Sunday, June 14, 2009

Caylee, it's all about Caylee Anthony

According to George Anthony, the last time he saw his granddaughter Caylee was June 16, 2008. If we believe this, then the anniversary of the date that Caylee was last seen alive by someone other than her mother, Casey Anthony, is coming up this week. Casey is in jail awaiting trial for first degree murder.

The public didn't become aware of Caylee's "disappearance" until one month later. On July 16, 2008, news broke that Cindy Anthony had made 911 calls the previous day informing the authorities that her granddaughter had been missing for 31 days, ostensibly "kidnapped" by Zanny the Nanny. Casey Anthony led detectives on a wild goose chase that ended up in a conference room at Universal Studios where she admitted that she had told a pack of lies with the exception that the nanny had kidnapped her child. She was arrested for child neglect forthwith. In a phone call home that night, Casey insisted she was arrested on a whim and complained to a friend that nobody was thinking of her. They were only worried about Caylee.

Since then, this case has been a roller coaster of events. Many tips were called in to police and followed up to no avail. Texas Equusearch searched and nearly went broke. George and Cindy went on television to "keep Caylee's face out there" and ended up spending more air time defending their jailed daughter. Detectives and FBI agents questioned many people. Jose Baez filed motion after motion only to have the vast majority of them denied by Judge Strickland. He also began to assemble a veritable "dream team" while onlookers wondered where the money to defend Casey was coming from. The death penalty was withdrawn. A trial was scheduled for January, 2009.

The mystery of Caylee's disappearance finally ended on December 11, 2008 when her skeletal remains were found down the street and around the corner from the Anthony home.

On February 10, there were two memorials for Caylee. One simple one was held by those unwelcome at the "official" public memorial at the site where Caylee's remains had been found. The other, hosted by the Anthony family took place in a large venue and was fairly well attended. I watched it and felt bad that it was more for Casey than Caylee. While George and Cindy Anthony did pay homage to their granddaughter, they spent considerable time asking those in attendance and those viewing to have compassion for Casey. George even suggested we write her letters. Uncle Lee never mentioned the tot's name once, substituting the homogeneous CMA and left listeners wondering about what had been said and to whom his comments were directed.

Now, the dream team assembled by Baez has grown to include Todd Macaluso of California and the Angel of Death Row, Andrea Lyon. There had been more motions filed and the Anthonys have popped up in the media again with little talk of Caylee and much talk about the innocence of her mother.

There is so little mention of Caylee anymore. There is no one at the motions hearings sitting behind the prosecution in support of the toddler whose death came before she had had the chance to relish her life. Her memorial has been dismantled by some unknown entity. Any respectable cross at the site has been removed or destroyed. We do know who has done that.

Now, it is up to us, strangers who never met Caylee, to stand behind her at the trial. It is up to us, who hoped and prayed she would be found alive, to keep at least her memory alive. There will be a memorial service for Caylee at Blanchard Park; it will not be hosted by the family of the slain toddler. It will be those who came to love her during the past year.

I have been following the latest motions to be filed. I have read all of the discovery. Somehow, my heart hasn't been into writing about them lately. I suppose it's because I keep thinking of Caylee. She's the one who was wronged. She is the one who needs justice.

It's time to focus on Caylee. There will by plenty of time to focus on the trial once the anniversary of her loss has passed.


jpb2x3 said...

I don't believe anyone in this country believes Casey is not totally responsible for the death of her child, Caylee.

Give me a job, no pregnancy, no nanny, no truths at all.

I cannot understand how her parents continue to support her; she murdered their only grandchild.

What will the grandparents be coerced into next? Pay for Caysee's legal bills? I am sure the bills will keep piling for many more years than Caylee was actually alive

I do not normally advocate for the death penalty; but if what I have read is true, I would have no issues with the death penalty being carried through in this heinous case.

Of course this is my opinion.

donchais said...

As always Ritanita a thoughtful and heartfelt entry!

Thank you for reminding us to step away from the circus and focus on precious Caylee.

Anonymous said...

Strangers have more respect for Caylee than her own family, how sad. Please pray for her, she must be heartbroken. Thank you Ritanita for a lovely entry.

Sprocket said...

Hats off to ritanita. Thank you for writing an excellent piece on the eve of the year anniversary, what this media circus is really about: the loss of an innocent child.

Anonymous said...

The are so many bizarre aspects of this case but the one that stands out for me is that Casey took the officers to Universal Studios all the while knowing she was not employed there. Why would she carry the charade that far? She will be a case study for years to come in the psych world.

Anonymous said...

Brought tears to my eyes, such a sad and heartbreaking story. I will never understand how her parents stand by Casey and pretend to believe all the lies she spews.
I'm from Canada, we actually flew to FL to take part in one of the big searches for her body. It was so sad, yet so incredible to see so many strangers come together for this little girl.

RIP Caylee.

Anonymous said...

How sad that a true memorial for Caylee is more apt to be given by strangers because her family is so self-centered and concerned about how they look or come across. When strangers care more about your family member than you do, then you just suck.

All of the Anthony clan can go straight to hell with Casey. They don't deserve to share the same eternity with Caylee.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd like to feel more sympathy for the Anthonys, but they don't really want justice for Caylee.

shari said...

The Anthonys are again on tv this morning doing spin control and Cindy is "acting" soft and demure (give me a break) while people here in the Orlando area are more concerned with a tribute to this beautiful child whom the family has used as a tool for moneymaking. As for the memorial coming down...probably in the dead of nite by the Anthonys! These people have NO shame.

Janet said...


I truly wish I could attend Casey's trial like you did the Spector trial, so that someone will be sitting on Caylee's side of the courtroom.

Casey was right about one thing: everyone is concerned about Caylee, and no one gives a chit about Casey. As it should be.

You have a great blog and I want to thank you for your excellent coverage of State v Spector. You are welcome to visit mine.