Monday, November 7, 2011

Conrad Murray Trial: A Verdict Has Been Reached

No jury press conference.

Dr. Conrad Murray, during his trial

After deliberating a little over 10 hours, the jury has reached a verdict in the involuntary manslaughter case of Dr. Conrad Murray. For those of you living in a cave for the last couple of years, Dr. Murray is on trial for the death of pop icon Michael Jackson. The verdict will be read at 1:00 pm Pacific Time today in Department 107. I'll post an update as soon as the verdict is read.

I should know better than listen to Vinnie. Beth Karas posted on her Facebook that the jury deliberated a total of 8.5 hours.


1:18 PM
Judge Pastor polls the jury. All jurors indicated in the affirmative that this is their verdict individually.

Judge Pastor now reads to the jury their final instructions. The jurors personal information will be sealed. The court will decide whether, or under what condition, any information about the jurors will be released. Their emergency contact numbers will be destroyed.

Judge Pastor speaks passionately to the jurors about their service, mentioning going back to when they first were sworn in as jurors. "Throughout this trial, you have been remarkable. You've never been late. .... We've been generally appreciative of it. You took the responsibility in good faith. Want to take the time of our courtroom family, we thank you." Now Judge Pastor addresses the five alternates and their conscientiousness. He talks about sometimes needing a spare tire, but that they didn't need them in this case because the sworn jurors were so dedicated. He tells them that some of the courtroom staff want to thank them personally. All the jurors exit back to the jury room.

Judge Pastor addresses the parties. "Mr. Chernoff, would you like to be heard?" Murray has a right to a speedy sentencing within 20 days. Chernoff talks about a date in three weeks. Judge Pastor asks Chernoff to supply a date he's thinking of so he can turn to the people.

Chernoff checks his calendar. Defense counsel are conferring. Chernoff asks about November 22nd? Is that sufficient time for a probation report? Judge Pastor states it's difficult to get a report in that time frame.

Judge Pastor states he has a major case the next week, starting on the 29th. Acceptable to the people, Tuesday, November 29th is acceptable.

Walgren asks that the defendant be remanded into custody. He's had two and a half years to prepare for this date. He's now a convicted felon. As for custody without bail.

Chernoff states he has not been a flight risk or a danger to the community. There's no reason to remand under the circumstances.

Court takes into account 1166 and 1272 from the penal code. Dr. Murray has been convicted of a felony, he has been found guilty of manslaughter. There is not constitutional right to bail. He shall be committed to the custody of the county unless, the evidence suggests he can remain out on bond. The public risk, dictates that the defendant be remanded to jail. He's been convicted of a crime of homicide. It's not a crime of a mistake of administration of drugs per se. That fact demonstrates that the public needs to be protected.

Judge Pastor weighs all the issues and concludes that Dr. Murray is to be remanded without bail.

I see the bailiff's putting the cuffs on him as he's still sitting. Nothing else to address. Court will be addressing the jury and members of the court staff will be addressing the jury first. Walgren asks if the media blackout is still in effect. Judge Pastor says no.

In Session's Facebook page is reporting there will NOT be a jury press conference.


Anonymous said...

This might not be a popular opinion but I am not sure I honestly could have voted guilty. There was far less evidence in this case compared to C. Anthony and Spector. I compare this to ANSmith, a drug addiction fed by those surrounding them. I just don't know.

Anonymous said...

I would have had no problem reaching a guilty verdict if I had sat on the jury. Michael may have been an addict, but Dr. Conrad Murray was a professional who knew right from wrong. What he did was wrong and unethical. His (lack of) care directly ended Michael's life.

Kitty M.

CaliGirl9 said...

There are far-reaching consequences to this (what I believe is) a correct verdict.

I've been very vocal that there are no sympathetic characters here, save for Michael Jackson's children. MJ went doctor shopping & in the guise of Drs. Klein and Murray, pretty much got what he wanted medically. Dr. Klein had NO BUSINESS giving that much (or any) Demerol for Botox injections, be they in the armpit or groin. People get those injections in those places every day. I doubt Klein has learned a darn thing; apparently he did an interview this weekend where he states MJ was not a Demerol addict but was a propofol addict.

MJ picked his physicians carefully... he chose star-struck individuals who wanted the glamour of treating "a superstar." With what little info we know about him, I think Dr. Metzger was the closest to an ethical doctor, though I believe he also prescribed some of the antianxiety meds.

Metzger testified that he tried to direct some of MJ's care to a pain specialist. Everyone is quick to say "MJ was an addict," utterly forgetting he had back pain that flared during the child molestation trial. If only MJ had sought pain management instead of the path he chose. Being an addict because you like the buzz or whatever is a whole lot different than having daily chronic pain, which is treatable. So what if MJ needed something for back pain after his rehearsals or performances?

MJ was also a master of departmentalizing his life. Kathy Hilton said she'd never seen MJ impaired. Yet Murray's tape says otherwise.

Implications for medical consumers (that's you and I). Some of us already have experienced those changes, doctors being reluctant to use propofol in an outpatient setting. It's okay to see multiple doctors, even change doctors if you are not satisfied with your care. It's not okay to have several doctors, none of whom know of the other, and it's not okay to poly-pharmacy (especially with addictive medications.)

If you are someone with chronic pain, be honest with yourself and your doctors. If you are choosing to abuse controlled medication, even if you have a prescription, know that are playing with fire, and if you are a fan of MJ, to honor him, GET YOURSELF HELP. If only MJ had ...

Prayers and positive thoughts to Prince, Paris and Blanket, the only innocent people in this whole sad and ugly affair. May they go on to have positive, productive and happy lives.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Cali Girl. Let me also add that I am a former performer who understands a sleep problem after concerts. Your mind doesn't turn off well, you tend to go over the details of your performances, fret over a bad note or missed step, are on kind of a high afterwards. MJ had this problem for years and found those who would break the rules for him. I am sure there are many docs who turned him down and Murray didn't.
Isn't it ironic that the same authorities who attempted to convict MJ of child molestation are the same who brought a doctor to justice for aiding in his death.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked at how little real medical care Michael Jackson sleep specialists, no psychotherapists, nothing but doctors too willing to give him what he wanted in order to say they were 'Michael Jackson's Doctor'. I don't know who bears more blame - Jackson for his poor choices, his handlers for their neglect of anything but his value as a cash cow, or the unethical doctors all too willing to provide 'care.'

The trial revealed what a sad, sordid mess the last weeks of Michael Jackson's life were in the evening, and how marvelous a performer he still was, even in rehearsals, during the day.

It's all sad sad sad - I'm glad it's over.

Sprocket said...

Isn't it ironic that the same authorities who attempted to convict MJ of child molestation are the same who brought a doctor to justice for aiding in his death."

This is incorrect.

Michael Jackson was investigated and tried on child molestation charges in Santa Barbara County. Dr. Conrad Murray was investigated and brought to trial in Los Angeles County. Two totally different law enforcement agencies. Two totally different district attorney's, from different counties.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised that he was remanded immediately, but now the talk on net and cable is that he could out very soon due to the new prison overcrowding regs. Jeff Toobin/CNN says it could be easily be local jail or electronic monitoring or a combination.
-wes j.

CaliGirl9 said...

I'm betting Murray gets the combo pack local jail, house arrest. I wonder if he will take to wearing costumes/disguises a la everyone's favorite killer baby mama, Casey Anthony?

I have no doubt there is an MJ fan crazy enough to want to be the one to "get" Dr. Murray.

Los Angeles Manslaughter Attorney said...

MJ's case is entirely different with Dr. Murray's. There is no point comparing the two. As of now we are talking about Dr. Murray's manslaughter case. For sure a lot of MJ fans will be happy with what had transpired.