Monday, November 28, 2011

Family Law Court: What's Wrong in San Diego County

Bonnie Russell, founder of Family Law and guest writer brings us a story from the San Diego area. Sprocket

Fresh from wild and woolly climes of San Diego, scene of Ashton Kutcher’s big “oops.”

The Wind Up:
Family Court litigants who are victims of inter-family crimes have a bad go of it in San Diego County. To wit: North County (Vista) Family Court Judge Gregory Pollack used his “discretion” to award spousal support to Shawn Harris, (after Harris’s release from prison) after his violent attack on estranged wife, Crystal. Earlier Judge Pollack told Crystal, an attractive, high-income earning blonde, “You’re no mouse” apropos of?

The case is important because without Crystal Harris’s tape recorder, (purchased to document earlier threats) the DA wouldn’t have prosecuted. Family court litigants becoming crime victims without recourse remains an ongoing issue in San Diego. This includes sex abuse of children.

In 2009, police only reacted when Henry Parsons molested kids from “intact” families who ran home and told their parents. As the news clip revealed, police refused to provide police services for five years – and targeted the mother who repeatedly attempted to get help.

In 2010, DA Bonnie Dumanis “declined” to file charges against the husband of Diana Gonzalez, after he kidnapped, raped, held her hostage and beat her for attempting to escape. The police had arrested him, but Dumanis declined to prosecute. He’s currently on the lam. Diana Gonzalez’s body was found in the college bathroom.

The Pitch
To that background add financial crimes - from one’s attorney. Patricia Gregory comes to mind….as does the DA’s refusing to prosecute for fraud and grand theft, after the victims did most of the DA investigator’s work. After the San Diego Union Tribune profiled Bonnie Dumanis’s refusal to prosecute Patricia Gregory, she suddenly remembered she *is* running for Mayor and Patricia Gregory was charged with 11 felonies, including the unauthorized practice of law.

On November 18th, 2011, two of her victims appeared in Vista court for Gregory’s arraignment. They asked Gregory be arrested. They asked for bail.

The judge said, no. She could go. Just drop by for a readiness conference later on. Gregory left with her attorney. One concern is her website. Which remains active.

Gregory was asked when she would take it down in the parking lot….well, we had to follow her around to ask, but we asked.

As of this writing, Gregory's site remains up. will be following the Gregory case. Details will be posted here.


Ellen Pollack said...

I am Greg Pollack's ex-wife, Ellen Pollack. He is forbidden by his morals as a judge to comment on this an and other stories with regard to this matter. The media has chosen NOT to read the Harris court file, but to choose take this woman's story at face value. Greg is a very fair man, listening to both sides. Unfortunately, no one has taken the time to read the file - if they had they would discover this case has been very distorted to make Greg appear to be biased against women. I wish Greg was able to tell the true version of facts. He is not allowed to discuss this with the media or do anything in his defense. You would be extremely angry with Ms. Harris for allowing her anger at men get so much attention. Remember, there are always two sides to each story, but unfortunately, Greg is unable to offer anything other than the court's file as his defense - which NO ONE HAS BOTHERED TO READ.