Thursday, August 8, 2019

Christian-Newsom Torture Murders - Day 3 Eric Boyd Trial

 Christopher Newsom & Channon Christian


August 8, 2019
Today was Day 3 of the trial of Eric Boyd for his part in the Christian-Newsom murders.

The cross examination of George Thomas by Eric Boyd's attorney was not as extensive as expected. Clinton Frazier, Boyd's attorney, mainly went over Thomas' not seeming to know much of anything. 

The Court TV guest commentators were disappointed the cross was short.

The mothers of the victims, Deena Christian and Mary Newsom, took the stand in succession. This is the eighth trial they have done so. Both told of the last time they saw their children and the shock upon finding them missing.

Since both were over 21, the police wouldn't look for them and Chris and Channon's friends had to search themselves.

Former Knox County Sheriff Jimmy Jones questioned Vanessa Coleman, Letalvis Cobbins, and George Thomas in January 2007 in Kentucky. Jones thought Thomas was most truthful but "you never get the whole truth, ever."

Daphne Sutton, "ringleader" Lemaricus Davidson's girlfriend, testified to thinking there was another woman in the bathroom. The door was closed and Sutton was kept away. While telling her to leave, Davidson gave Sutton some of Channon's clothes. When seeing them today, Sutton cried.

This never happened before. 

In a trial I attended in 2013, I walked by Daphne Sutton while she was sitting on the bench outside the courtroom for prospective witnesses. She gave me quite a look. 

Tomorrow (Friday), the medical examiner will testify. The jury will see gruesome photos and the description of the torture and death inflicted on the victims.

David in TN