Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rafael Martinez, Jr., Trial - Day 4, Opening Statements

Exclusive T&T case coverage can be found HERE.

Day 3, Jury Selection.....

Thursday, January 29, 2015
10:21 AM
I'm inside Dept. V in my seat beside the courtroom doors. This type of case is usually overlooked by the media. There isn't a big name defendant, victim or witness attached to the case that the media is interested in. However, it is the type of case that is heard in courtrooms all over Los Angeles County.

The DA's office is using a large screen set up in the center of the gallery for the jurors to view exhibits.  Unfortunately, the screen is directly in front of where I'm sitting. I will have to move to the gallery so I will be able to view the exhibits. I may have to switch to hand written notes if my typing is a distraction to the court reporter.

One of the detectives in the case, Thomas Townsend introduced himself to me.

More to come.....


NancyB said...

How nice of Thomas Townsend to do that! I think your excellent reputation proceeds you.

Sprocket said...

Nancy, to be fair, DDA Akemon told him about me and that I was covering the case.