Friday, January 30, 2015

Rafael Martinez, Jr., Trial - Day 5, Testimony Continues

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Day 4, Part III .......

January 30, 2015
9:55 AM
I arrived on the 8th floor of the Van Nuys West Courthouse a few minutes ago. Several of the jurors are waiting in the hallway. Inside Dept V, the defendant's aunt and uncle are sitting in the gallery in the back row on the left.

I'm about 75% done with getting my notes from yesterday transcribed into a readable form. Even though I'm using a laptop, I'm not a very good typist, so there's quite a bit of editing I need to do. I will be updating that days story as soon as possible.

Thursday Afternoon
During Thursday's afternoon session, three witnesses took the stand, testifying about events surrounding a stabbing death and assault on May 10, 2001. As part of a plea agreement, Martinez pled to voluntary manslaughter and assault in that event.

1. Hugh Martin - Firefighter paramedic. Responded to a stabbing event in May 2001. Was attending to victim Luz Nieves in the ambulance while she was being transported to Holy Cross Hospital. An LAPD officer was in the ambulance who was questioning her, asking who did this to her. The officer did not understand what she was saying. Martin interpreted that she said "Junebug" did this to her.

2. Raffi Djabourian, MD. - Deputy LA County Coroner. Performed the autopsy on Luz Nieves. Testified to the number of injuries and desribes the fatal wound, which cut through her left jugular vein and partially through her left carotid artery.  Surgery was performed to try to repair the damage. Nieves died of her injuries. Manner of death was homicide. Cause of death, [blood loss] due to multiple stab wounds.

3. Sean Anderson - LAPD Officer, patrol Hollywood Division in May 2001. Responded to a radio call in North Hollywood with his partner Officer Guthrie. Anderson was the passenger. They responded code 3, with lights and sirens. When they got to the location, there was a male Hispanic in the street who was bleeding. Anderson first questioned the victim if the suspect was still at the scene. The victim directed them that there was another victim in the apartment upstairs. They went to the second victim. There were paramedics on scene and other officers. He was not able to communicate with the second victim. Paramedics were working on her. He accompanied the victim in the ambulance to the hospital. He tried asking the victim in the ambulance who did this to her. Hugh Martin translated the victim's response that it was "Junebug" who did this.

Witnesses Friday, Morning Session.
The prosecution informs the court that they will be taking a witness out of order. The next witness relates to the 1997 incident.

4. Gabriel Colon - LAPD Partrol Officer.  In September 1997 he was working North Hollywood patrol. Responded to a radio call on September 20, 1997 around 9:39 PM to a residence, Nancy Boehm's residence. The nature of the call was a possible homicide. He arrived with a partner, Scott Rate and a Sargent Wheeler. They were the first responders to the scene. There were no paramedics when they arrived. Paramedics arrived shortly after. His duties were to secure the scene. Under cross the witness did not recall if they responded with sirens and lights.

5. Francisco Santos - Surviving victim in the May 10, 2001 stabbing event. Testified as to what he remembered about the events. Currently under cross examination...

The noon recess is called.

Continued in Day 5, Part II....


NancyB said...

Any idea how long this trial may last? Am I incorrect in speculating that "Junebug" is RM?

Sprocket said...

The trial will last about three weeks. The first week is over. The court believes they should be wrapped up before February 20th, at the latest. There are a few days in the second week of February, where the courtroom will be dark.

"Junebug" is Martinez' nickname.