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Day 1 May 12, 2016
Older brother to victim Alicia Alexander
2. MARY ALEXANDER - Mother of Alicia Alexander
3. PORTER ALEXANDER, JR. - Father of Alicia Alexander
4. KENNEITHA LOWE - Younger sister to victim Mary Lowe
5. TRACY WILLIAMS - Cousin to Mary Lowe
6. ROCHELL JOHNSON - Daughter of victim Henrietta Wright
7. SAMARA HERARD - Stepsister to victim Princess Berthomieux
8. WILLIE BUSH - Son of Henrietta Wright
9. IRENE EPHRIAM - Niece of Henrietta Wright

Day 2 May 13, 2016
10. SHAMIKA SMITH - Older sister of victim Janeica Peters
11. JOVANNA PETERS - Older sister of Janeica Peters
12. LAVERNE PETERS - Mother of Janeica Peters
13. ANITA LIMBRICK - Older sister to Alicia Alexander

Day 3 Part I, May 16, 2016
14. BILLY SMALLING - LAPD Homicide Detective, responded to a crime scene on January 17, 1984, of a Jane Doe, later identified as victim Sharon Dismuke
15. GREGORY MCKNIGHT - LAPD Homicide Detective, responded to a crime scene on December 28, 2000, a Jane Doe, later identified as victim Georgia Mae Thomas
16. ALVIN REED - Older brother of victim Bernita Sparks

Day 3 Part II, May 16, 2016
17. TINA SAUNDERS - Younger sister of victim Sharon Dismuke
18. LUCINDA NOBLES - Friend of victim Valerie McCorvy, who, upon her death adopted Valerie's 2 year old son, Michael
19. GUY HOLLOMAN - LAPD criminalist who participated in the search of defendant's garage. Found a firearm hidden behind a pegboard wall in the garage.
20. LARKWYN WATTS - LAPD criminalist, fingerprint specialist who developed latent prints off a weapon and magazine found in the defendant's garage.

Day 4 May 17, 2016
21. JEFF DEACON - LAPD criminalist print comparison specialist. Compared latent prints found on the weapon and magazine in the garage to fingerprint cards of the defendant.
22. JOHN SKAGGS - LAPD Detective, Westside Homicide Unit Supervisor. On October 18, 1988, he was a patrol officer. He responded to a crime scene, of a Jane Doe, later identified as victim Inez Warren.
23. DR. LAKSHMANAN SATHYAVAGISWARAN - Interim Chief Medical Examiner for County of Los Angeles. Reviewed the autopsy reports of victims Sharon Dismuke and Inez Warren.
24. TANYA EVERETT - Younger sister of victim Debra Jackson

Day 5 May 18, 2016

25. ANYATA JACKSON - Daughter of Debra Jackson
26. MYAH GREEN - Granddaughter of Debra Jackson
27. DR. PEDRO ORTIZ - Conducted the autopsy of Georgia Mae Thomas
28. JERMAINE JACKSON - Son of Debra Jackson
29. SHANDS MCCOY - LAPD Cold Case Detective, performed an investigation into the disappearance of victim Rolenia Morris.
30. RAFAEL GARCIA - LAPD Criminalist, participated in the search of the defendant's residence and found a "sawed-off" shotgun in a bedroom closet.
31. DANIEL RUBIN - LAPD Criminalist, firearms examiner. Compared the bullets recovered from victims Sharon Dismuke and Georgia Mae Thomas. Matched the coroner's bullets to two different weapons recovered from the search of the defendant's garage.
Day 6 May 19, 2016
31. DANIEL RUBIN - testimony continued
32. SHERRY COSTA - Aunt of victim Barbara Ware, her brother's daughter
33. TREVA ANDERSON - Sister of Barbara Ware
34. VIVIAN WILLIAMS - Older sister of victim Georgia Mae Thomas

Day 7 May 20, 2016
35. LATANYA CLARK - Older sister of victim Rolenia Morris
36. DARYN DUPREE - LAPD Cold Case Detective - Presents the location of the crime scenes of Sharon Dismuke, Georgia Mae Thomas and Inez Warren and their relative relationship to the defendant's home and other crime scenes.
No witnesses. Evidentiary hearing regarding German witness, JAG officer and Army records supervisor.

Day 9 Part I, May 26, 2016
37. GERMAN WITNESS - Testified about being kidnapped and gang raped by three African-American servicemen, one of them the defendant, back in April 1974 in Stuttgart, Germany.
38. FRANK J. PYLE, JR. - US Army JAG Officer who attended the trial in Germany and wrote a report that was added to the defendant's US army personnel records.
39. LAMAR DERICO WHATLEY - US Army records supervisor. Testified about records in the defendant's personnel record file.
Day 9 Part II May 26, 2016
39. LAMAR D. DERICO WHATLEY - Testimony continued
- Sister of  victim Lachrica Jefferson
41. BILLY WARE DION, JR. - Older brother of Barbara Ware
42. DIANA WARE - Stepmother to Barbara Ware

Day 10 May 31, 2016 [notes coming soon]
1. TIMOTHY WILLIAMS - Retired LAPD Homicide Detective
2. KURT E. KUHN - Retired LAPD fingerprint comparison examiner