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Rafael Martinez, Jr., QUICK LINKS

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Case Number: LA063599

Defendant: Rafael Enrique Martinez, Jr.

Prosecution: DDA Daniel Akemon
Defense: Tom Burns, Alternate Public Defender's Office

Nancy Boehm - September 1997
Shawn Boehm, 23 - September 1997

Nancy Boehm was unemployed and supplementing her income at the time of her death by selling cocaine out of her North Hollywood home. Her son Shawn, 23, has been described as having the mental capacity of a 12 or 13 year old. The Los Angeles Times reported that he participated in the Special Olympics.

Nancy's property was gated and friends described her as very concerned about security. Nancy's friends knew to call first before they came over.  Nancy and Shawn's bodies were found with multiple stab wounds. Nancy was found in a back bedroom where she transacted business. Shawn was found in another bedroom. DNA evidence linked to the defendant was found underneath Nancy's fingernails.


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