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Preliminary Hearing Witness List

July 29th, 2013 - DAY 1
1. JUAN GUZMAN (LAPD Patrol Officer, first responder)
Guzman was one of the first officers on the scene. He responded to a radio call of "shots fired."  He discovered the four bodies.

2. CHRISTINA NEAL (Ex-girlfriend of defendant, Ka Pasasouk)
Neal was at the residence before the event. The defendant threatened her with a gun that he touched to the back of her head. She fled to a neighbors yard.  She was hiding in the bushes of a neighbors yard when she heard gunshots.

3. SHERELLE BAX (Full name: Sherelle Evelyn Gorgina Owens Bax. aka "Evelyn" Present at the residence during the shootings) Bax saw Pasasouk and Howard Alcantara with weapons. Bax was threatened by Pasasouk with a gun. He pointed it at her, threatened to kill her was pistol whipped. Heard the gunshots.

July 30th, 2013 - DAY 2
3. SHERELLE BAX (testimony continued)

4. GEORGE DIAZ (LAPD Robbery-Homicide Detective; investigated the case)
Diaz interviewed Bax. Her interview was video taped and recorded.  Testified as to the inconsistencies in her testimony verses her initial statements to police. Visited the crime scene.

5. DANDY ABRENICA (Lived at the Devonshire residence with John Doe and Ronald)
Lived in the upstairs apartment.  Roommate of John Doe. Was at the scene on Dec 1st and 2nd. Testified to what he saw and heard that night. Saw Pasasouk and Howard Alcantara with weapons. Believes he may have heard Pasasouk's voice say, "Put your hands up. Get down." Before hearing gunshots.

(Requested Anonymity. Sprocket) (Lived at the residence with Dandy and Ronald)
Lived in the upstairs apartment. Roommate of Dandy. Was at the scene in the evening of Dec 1st and morning hours of the 2nd.  Testified to what he saw and heard that night. Believes for certain he heard Pasasouk say, "Put your hands up. Get down." Before hearing gunshots.

July 31st, 2013 - DAY 3 Part II (morning session)
6. JOHN DOE (Requested Anonymity. Sprocket) (testimony continued)

7. LOURDES PACHECO (Full name: Maria Lourdes Pacheco. Visitor to the Devonshire residence.)
Pacheco arrived at the residence with Howard Alcantara around noon.  She was waiting for a ride home.  She was still at the residence when the incident occurred.  Saw Pasasouk and Alcantara with weapons at the scene.  Described the weapons and who had which gun.  Testified to the events she witnessed before and after hearing shots fired. Took a security DVD system from the residence at the request of Alcantara after the event.  Eventually told police and directed them where she hid it for recovery.  Was later charged and convicted of a crime related to this event.

July 31st, 2013 Day 3 Part III (afternoon session)
8. WANITO MENDOZA (AKA "Jun" Visitor at the Devonshire residence)
Testified as to what he witnessed and heard the night of the incident.

9. JAMES KING (LAPD Robbery Homicide Detective)
Assisted in the investigation. Searched the residence and searched the bedroom occupied by Neal and Pasasouk.  Recovered a live cartridge from a laundry hamper in the room.

July 31st, 2013 Day 3 Part IV (afternoon session continued)
10. DAN MYERS (LAPD Robbery Homicide Detective - Lead Investigator on case)
Went to the scene. Observed the recovery of cartridge casings near the decedents by criminalists. Observed all four autopsies and the recovery of the bullets by the various deputy coroners.  Testified to the inconsistencies of Neal's testimony verses her statements to detectives.

Compared the cartridge casings recovered at the scene to each other. Determined they were all fired from the same weapon.  Compared the live round to the cartridge casings. Came to the opinion that the live round had been cycled through the same weapon that fired the spent cartridge casings.