Friday, June 1, 2012

Los Angeles Press Club, Part II

UPDATE July 2nd, 2012: At the June 24th, 2012, awards dinner, Ciaran McEvoy placed third for his article "Award for LA Judge Spurs Ethics Debate" in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

On Wednesday, if I had actually taken the time to read the complete list for the upcoming Los Angeles Press Club 2011 Southern California Journalism Awards, I would have known earlier that my long-time friend (who I met during the first Phil Spector trial), Ciaran McEvoy with The Daily Journal, was also a finalist.  Below are the categories Ciaran is in:



* Gabe Friedman, Los Angeles Daily Journal, “Corporate Dodge”
* Ciaran McEvoy, Los Angeles Daily Journal, “Award for LA Judge Spurs Ethics Debate”
* Stephen Nellis, Pacific Coast Business Times, “Space Group Took $16 M in Public Funds”
* Dana Olsen, Pacific Coast Business Times, “Tri-Counties at Center of Critical Doctor Deficit”
* Ryan Vaillancourt, Los Angeles Downtown News, “Racism, Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Roil Central Division”


* Patrick Caneday, Glendale News Press, “Small Wonders: Friendliness and a Good Haircut”
* Ciaran McEvoy, Los Angeles Daily Journal, “Layoff Notice Comes at a Bad Time for Mother of Three”
* Joe Piasecki, Pasadena Sun, “A District Divided”
* Joel Russell, Los Angeles Business Journal, “Party Life Too Much for Ad Exec”
* Ryan Vaillancourt, Los Angeles Downtown News, “Building a Better Bar”

Congratulations and best of luck to Ciaran! Ciaran was one of the first mainstream journalists who early on, encouraged me to keep attending trials and advised me to learn to develop a neutral style of reporting.  The Daily Journal requires a subscription, but here is a short synopsis of his article in category C1.

Complete list of 2011 finalists can be found here.