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Robert Durst Case - QUICK LINKS

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CASE NO: SA089983 (Filed at Airport Courthouse)

Defendant - Robert Durst (DOB 4/12/43)
Victim - Susan Berman

Prosecution - DDA's John Lewin & Habib Balian
Defense - Dick DeGuerin
Documentary Filmmaker: Director Andrew Jarecki

3/16/15 Robert Durst Case - Felony Complaint
11/07/16 Robert Durst - Arraignment at Airport Courthouse Today
01/10/17 Robert Durst Pretrial Hearing 1
02/08/17 Robert Durst People's Motions
03/01/17 Robert Durst 3/15/15 Interview with LA Co. DA John Lewin

People's Motions/Documents
Felony Complaint
12/05/16 Motion to Admit Special Master12/16/16 Supplemental Declaration
12/19/16 Special Master Reply
12/29/16 Response to Defense Motion01/05/17 Motion to Admit Defense Mirandized Statements
01/17/17 Collateral Estoppel

Defense Motions/Documents

Mainstream Media Articles

OLDER Mainstream Media Articles 
02/2002 VF - The Fugitive Heir
04/2002 GQ - Robert Draper Investigates Robert Durst
01/01/15  NY Times - Douglas Durst on Robert Durst
Current - March 2015
03/16/15 LA Weekly - Durst Says He "Killed Them All"
03/16/2015 NY Times - Interview with Andrew Jarecki, Director of THE JINX
03/16/15 LA Times Extradition Delayed
03/16/14 Buzzfeed - Questions We have for Jinx Filmmakers
03/16/15 Gawker Durst Formally Charged With Murder
03/16/15 LA Times - Durst Documentary Reminds Us Of the Narative Power of Crime Dramas
03/16/15 Buzzfeed - How Did "The Jinx" Narratively Manipulate Its Viewers?
03/16/15 Mashable - How "The Jinx" Came Out of Nowhere to Become Part of a Murder Case
03/16/15 The Wrap - Robert Durst Charged with Murder of Susan Berman
03/16/15 Arts Beat - Why The Timeline of The Jinx is so Confusing
03/16/15 Slate - The Jinx Timeline 
03/17/15 CNN - Durst Charges with 1st Degree Murder
03/18/15 CNN - Who is Robert Durst's Wife, Deborah Lee Charatan?
03/18/15 Salon - Robert Durst is not a true psychopath...
03/18/15 LA Times - False Starts Dodged the LAPD's Murder Case Against Durst
04/03/15 USA Today - Trial Postponed, Witnesses Failed to Show
04/09/15 LA Times - Durst Writes to the LA Times
04/14/15 NBC- Durst: I'm Still Not Guilty (Federal Court)
04/16/15 Salon - Durst Biographer on what Jinx Got Wrong
04/20/14 Houston Chron. - Judge Postpones Trial Until Sept.
04/21/15 NOLA - Durst Federal Charges Trial Moved to Sept. 04/22/15 Boston Globe - Did Robert Durst Murder My Friend Susan?
04/23/15 Huff Post - Gun & Drug Charges Dropped
04/27/15 NOLA - Durst to be Transferred to St. Charles Parrish Jail
05/01/15 NY Curbed - Durst's Brother Could Freeze $74 Mil Fortune
05/08/15 KHOU - Newly Released Video Show's Durst Public Urination
05/08/15 Click2Houston - A Look at Durst's Time in Houston
06/04/14 NOLA - LA Cops Arrest Millionaire Because of "The Jinx"
06/10/15 THR - The Jinx Reporters Break Their Silence
06/23/15 LA Times - Jeanine Pirro Writing Robert Durst Book
06/25/15 ESQ - Robert Durst Took Me To Lunch, 2 Wks Before Murder
07/24/15 PgSix - Durst's Brother Threatens to Sue Pirro over Book

HBO Documentary: The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
Book: A Deadly Secret: The Bizarre and Chilling Story of Robert Durst, by Matt Birkbeck