E-mail me through the link on the blog. ~Betsy