Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DUI Crash in Sherman Oaks

 Looking south, driveway entrance to apartment parking area.

Last night after midnight, about a half mile from the Sprocket residence, there was a big DUI crash in Sherman Oaks.  An RV traveling at a high rate of speed crashed into several parked cars, a power pole and an apartment building.

I had heard about this accident on the ABC news this morning, so when Mr. Sprocket and I took our morning walk, we headed in that direction. Mr. Sprocket and I spoke to ABC's stunningly beautiful Subha Ravindhran, who told Mr. Sprocket that there were rats inside the motor home.  Here's a short fifteen second video up on YouTube.

The vehicle was traveling west on Clark St. when it crossed Sepulveda Blvd. and continued on down a narrow driveway to the apartment complex parking lot.  The RV plowed into cars parked up against the fence dividing that complex from the next door apartment parking to the south.  The RV continued down the narrow driveway, taking out a power pole and the parking lot security gate.

Below are some photos I took at the scene.  Please understand I'm not a very good photo journalist. I took these with my cell phone in bright sunlight.

 Other side of the driveway entrance, looking north.

Close up of damage to a wall facing Sepulveda Blvd.  
Mr. Sprocket pointed out the RV's muffler in the debris.

 Mr. Sprocket wanted me to get a photo of the environmentally
 friendly product the Dept. of Water & Power
 (DWP) clean up crew were using.

View down the driveway after DWP trucks backed into it.

 From the adjacent parking lot, view of the fence the 
RV hit dividing the properties.  Cars parked along
 this fence were hit/damaged. Photo center, 
you can also see where that electrical 
box on the building was damaged.

 DWP temporary transformer installed where power pole used to be.

View of fence damage and where the back security 
gate used to be. Partial view of debris field 
after the RV was removed.

 Debris field near the building. You can see the metal 
gate in right part of the photo the RV plowed through.

 Continuing shot of the debris field to the left into the parking lot.

 Last of the debris field continuing to the left.

Long shot view of the RV debris field down the driveway 
and where the missing gate should have been.


Tezi said...

Good gravy! Did anyone get seriously hurt?

Sprocket said...

The driver had to be extracted from the RV and taken to the hospital, but I believe he's okay.

No one else was hurt, thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Rats?! ugh! It looks like there is hardly enough of left of the RV to tell! Did the reporter see them crawling out of the wreckage?


Sprocket said...

The RV had already been removed/extracted by the morning, and what you are seeing is what was left of the wreckage.

I don't know of the reporter saw the rats herself or not. It's just what she told Mr. Sprocket.

The alleged drunk driver also had four dogs in the RV with him. I hope he's able to be reuinited with his dogs, but I'm betting he lived in his RV. Don't know what will happen to him.

I don't think she was on the scene long though, from the pretty, sleeveless sun dress she was wearing. She may have gotten that from other reporters who were on the scene earlier.