Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Going to Court: Department 100: Master Calendar Court


It's always something isn't it? Well, my little car is still not fixed!

Yesterday, Mr. Sprocket realized at a late juncture that he got the exhaust and intake seals on the valves...mixed up. On American "Felpro" the exhaust gaskets are brown. However, on Toyota the intake gaskets are brown. You can but the exhaust seals on the intake, but you can't put the intake seals on the exhaust. They won't take the heat.

Consequently, we are taking a trip down to Norwalk and the only Toyota dealership in the area that has the extra seals we need. Since this trip in the White Whale Work Truck would take quite a bit of time (and not to mention gas with it's very economical 8 miles per gallon fuel efficiency) Mr. Sprocket and I are using public transportation to get down to Norwalk. Since we are passing through downtown, I checked the DA's calendar for today to see if there were any interesting cases that might have a morning hearing.

DDA Alan Jackson has a case that is in Department 100, which is not on the 9th floor. Dept. 100 is the Master Calendar court that assigns cases to other courts that can not be settled. It's the Alberd Tersargyan case, (aka Albert Harutyunyan) who is charged with four murders. I don't think much is happening today, it might even be held over and not assigned to another court today. Still, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to drop in on the Criminal Court Building and see if this case might be interesting.

I'm in the hallway outside of Dept. 100 right now and I'll post an update later today.

8:30 AM:
The judge in Dept 100 is Patricia M. Schnegg, who I believe presided over the Robert Blake case, the very first high profile case I attended.

3:10 PM
Mr. Sprocket and I are finally home from our cross-the-city on light rail trip to the Norwalk Toyota Dealership. It was enlightening taking the Blue and Green Lines and I've decided I'm partial to the newer trains and buses of the Orange and Red Lines with their more cushioned seats. As soon as Jusge Schnegg took the bench I knew it was not the same judge who presided over the Robert Blake case. That judge was Honorable Darlene Schempp. I think it was the double letters in Judge Schnegg's name that made me think it was the same person.

It was an interesting morning on how things go in Department 100. To answer a comment question, there is no place on line that gives a list of the cases appearing in Dept. 100. And, things went so fast, it was hard to follow. I'll write up my notes on my impressions of this courtroom later today.

8:09 PM
I'm trying to get a PDF link for the LA Co Superior Court's description of the Master Calendar Court but I'm having a bit of difficulty. Hopefully, I'll be able to get that link working when I update this story.

Thursday March 22, 2012 7:28 PM
HERE is the PDF link to a description of Department 100, the Master Calendar Court and it's duties.

LA County Superior Court Rules.


Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy,

It's been ages since I have written to you! I hope you are well.

I happened to read your postings from last February regarding the civil settlement with Specter. The anniversary timing was incredible!

Like you, I am curious about the terms, but the important thing is that it's settled.

Your visit to honor Lana must have been so special and inspirational. I have no doubt that her presence was felt that day!

On another note, my NE Ohio community has been focused on a county official corruption trial. It just concluded in federal court. Cameras were not allowed. I often thought of you and how wonderful it would have been for you to be an observer in the courtroom by day and a blogger by night!

I would have been hanging on your every word because this particular trial had everything: Sex, corruption, bribery, racketeering and a trip to Vegas captured on film by the FBI!

Take care and thanks for all you do!

Emily Audra- Ohio

TS said...

Could you please provide the link to the DA master calendar you refer to...I'm not finding it when doing an on line search (?)and would be interested in seeing what is coming up and when. Thanks...

Great information you provided in an earlier response about the setting (and re-setting!) of trial dates. I'm glad the defendant has a say if a postponement is requested from either side.

Love the photo of the White Whale Truck and its history!

NancyB said...

Sprocket, the link to the PDF does not work. Instead it says "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."

Anonymous said...

I don't know why... but I think that whole bus taking, train taking thing sounds SO EXCITING! I'm kinda in the boonies here where I live... but that whole LA mass transit thing sounds like a lot of FUN!!!