Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Christian-Newsom Torture Murders - Day 2 Eric Boyd Trial


August 7, 2019
Here is a video report by Jamie Satterfield of the Knoxville News Sentinel.

I watched the testimony of George Thomas on live stream by Court TV. As always Thomas played down his own involvement. He makes the atmosphere inside the death house seem placid. He claims to have never heard either victim say anything, cry out, fight back. 

Thomas now says Cobbins didn't go with him and Boyd to kill Chris Newsom. Before he had said Davidson went with Thomas. Thomas puts all crimes against Chris Newsom on Boyd. 

Thomas' account of Newsom's death doesn't fit the way the body was found, no pants or shoes. Thomas has Newsom clothed. 

A new story. Thomas claims at one point Boyd was left in the house with Channon Christian while he, Davidson, Cobbins, and Vanessa Coleman drove off somewhere for a short time. 

What Thomas said today doesn't fit what came out at his own (two) trials and Cobbins' 2009 trial. 

Thomas did place Boyd at the scene. The other suspects had said Boyd was present in their police interviews, but none had in court under oath until today. 

My own opinion and most other people who have followed the case is Boyd was far more involved in the crime than Thomas was. The difference is Thomas admitted to being in the Chipman Street house while Boyd didn't. 

Jamie Satterfield was interviewed on Court TV this evening. She said when federal prosecutors tried Eric Boyd in federal court for accessory after the fact in 2008 for hiding the "ringleader," Lemaricus Davidson, they basically made a murder case against Boyd. He had furnished the vehicle for the carjacking. 

The feds wanted to try the whole thing themselves as a carjacking-murder which federal statutes could have allowed. 

However, the torture-murders of two attractive, likable young people outraged the Knoxville community. The local District Attorney General's office demanded the opportunity to try the murder case in state court. 

The local DA, according to Ms. Satterfield, wanted to be certain of winning convictions and was afraid of possibly losing if he tried Boyd. 

There is now a different administration in the Knox County DA's office and they filed the case. The victim's parents, especially the Newsoms who have always believed it was Eric Boyd who raped and murdered their son were insistent on Boyd being charged. 

While Boyd denied being in the Chipman house when interviewed by Knoxville police, he gave considerable detail about what went on, claiming Davidson told him. 

Tomorrow, Boyd's attorney will cross examine Thomas. Prosecutor Takisha Fitzgerald will have work to do on redirect. 

Eric Boyd has the most extensive criminal past of the suspects starting very young. Boyd was a stick-up man. He walked into convenience stores, service stations, etc, pulled a gun and demanded the contents of the cash register. He was also an experienced carjacker. He served several prison sentences for these offenses. The jury won't hear about Boyd's criminal record.

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Unknown said...

It is sad that all the men involved in this act of horror didn't receive the death penalty.When you have this type of evil in your heart you're a walking time bomb for the next victim.