Saturday, September 15, 2012

Upcoming Cases & New Uploaded Documents

UPDATED Sept. 16th, 2012: spelling

After a verdict was reached in the Stephanie Lazarus case, I've been searching for another case to attend in 2013.  There are several on my radar where I've attended a few of the pretrial hearings.  It's very unlikely that I will be able to attend all of these cases.  I'm only one person and I can't be in two courtrooms at once.  I'd really appreciate hearing from my readers which cases you are most interested in seeing covered on T&T.  One of the things I take into consideration when deciding on covering a trial is the defendant and victim's families and their loved ones who may not be able to attend the trial.  At the bottom of this entry you will find a list of cases I'm following and a poll you can vote in to tell me your top two picks for cases you'd like me to cover.

Recently added documents.
Recently, I've become more proficient at scanning in documents and uploading them to my SCRIBD account.  I also invested in a "watermark" application for the documents I've uploaded.  The reason I've added a watermark is because I'm using my own funds to purchase many of these items. I'm independent. I don't have the backing of a news organization that has a budget for purchasing court documents. You also have to consider it takes time and energy to go to the courthouse to obtain the documents and put them online.

Stephanie Lazarus Quick Links Page.
Stephanie Lazarus juror questionnaire.  The names of potential witnesses at the end of the jury questionnaire have been redacted to protect the privacy of those who were not called to testify.

Stephanie Lazarus jury instructions.  This is the list of instructions that was read to the jury by Judge Perry.   If you recall, there was an issue with jury instruction #520 or #521, having to do with a line missing defining second degree.  The defense objected to the line being added and Judge Perry ruled in their favor.

Kelly Soo Park Quick Links Page.
Kelly Soo Park Charging Document & Statement of Probable Cause.  This is an interesting document outlining how Santa Monica Police detectives tied Kelly Soo Park to the murder victim, Juliana Redding.

Kelly Soo Park Prosecution Motion Request for Court Inquiry. (incomplete document)

All of the above items have been added to the Quick Links page for that particular case.  I'm also in the process of uploading copies of motions in Phil Spector's first trial.  These documents are readily available on the Los Angeles County Superior Court's web site but I thought I'd make it easier to access them.  As I get them uploaded, I'll add links to the Spector's Quick Links Page.

Potential Trial Coverage

Cameron Brown Case.  Department 107, Judge Michael Pastor.  Brown is facing his third trial in the death of his four-year-old daughter, Lauren Sarene Key.

Kelly Soo Park Case.  Department 109, Judge Kathleen Kennedy.  Park is on trial for the alleged murder-for-hire in the death of a woman she did not know, Juliana Redding.

Gerhard Becker Case. Preliminary hearing set for October 10th, 2012.

Michael Gargiulo Case. Department 108, Judge Sam Ohta. (Note. CBS 48 Hours is following this case. They have already produced an episode titled The Boy Next Door. Sprocket.)

Lonnie Franklin, Jr. "Grim Sleeper" Case. Department 109, Judge Kathleen Kennedy.  (There is a network following this case but I'm not sure which one it is specifically. Sprocket.)

Lois Goodman Case. Preliminary hearing set for October 3rd, 2012, Department 122, Van Nuys Courthouse.

Christian Gerhartsreiter "Fake Rockefeller" Case. Department 107, Judge Michael Pastor.  (Note. I have not yet attended any pretrial hearings in this case.  I'm waiting to find out if TruTV's In Session will be covering the case. Sprocket.)

Park and Franklin are in the same courtroom so those trials would not overlap each other but could overlap other cases.  Brown and Gerhartsreiter are also in the same courtroom.  It is unknown what courtroom Becker will be assigned after the preliminary hearing.  It is unknown if Goodman's case will stay at the Van Nuys Courthouse after the preliminary hearing.

Here is the poll where you can vote on the top two cases you'd like to see covered on T&T.
(Note. I'd also appreciate hearing why you are interested in a specific case.  What questions do you seek answers to in the upcoming trial? Post a comment or E-mail me. 9/16/12 Sprocket.)


voiceforchildren said...


Could I ask, in the interest of truth, justice, and the freedom of the press that you and your readers might sign and share this vital petition HERE?

Twitter Hash-Tag #FreeJersey

Sprocket said...

Many people in the US are not aware of the issues the residents of Jersey deal with on a daily basis.

Drop by Voice For Children's blog (On T&T's blog list) and become aware.

Kathy said...

My vote goes for the Cameron Brown tri-trial.

What justice it would be to finally hear guilty.

Sprocket said...


What specific evidence that was presented in the first or second trial, brings you to this conclusion?

I did not hear the entire defense case in the second trial. I heard most of the prosecution's case, but not every witness.

Kathy said...

The evidence that jumped out to me was his attitude and behavior both before and after her tragic death and Brown telling three different versions of how his daughter went over the cliff.

Brown took his sweet time in retrieving Lauren's body, plopped her broken and bloody body on a picnic table, and then made small talk with people in the area and the responding authorities.

If ever there was a case that cried out for the death penalty, this is it.

Thank you for caring enough about justice for Lauren to attend and document the trials.

Anonymous said...

I was not familiar with the Kelly Soo Park case until you introduced it to us here. The circumstances are very interesting to me. The more recent case of the tennis judge, Lois Goodwin is interesting because of the age of the accused and the prominence she has in the sporting world. Because it is a relatively new case, there may be MANY delays before the actual trial takes place.