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The Race for Los Angeles County District Attorney, Part III


DDA Alan Jackson 

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June 5th, 2012.
 It was a packed house for Alan Jackson's election night results party held at the Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar in downtown Los Angeles.  I attended the event with my good friend, writer Matthew McGough.  I had hoped to blog about the event live but the free WiFi I was told was available at the Blue Cow unfortunately did not work in the open patio area. After many attempts I finally put my laptop down and enjoyed the festivities rather than reporting on them.

Many of Jackson's high-profile endorsements attended the event as well as Jackson's long-time friends in the LAPD and DA's office. Faces I immediately recognized were DDA Pat Dixon (co-prosecutor on the first Phil Spector trial) and LAPD Robbery Homicide Detective Rick Jackson.  I was surprised but pleased to see defense attorney Steve Meister who faced off against Jackson in the James Fayed case.

Also in attendance were DDA Paul Nunez (co-prosecutor on the Lazarus case) and Judge Ricardo (Ric) Ocampo (former DDA who worked with Jackson on the Miura case).  His Honor Ocampo and Paul Nunez have both known Jackson from their days working in the District Attorney's Compton office, prosecuting gang cases. I was surprised and honored that Judge Ocampo remembered me from my Miura reporting.

For most of the evening, Matthew and I got to talk shop with Detective Rick Jackson.  Some of the best conversation of the evening was from Montebello Police Chief Kevin McClure. McClure was Captain of LAPD's eliete Robbery Homicide Unit when Stephanie Lazarus was arrested three years ago.  I would love to tell all of you some of the interesting stories Chief McClure shared with me and Matthew but he made it clear that everything he said last night was strictly off the record.

On another note, the July issue of Vanity Fair with famed writer Mark Bowden's article on the Lazarus case has hit the news stands. T&T will have a commentary review of the article in the near future.

It's going to be an interesting race in the upcoming months.  It's my impression that Lacey took the lead in the primary because of her endorsements from the Los Angeles Times and local KFI radio hosts John & Ken.  However, I wouldn't call Lacey's first place finish in the primary a sure bet in November just yet.  Let's see how the battle plays out.  I'll end this piece with one of my favorite images captured of Jackson at the first Phil Spector trial back in 2007.

Jackson's official campaign statement after last night's win for the run-off in November, posted on Jackson's Facebook Page:

“We see tonight as a huge victory. The Jackson campaign took on Carmen Trutanich and saved the people of Los Angeles County from a politician who was more concerned about winning the next office instead of winning the next case. We were outraised, outspent and outsized by the City Attorney, yet we prevailed because voters clearly want a modern prosecutor not a politician. We look forward to November where voters will once again have a choice to elect a modern prosecutor to lead the District Attorney’s office."

Official Election Results Page.

UPDATE June 18th, 2012:
I took these videos on my old camera.  There wasn't adequate lighting.

Later in the evening...


Anonymous said...

Generally, I follow John and Ken's recommendations, but I voted for Jackson because I trust your recommendation even more. Go Jackson!

Sprocket said...

I don't have the full story, but it is alleged that Lacey lied under oath in regards to that federal lawsuit that (several?) employees brought against the DA's office, claiming that her statements under oath were attributed to "low blood sugar" at the time.

When I have a full understanding of the event, I'll write about it.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I voted for Jackson was because of this site. I enjoyed reading about the Lazarus trial.

Sprocket said...

Thank you everyone for trust in recommending Jackson.

Alan Jackson is an outstanding human being, as well as being a dedicated prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived in CA so I could have voted for him. It was because of you that I got to learn so much about the Spector trials and became facinated with the case. Oh, Spector hasn't given up yet on appeals. The trial bride mentioned on her facebook she had a great visit with the lawyers and they are attempting another federal appeal. I thought once the US Supreme Court denied even hearing the case that it was done. Am I incorrect? I wish he would just give it up. Alan Jackson put him right where he belongs....or maybe better stated.....HE put himself there.