Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Phil Spector, Unwigged

The Smoking Gun got the goods on Spector's latest prison photo. Thank you to all the T&T readers who alerted us to the release of his prison mug shot.

Seeing as how Spector's young wife, Rachelle Short told Beth Karas during the first trial that the mass of wild curls on his head was "his real hair," I'm wondering if this is the first time she's seen him without his "weave."


Anonymous said...

Actually, he doesn't look any worse than with his wigs.
Just my opinion.
He doesn't ever look very good.
If he just had his little bald head and cut his straggling hair, he might have looked neat, but never good.

Anonymous said...

He has a thin line of hair across the top (more clear on the LA Times website), this indicates he started hair transplants but either had too little donor area to work with or they just didn't take.

Also his height as shown here is 5'3"---unless they allow elevators or heels in the pen, which I doubt, lol.

Anakerie said...

lol, Sprocket.. I just got done with my blog entry for the mugshot! Pretty pathetic looking, isn't he?

Clueless Chelle said...

Didn't she also say in that interview that she fixed his hair everyday?
C'mon reporters, you need to jump on this--Chelle is a complete liar-stop throwing softballs!

Anonymous said...

Actually, he doesn't look as bad as I would have thought, he actually does have some hair!

But, truly, and I may be not in the majority here, or on other blogs or places to post, but I hate the Bubba comments. While I would never, ever wish what happened to Lana on anyone, I do not wish joy or make joy for anyone in prison considering rape, and personal violations.

He will be, I am guessing, Caligirl9???, in protective custody, and while so many hope he will have to 'bend over', I am sure he is living a personal hell each and every day.

I am sure his life now is miserable, absolutely MISERABLE, and doubtful he is now drugged enough to escape it.

He was convicted, until his appeal is looked at/which could be months/years, he is an ugly, uncomfortable place, and that is enough for me.

Susan said...

I almost lost my lunch. Please, place a warning before people view this.

That said, I also can't stop laughing. Camp Spector: all huge tools.

Anonymous said...

He reminds me of a rodent. Ewwww.

Anonymous said...

This would make a good Halloween in good n'scary. Does anyone have a connection with a latex or rubber factory in China?

"Phil Spector treated like a Murderer in Prison!":

CaliGirl9 said...

Wow. The look on his face screams "victimize me."
Good thing he's in administrative segregation right now, that's relatively safe.
I thought the baldness was due to scarring after an automobile accident? Looks like plain old male pattern baldness to me ...

nd said...

He looks like a serial killer... and I love that this control freak was forced to submit to the photo!

Anonymous said...

I hope your happy sprocket,,,,he is still the greatest record producer ever NOTHING CHANGES THE FACT THAT HE INVENTED THE GREATEST "WALL OF SOUND" HE IS WHO HE IS PHIL SPECTOR

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tess, if he cut his hair and went au natural he would look okay. Actually, I think he would look a lot better than with those stupid and oh so obvious wigs....

Yeah, he did have some scarring from the accident, but if you look at pre-accident photos, Uncle Phil was losing his hair from day one.

Anonymous said...

wig, not weave.

Anonymous said...

I hate his wigs, but gasped when I saw this... yikes

Katprint said...

I agree, he would look better if he basically shaved off his straggly hair and went with the bald look. He will never look like Patrick Stewart (Star Trek Captain Jean Luc Picard) or Bruce Willis or Samuel Jackson, but the photo on the left does bear a slight resemblance to Robocop.

shari said...

To anonymous june 10, 2009@ 1:55....the Wall of Sound is sooooo old hat that to continue to rest on those laurels is silly at best. Yes, he may have had a large role in early rock and roll, but what has he done lately??????? Never has he given back to the world at large, or on a small scale. He has done nothing but self indulgent, narcissistic acts of sociopathic harmfulness. Someone better start praying Karma doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

I thought he would would MUCH worse. I think he looks better bald. If he got rid of the long hair around the edges. I would give him a two instead of a one. Funny how Rachelle didn't know he was bald . LOL What did she think was in the pink case she took to the court on sentencing day?

Anonymous said...

May Lana's Soul Rest in Peace...and May now start laughing @MugShot uncontrollably ;)

Big Fella said...

A face only a mother could love, or a gold digging bimbo.

CaliGirl9 said...

Anon@1:18, yes he will be in some sort of protective custody. There’s really no such thing as “solitary” (except for a place like Pelican Bay designed to minimize contact between inmates and correctional officers) but he will be places in a unit with inmates whose physical needs meet Spector’s—better than having him in with a bunch of gangstas or a manipulator like Charles Manson. I’m sticking with my guess that he will be placed with other vulnerable inmates, probably elderly and ill ones.

As I’ve said before, the Department of Corrections is charged with taking a convicted felon’s right to freedom away. All that means is he’s housed in a prison and programs into the prison’s timetable and way of doing things and he can’t walk out the gates. There are no iron maidens, no stretching tables, no whips. He’s entitled to three meals a day, medical care and common courtesy (unless his behavior makes that impossible, but honestly I think he will program okay).

For the inmate who succeeds in making Spector his “bitch” comes instant fame (and additional time on his sentence). For the corrections officers who allow that to happen is disciplinary hearings and possible firing.

He is where the law says he needs to be, but the torture needs to be in his own mind, not inflicted by other human beings.

Unknown said...


Five feet, three inches?
Is that possible?
Small feet too I bet. wink
Never seen a man that small.

Greg (Las Vegas, NV)

Anonymous said...

For the first time his expression strikes me as almost sober as if he's not zoned out. I think all the other photos made him look like a doped up zombie. Also, he looks just like a convict now... and surprisingly, without the wigs he looks healthier and younger. Let's hope he lives a long time to reflect on the past.

Anonymous said...

One of the website says "CDCR regulations prohibit wigs and hairpieces unless deemed medically necessary". I am trying to think of how a piece would ever be medically required, being that it is strictly for vanity.

Anonymous said...

From a 2008 UK interview...

When he is asked how he will cope if he does get sent down for murder, he mumbles: “I’ll be in a jail with Bubba, 6ft 8 Bubba and he’ll be my husband.”


Anonymous said...

No wonder this sad little man needed a gun to keep the ladies from leaving. What a freak! Rachelle Short is pathetic and can't go away soon enough. Knowing that Spector is finally paying for what he did is enough for me. I will happily live the rest of my life not giving either of them much thought.

Anonymous said...

I actually think he looks better without his wigs. More vulnerable somehow.

Is he wearing lipstick?

ritanita said...

I showed this entry and pic to my friend who doesn't know much about the case or Dear Phillip. She wasn't too shocked by the mug-shot. Actually, he looks "natural" here.

He does need a hair cut/complete shave and to live with the person he is. It's not his physical appearance, it's is pathologies. They are what ended him up in jail.

I only hope that a long stint in prison gives him the opportunity to have to live with himself and totally out of control of his life.

Maybe he'll learn something... but I have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but, the guy actually looks less freaky without his wigs. He doesn't look bad, at all. In fact, his face has a more normal expression. He doesn't look so *wigged* out. I almost feel sorry for him, but, then I remember Lana, and feel peaceful that her violent death is not meaningless. May she rest in peace now that Phil is locked away, paying for what he did to her. I hope he finds redemption, now that his privileged life is gone and he is paying for his crime.

Anonymous said...

barskin again:

Keith Olberman talking about the mug shot just now on his show called it "proof positive that crime doesn't toupee."

Anonymous said...

AP reporter L. Deutsch says PS is conferring with the prison rabbi and is kosher at mealtime:

Liz said...

I also think he looks better than I have seen in the past few years - no idea whether it be medications, makeup, wigs or whatever. The "frail old man" look was perhaps needed for the trial?

I agree with those who think prison should its own punishment & will always be repulsed by the thoughts that one is not protected from crime in prison - which is sometimes the reality, despite any rules.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Yoda was arrested.

Seriously, Rachelle is now saying that "it (the hair issue)is a personal matter". But details of an intimate nature--the bedroom-are not?

Anonymous said...

This looks like normal baldness to me. From what I had read about an auto accident, I had expected to see just patches of hair. I agree with some of the other people posting.....he looks better this way and would look pretty normal if he just trimmed his hair neatly.


Anonymous said...

The mug hot reminds me of a song.

Five foot two
Eyes are blue
Coothy, Coothy
Coothy Coo
As anybody seen my wig?

Anonymous said...

just wait til this photo gets around and the whining will begin from spector camp

katfish said...

Rachelle Short said that his hair was his own and she knew this because she styled his hair everyday....she also says he is innocent. Liar!
Phil doesn't look so bad au'natural, it's his hubristic attitude and his vanity that make him ugly, oh yyea and that killer thing!

LinZbee said...

He looks like a more normal person because he is finally not drugged and has no makeup on.
I wonder how OJ is looking now and how he is coping - has anybody heard?
Glad these two are finally incarcerated, and for a long, long time. Thought it might never happen, but it finally did (for both of them) after all these years of courtroom frustrations.

Anonymous said...

"It's a jump to the left............"

Anybody else seeing Riff Raff?


QueeeenBeeee from I/S

Anonymous said...

He kinda looks like a darker haired Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

I wonder which hair Chelle was responsible for styling?

Anonymous said...

barskin, here:

This morning on the Today show, Al Roker said he looks like Mr. Burns.
Close, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Ewwwy! Rachelle slept with that every night. Don't think so. Hear she had her own room. Great sex, my foot.

To the anon who is not so anon repeating Phil is a genius..give it a rest. He's a murderer. Catch up to reality sometime in 2009. Everyone knows who you are by now. That isn't a compliment.

Have you no shame?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons" also, just couldn't think of his name.

You know what is really eerie about these pics is the air-brushed look around the edges of his clothing, it kinda fades out like it was done intentionally. Back in the day, they used to do that technique on children's portraits at the photography studio. I always thought it was a creepy effect. Even more on a old dude like this.
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

Most of you people are right, he looks rather normal,he apparently looks alot healthier for some reason,fresh even,,,,I pray for his safety,and his appeal,,,,stay strong Phil,as for his wife,she was only trying to protect his image,she love her husband,so for all you talking trash about her,well it called jeleousy

Anonymous said...



Sprocket said...

To each his own, but I have a hard time believing that everything Rachelle did, was for the sole purpose of trying to protect Spector's image.

What comes to mind is the impish grin she had on her face when Rachelle was ordered by Fidler to take down the illegal photographs on her website.

Spector is the one who is totally responsible for his own image. His behavior at the Alhambra police station is a perfect example, along with the overheard statements he made in the gallery after Lisa Bloom testified.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Burns indeed....

Seriously, don't let the au naturale poor old Phil look sway you, he has a personality flaw against women that has gone on for many years and he is right where he needs to be for killing another human being. Beautiful Lana paid the price for rejecting him.

Anonymous said...

Rachelle is in this game for herself. When the money dries up and the castle gone, so is the delusional princess.

Clueless Chelle said...

Anon at 6:16 am (My guess is you are "Hey Paula")

What exactly are we jealous of?
(nice spelling, btw!)

JEALOUS of a gold digger?

Jealous of a LIAR?

You think she was protecting her husband's image?? Don't you and other PS supporters know by now (if he really has anyone left!!)
that she just made it 1,000 TIMES WORSE for him?

He's the butt of America's jokes now largely BECAUSE of her lie!!

She has no credibility whatsoever!

How's Phil's publicist going to be able to get her interviews now?
Who's going to want to cater to a LIAR?

It's his REEEEEAL HAIR? Oh please!

She woke up on a pillow next to him---when they lived in seperate wings?!

She wakes up having PANIC attacks now that he's gone? Cry me a freakin' river, Chelle!

The Patient Advocate said...

I guess at this point the "Hair Restoration" club for men is out of the question......Weinberg has now even taken his hair money.

Although, James Taylor has gone bald he doesn't look nearly this scary. The trick it seems is to do it gradually.

Carol L Beck said...

After the initial shock I agree that he looks better than with those assorted nests he wore on his head.


Anonymous said...

This picture makes me queasy.

Really, I feel ill.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't care what he looks like, if he ever has/had sex with his Bride, whether or not it was a weave or wig. What I care about, and take some satisfaction is, that I am sure he is MISERABLE locked up. Humiliated beyond anyting he could have ever imagined. I don't care if he is
hurt in prison, but hate the thought for anyone, but justice is behind bars, with no freedom, no luxuries, and no true protection.
I could not imagine a worse place than ANY prison for a person like PS.

Spector Did It said...

Probably not in the majority here..
I don't think he looks better this way. I'll be honest, (unlike Chelle, lol) I think he looked better in one of those wigs and now that we see how truly pasty he is, I can see why he piled on makeup!


Anonymous said...

Stand up, Mr. Spector. Oh, sorry, you are standing......

At this writing there are 420 news orgs posting on the mug shots, including one called TransWorldNews. News for the worldly transgendered? I predict PS will get tons of mail because each of these lists the Correction Facility by name and the town, which is all that is needed to get something delivered.

If he shaved his head, would he be as dashing and unmistakeable in his masculinity as Judge Fidler?...........uhh, never mind.....

Anonymous said...

Whineberg took his hair money....ROFLMAO!

Anonymous said...

It WAS his "real hair". Those real hair wigs cost a lot of money and he paid every penny of it.

Anonymous said...

Spector look-alikes, all famous (except the last one, which shares the only real resemblance):

Also, Dr. Baden---who is NOT a forensic psychiatrist--just declared Carradine a non-suicide. Why am I unimpressed?

Anonymous said...

The KTLA morning show had 2 castle interviews with Chelle and she really believes the 5 women who testified against Phil were all liars and only in it for the money and/or 15 minutes of fame. Desperation setting in..

Anonymous said...

Sprocket that KTLA Morning News 3-parter was somewhat more heavy-hitting in the questioning department but still, Rachelle gets the last word. I guess this is pre-wigless-mugshot because that was never mentioned. Or did she dictate the area of questioning in advance of the meeting at the castle?
Since when did "accedited" journalists kiss-rears and act like saps when tackling a story?

Anonymous said...

Saw the lastest KTLA interview and have to say TRASH STILL THERE by Lennon guitar. Camera pans quickly but empty plastic coke bottle and saran wrap trash still lurking. Maybe there is a good reason for this: Maybe Lennon drank outta that coke bottle and ate a honeybun. If so, grab it up Mrs. Spector. You can make some money on ebay with it for Phil's appeal!

Anonymous said...

I thought about the "trash artifacts by the real artifacts" but one would have to have proof that John Lennon used those c-store items, ya can't just say he swigged from that soda bottle. Doesn't Rachelle watch PBS/Roadshow?

Spector Did It said...

Just checked out the latest KTLA interview..

Did anyone check out the overly submissive "message" from Phil buried in the roses?

Caligirl, can prisoners even send roses to their significant others or have someone send them on their behalf? It's not even in his handwriting.

Prisoner OF life? Shouldn't it be prisoner FOR life? LMAO. Can't imagine Phil saying that to anyone, let alone a golddigger.
I think Rachelle sent those to herself.
Pretty easy to do. And NOT Phil's handwriting. Pretty pathetic.


Trapellar said...

Since Doron Weinberg is representing both Phil Spector and Dr. William Ayres, a blogger with a sense of humor decided to tie them together:

CaliGirl9 said...

It's possible that Spector could have sent roses, assuming he had a telephone number of a florist, said florist willing to accept a collect call from the prison, and a pre-set method of payment ... though I am not certain of how often an ad seg inmate gets to use a phone ... use of the phone is a privilege not a right, and generally phones are in communal areas, such as exercise yards and common areas within the pod or wing.

There is no way he got to sign any card that accompanied any flowers. Yes, he can write from prison (everything going in and out is read) but he has no access to a Hallmark store to buy cards (and cards are of special interest going into prison—they are a notorious place to conceal drugs).

I am always saddened and angered by her remark: "We are each other's family. We're all that we have. It's so sad." All Phil has to do is make overtures toward his adopted sons. Spector is the one who made relationships with those boys/men impossible. It seems each is eager to reconcile ...

So Trial Bride, enjoy your family. Be thankful Spector won't be permanently assigned to North Kern. For some reason I don't see you fitting into Delano very well. I doubt Vacaville or the Tri-Valley area will be much better...

In regards to this "media blitz" is it possible the media are laughing at her, knowing the public is laughing at her?

Christine said...

The videos from KTLA are to me very depressing. First, seeing the house gives a sense of the interior as never before.

I was most interested to note the chummy photos of the expert witnesses, Baden, etc. many of whom were not called at the 2nd trial, all at expensive dinners with the Spectors being wined and dined and finding out what fine people the trophy bride and her hubby were.

One wonders how they would claim to be non-biased scientists -- if they do claim that.

As to Rachelle, watching her talk and show how blood can't travel etc. made me feel that I was entering a surreal world where totally irrational people are suddenly believable because they have the surroundings and looks. Unless you look closely and see the big teeth, the hair, the vacuous eyes and her sense of entitlement.

This too shall pass. The media obviously wanted a look, and they had to put up with the resident. She is newsworthy as Phil is finally serving time.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the media is laughing at her, but I am laughing at THEM. What a bunch of flimsy little nothings. (A very old southern expression there).

Not a hard-ball in the bunch.

Anonymous said...

The flowers probably arranged via a third party like the publicist, or the Kessel brothers (talk about a couple of gullible saps).

Since we don't have PIE to kick around anymore, it's comforting to know we have Rachelle (for a while, anyways).

Anonymous said...

After watching Rachelle Spectors KTLA interviews I feel she and Phil were meant for each other. Showing the pictures of Phil with his highly paid experts was the icing on the cake and then to bring in those roses she claims he sent. Now she has Lana loading the gun and saying the State spent 30 million dollars to put her poor little helpless husband the man that created music behind bars. Listen to how many times she says "I mean" and bats her head around. No wonder she never made it as an actress.

Anonymous said...

I hear a woman who is his mouthpiece. Well memorized little speeches roll off her tongue. If he was so innocent, take the stand and testify. It is a sad end for him, for RS it is her big shot at fame and fortune. But, bad fame and not a lot of $ left after all is said and done.

I think she should include his daughter and the two sons. He has family. So does she. They are not all alone in the world. Far from it. I felt like it was a museum tour when she did the walk with the reporter. His past is/was all around him. Nothing about the future. 'Cause there isn't one. And, I do not see her being all alone for the duration and keeping his memory alive. She was a convenience and she has served her purpose. Exit stage left, Rachelle. Please someone get the hook. I think the reporters were enjoying it too. Sad. I think the flowers were purchased on her own and a card was signed. It's all about appearances with her.

Anonymous said...

Such good comments here.

Let me add that I'd be depressed too, the mansion looks more like a mausoleum.

And never forget that Phil has complete control over everything his women do. Ronnie was given a sportscar as a birthday gift but had to put an inflateable dummy man in the passenger seat when she went out alone so other men wouldn't be tempted to flirt. Sheesh.

Rachelle is putting on a big act right now -- she has no control over the house or his money.

Clueless Chelle said...

All they have are each other? Is it possible that Phil might have a few real friends out there still?

This leads me to asking Cali girl, since you seem so familiar with the prison system, (thank you!) is there a way we could find out how much mail this guy gets? And how much of it is from friends, fans, or hate mail?? Probably can't get that exact due to privacy issues, right?

Sure must be insulting to Phil's sons and daughter Nicole that statement she made. I can't imagine they were cool with this.
Speaking of Nicole, notice how she says her relationship with Chelle is "amicable" and she "appreciates the care" given to her father. Sounds like the statement was made more out of courtesy than actual warmth. Remember how they were seated at Trial #2?

Corrina-excellent point with that little "typo"--Prisoner OF life is such a slip up in my opinion.

As for the roses, good point Corrina, that little typo sounds like the workings of Chelle, not Phil. Even when he gave Ronnie Spector roses after their wedding spat--even with Ronnie he wasn't THIS gushy!

The zooming in on the flowers allegedly sent by Phil;

he's not only sexy, he's a sex god;

we're all we've got (all or nothing);

the he's so fragile and my little boy statements-(which I am amazed he allows her to get away with);

here's my blackberry, when he calls I ALWAYS answer....

the oh I suffer from panic attacks whenever I wake up OH PLEASE!!!.....

the YEAH US statement on her website...

and the I have SOOOO much control over Phil's empire...ALL of these statements and actions are just OVER COMPENSATIONS for the fact that their marriage IS fake and so is this idiot's control!!

I totally agree with Mr. Ferguson's statement under Linda Deutsch's recent article. She had mentioned how Chelle "previously suggested" that Phil had real hair. In her own gentle way I agree that Ms. Deutsch just called Chelle a liar. I'd like to see more of that. What's her email address so I can encourage her some more? Anyone know? Thanks!

Carol L Beck said...


You sound like a fascinating woman. I read your profile and it was like reading about myself. I don't mean to sound conceited, but it sounds like you have lived life, too. I'd love to be able to have a conversation with you.

Carol L Beck

John said...

Thank you for your compliments, Clueless. It's funny-I had emailed Ms. Deutsch earlier that day asking her to please call RS on her crap, and next thing I know that article came out. Timing is everything. BTW-Linda's email is really easy to find through the AP.

Moving right along..

We're supposed to believe that little Miss Devoted Wife wakes up each morning in a sweat-drenched panic attack. That's how much she misses him.

Wow, we really should commend her! After all, it must have taken every ounce of strength for poor Wifey Poo to muster....for her to wake up on her birthday and actually endure having to celebrate it, complete in a pretty pink dress (and also wearing all smiles, I must add!) while her husband rots in jail. Yeah.
Real devoted, lady!

Wow, what a sacrifice! Really aren't we being a little hard on the dear devoted lady? Awww, poor baby! Somebody find her a crucifix so she can nail herself to it like the martyr she really is!


Anonymous said...

Caligirl, I truly appreciate your
enlightening all of us as to the penal system in CA, as I assume most of posters have not had experience! Hopefully.

A question would be, just how long to appeals take? Or can take? And then, if denied, more appeals, I presume.

Maybe this is not your expertise, and not sure I have read this here, but very curious.

I am GUESSING, PS will be incarcentated for several years, if not more, while this process goes on.v Cqn only wonder how long RS can hang on, but my guess is that he has left her with SOME power....but what, I cannot guess.Most certainly she has 'supported him', and honestly, by now, she is probably "it" as in'
who else is hanging in and hanging on with him, other than paid legal.

And then, the civil trial, which it seems he does not have an attorney for yet? He has an excellent appeal attorney, as for what I have read, but considering
death row people can wait for decades, wondering if this is true for a case such as this.

I truly believe he is where he should be, and while I don't wish him any harm in prison, nor anybody else, there is some satisfaction that he is incarcerated, and truly must be suffering. I cannot imagine he is 'adapting' all that well, at least internally, emotionally and physically.

All such a pathetic situation, the man needed intense treatment for years, and should NEVER have been allowed a gun near him.

This still has years to be 'played out'.

Thank you for ALL of your information and knowledgeable posts.

Please forgive spelling...

CaliGirl9 said...

CC, I do believe that prisons can release information about inmate mail (a la Scott Peterson's marriage proposals). It's simply a matter of asking the prison's spokesperson (start with the warden's office). An inmate gives up much privacy (there is still a right to privacy where medical care is concerned) because that's part of the incarceration process.

Remember, everything coming in and out is looked at and sniffed :)

Heck, a prison will give you its meal menus a week in advance! No fine wine on that menu (and I can imagine the concept of a "kosher" menu is a big fat pain in the rear! I understand special dietary needs are better met nowadays than when I worked in corrections, but I remember weighing and measuring portions for diabetic inmates, and just leaving certain things off their plates. Nothing else was substituted. Lunch was the same boxed lunch everyone got.)

I'm going with Trial Bride sending the roses to herself. The message was just too dumb to come from someone said to be as intelligent as PS.

Clueless Chelle said...

Hey Caligirl,

Thanks! You got me specific can this warden get about what's in his mail? At first I was happy to hear this but then I got to thinking...what about some of out there who prefer to remain private? I fear it cuts both ways---not just with supporters but with people like us who cant stand the guy and prefer that the contents of our letters aren't divulged. General info is fine(like how much mail is hate, how much is support, etc) but if they divulge too much, not sure I am too comfortable with that! (My letter was NOT threatening, just a good old fashioned piece of hate mail, LOL!)

As for the roses, check out Michelle's blog-she totally agrees with us. I love John's comment about Chelle being a martyr.

Thanks Cali, and everyone else for making me feel welcome here.


Anonymous said...

Just imagine the sort of strange mail from strange people (all over the english-speaking world!) he will get. I wonder if some weird-o will try to get on the Conjugal Visit list at the prison without running it by Chelle? On second thought, she may not mind it.....

Sprocket said...

My hat is off to all you brave souls who were able to sit though and listen to all parts of the interview Rachelle did with local independent KTLA. I saw the first few minutes, and the roses and decided I could spend my valuable time elsewhere.

What I'm getting from your comments is, all those times I looked on over at Rachelle and saw her eyes closed, I'm thinking she must have been asleep.

What other explanation could there be for her to totally misstate the evidence that was presented in court, time and time again.

I love how Michelle Blaine "nailed" the "card" on the roses. I'm sure one of the things that drove Spector a bit nuts was the Trial Bride's limited command of the English language, and how to construct a sentence.

CaliGirl9 said...

CC, I don't think they get real detailed about the mail's contents (other to say fan mail, marriage proposals, family & friends, etc.). Specifics like "5 pieces of mail from his wife in one day," "A piece of hate mail from Los Angeles and New York City, etc." won't come out.

The idea of anyone but Trial Bride wanting conjugal visits skeeves me out, but PS does seem to have his fans ... no reason he couldn't initiate those visits with someone else.

Ick, I know. Just ick.

John said...

Hey all,
I wrote Ms. Deutsch asking if she will do a follow-up with Rachelle Short. She responded "Thanks for your comment, Linda."
Not sure if this was a nice way of blowing me off, or if she will consider doing so.

I suggest those of you who are motivated, please write Ms. Deutsch and ask her (very respectfully) if she will do follow-up questions of Rachelle.

She's a busy lady but if she gets a few intelligently written letters from us, she might consider what we're observing
and run with it. Anyone game?

Also, can we put this up for a vote? Caligirl, I nominate YOU to be the one who calls about what kind of mail Spector is receiving sometime next week. Since you are so knowledgeable on these matters and I hope flattery will get me everywhere. So, can we count on you? (no pressure, of course).


Unknown said...

A rat in a trap is still a rat, and rats are a successful species. So, as I see it, Spector in jail is still Spector. He's wily, self-serving, and has the same social skills he's always had-- remember, a lot of very smart and talented people put themselves in his hands and shared his musical and artistic vision over the years. Which means he will flatter and kiss ass where and whenever it's required, and make promises about how his money and outside connections will enable him to repay favors.

As CaliGirl can attest, he will have as much in his inmate account as they will allow, which means he'll be able to purchase all the amenities he requires for himself (extra toilet paper, snack foods, audio gear, etc.), and have enough left over to trade with other inmates for unofficial favors and perks.

In the Federal system, there are actually "kosher units" (Lewisberg, PA and Lexington, KY) where inmates who have strict dietary beliefs can be fed; I don't know if the CDC has an equivalent. As in the Army and on the airlines, picking kosher or "vegetarian" meals is a way to partially avoid mass-produced institutional food (which includes a lot of pork, since prison farms keep a lot of pigs).

So, even if stripped of drugs and well-paid support staff, Phil will probably be a cunning manipulator; prison seems to bring out the survivor instinct, and if he's got any street smarts left, he'll manage (as well as anyone can under the circumstances) to game the system and make the best of it.

Luckily, if justice is served, Spector's best time inside will be the worst time of his life.

Anonymous said...

I know "Prisoner of Life" sounds strange upon first hearing it, but it really makes sense coming from someone who has said it is difficult being him. As if being alive, in his own skin, ia a sort of living hell for him. I pity that part of him (and ONLY that part). It would also make a good title for a book about him, although the 4 or so already out there may be saturation.

Would you believe I googled the above title and a 2005 clip from an amateur strummer-singer is up with him singing a song with that title. His screen name is "Kissed to Kill"(!!) Which in itself is an catchy title.

Anonymous said...

One of the websites called publicist Hal Lifson the "flack to the nobodies", unhappy with him due to his penchant for planting phony stories. Google his name.

Is posting a tape showing Phil Spector using a tiny spoon to snort something and another clip showing him aiming a gun at the camera helpful to him? Apparently Chelle thinks so, this 2:51 minute YouTube tape is up on TeamSpector myspace. I am telling you, she is making his situation worse while claiming--with a straight face--that she is only doing all this to help.

Anonymous said...

John your request is genuine but I doubt seriously that the AP reporter will ask for a do-over. It implies that she needs one because she was unprepared the first time and now will make it up to us (and her employers, who probably believe she should be savvy enough to get it right the first time).
To me, it only reinforces what we have heard since childhood----you cannot believe everything printed in the papers, even legitimate ones.

Anonymous said...

I think Phil's talent as a record producer may help him in prison. Think of how many wanna be record artists/singers are in there also. Phil could start a whole new era on Wall of Sound Rap Music. If 'It's Hard Out There for a Pimp' can win an academy award from the movie Hustle and Flow, we just might witness his best comeback.

Anonymous said...

Processing PS into the system takes 5 to 10 business days. No CDC# on the mail will result in it being returned. You just can't write his same on it in care of his new facility.

John said...

New article, The Telegraph,

"The Plight of the Bald Man"

ps. Thanks, Anon at 7:43 pm for your thoughts. I hope Ms. Deutsch doesn't take it that I'm afraid she will. Can't say I didn't try though right? Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

I too believe Rachelle is a bumbling type of double-agent, claiming to help while only digging the hole deeper. The publicist appears to be bush-league as well, based on his own website.

Was the Telegraph's columnist serious when he said "hope PS doesn't revert to his wigs in prison" as if that were a possible option for him. And did we ever figure out when and where a toupee is a medical necessity as spelled out in the CA Correctional guidelines? It's not like you would use it to cover a gaping wound or anything.......

Spector Did It said...

Hi Sprocketgal!!
Hey Anonymous, I was wondering the very same thing after I saw Fergy's link. But then again it's the UK-wondering what their laws are on the subject.

I wonder what his groupies think of his au natural look?


Tezi said...

Hold me back! LOL

Spector Did It said...

Tezi, LMAO!!

Slightly off topic-Phil's friend
Dan Kessel.

Can anyone tell me why his Myspace page announcement went from "Phil Spector is Innocent, RIP Lux Interior" --that was there throughout the whole trial; to "Sir DvK has left the building;"
and NOW he's saying:
"Merry Christmas. F**k you."

Sounds like he might be getting hate mail too!

Anonymous said...

"Spector faces "Total Ruin" (civil suit)":

Anonymous said...

This is somewhat off-topic but for a fascinating slideshow of a new Austrian prison--where the inmates have checkered-cloth tables and corian-looking red countertops in their personal kitchenettes--check out this NY Times Magazine article today's edition. Brief history of "prison theory" included.

Scroll down to "Behind bars...sort of" story.
Wes J.

CaliGirl9 said...

To John above:

Alas, next week is a busy week for me at work (which is how it goes, one week nothing, the next crazy) so no time to chase down North Kern's PIO (not sure if I'd be able to get the info, not being an "accredited" journalist).

However, I'll ask a family member, recently retired from a 20+ year career in corrections, if he can find out who the contact person would be and how one can make that inquiry. Again, not certain that "writing for the ONLY blog(ger) who went to the second trial every day" means they'll give that info, even though it's not classified.

As an Anon poster above noted, it takes a few days to place an inmate's info into the system. Doesn't mean they lose track of anyone (no worries! The bus doesn't stop anywhere and let anyone off!) but the paperwork sometimes takes time to follow. There will be no delay in his getting his medications, whatever those may be. That info is on the bus with every inmate, as is the medication itself.

When working in corrections one needs to remember that these people have LOTS of time on their hands to think of ways to manipulate other inmates and staff. When you are oriented to a job in corrections, you are reminded of that fact several times an hour. I expect Spector will try to charm the corrections officers and medical technical assistants (MTA) that he comes in contact with. It's okay to be nice to an inmate (nice=everyday courtesy) but not okay to give special favors. No wig. No inserts in the shoes unless he has plantar fasciitis.

If he ends up where I think he will, that facility is one big hospital with fences and cells and dormitories instead of private bedroom suites. Used to be a very pretty garden, and the weather is nice, much better than North Kern. I do believe he will be given the opportunity to attend classes/therapy (anger management lol) and perhaps even offered a job, which I expect he will decline. No jobs for record producers and I don't know of other talents he may possess. Good programming in prison means you do what the Department of Corrections asks of you—classes, group therapy, work. With good programming come privileges. And conjugal visits (ick).

I'll see if I can find out how much money an inmate is allowed to spend in the canteen. Used to be $100 a month but that was 20 years ago. Inmates get (limited) money from family on the outside, from their jobs or from selling crafts. If you are looking for a unique gift with a story, go to your local prison! CTF used to sell inmate-created leatherwork, pencil drawings and woodwork.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes catch myself thinking about how long a day PS is enduring. What a total comedown from a once vibrant and talented man to a man who suddenly finds too much time on his hands. But, every day he has is a day that Lana does not. The punishment begins now. Endless hours and longer nights lying there thinking about if he would have done this or that.

I wonder too that had his other driver been on duty, this would have been totally different. Lana would possibly been carted out of the castle and put somewhere. He would have cleaned things up and no one the wiser. It was only the fill- in driver that actually went for help. I think PS would have been very happy to have gotten rid of the remains and went on like nothing happened. All the bad karma he put out there came back on him with a vengence. But, what a waste of a lovely young woman.

I also wonder how long the Missus is going to hang in there. Until PS dies in prison, or until the bank balance is nil, or until she sees her 15 minutes is up and there's no more milk in the cow. Just thinking to myself.

John said...

Hey Cali,
Been meaning to ask you for an email address so I can catch you there. Sprocket knows my email address, maybe she could shoot it off to you?

Since this coming week is busy for you, I'm patient and can wait for the next non-busy week for you. I have absolutely no clout in this arena (what do I say? I post on a blog, lol). If your friend can help, great. I am curious as heck to find out how much mail this guy is getting!

You thinking he's going to end up at that facility-he seems to have been pushing for and receiving private quarters (I believe he's got a private shower right now!)

You are right, I was thinking the same thing, what kind of job would this guy actually agree to do and do well? I am sure he could do just about any task but the question is will he want to?

I am also curious as heck as to what kind of prisoner he's been. RS has complained that the guards have been mean to him (I think that was at TTCF). Well, either they are just not nice to begin with or he's doing something to really T them off!!

Another thing I found strange is the comment Nicole Spector made about RS. She said something to the effect that RS can't be a golddigger since she's making DAILY visits to PS in jail. From my understanding RS could only see him twice a week at TTCF. That's far from daily.

Anon at June 14-my prediction is the wife won't hang out a minute longer than the Appeal, perhaps sooner than that. She really does need to zip it, because she is NOT helping their cause in the least bit.

Cali thanks for your willingness to help.


I'll see if I can find out how much money an inmate is allowed to spend in the canteen. Used to be $100 a month but that was 20 years ago. Inmates get (limited) money from family on the outside, from their jobs or from selling crafts. If you are looking for a unique gift with a story, go to your local prison! CTF used to sell inmate-created leatherwork, pencil drawings and woodwork.

Spector Did It said...

Imagine my surprise as I scrolled down the page. Notable inmates:
Phil Spector. I guess it's the only famous person this place has really seen?

I am assuming Phil is considered a "RC" (Reception Center) inmate which from what I read means they are more dangerous than the "mainline" inmates. If this is true, he can only have visits through glass. No conjugal visits allowed. LOL.


Sedonia Sunset said...

Re conjugal visits, would Spector be allowed to have Viagra? If not, maybe they can just cuddle and make noises to make the guards THINK they're having sex :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if its "allowed" but how hard could be it be to slip a pill to someone once behind closed doors (or even under the table at visitation under the guises of holding hands). I wonder how this could be closely controlled. I guess nobody slips a cyanide pill in 'cause I have yet to hear of a prison-death-scandal of that sort.

Clueless Chelle said...

Hmmmm. If you try to email Chelle at this point, her email addresses don't work anymore.

For someone who so swears that she stands by her man, it looks like she wimps out when it comes to Joe Q. Public confronting her. Hides behind her "Mommy." (Pushing 30 and publicly refers to her as 'Mommy?' And yeah, we knew the courtroom was cold, she could have brought an extra jacket and not her
little blankey-poo!

Hopefully with the advent of Phil's bald head, all of that PR guy's efforts and Chelle's lame-assed attempts to "show" support
will be forever squashed. And I did google that PR guy Phil is using. What a loser!


Anonymous said...

I have a question: Is it true that Rachelle will be liable for any financial debts incurred during the marriage, including civil suit judgements? I have read that this is the case due to CA being a community property state. Even though the incident occurred before she came on the scene? That won't be too cool, a mega-million dollar judgement posted on her credit report, she'll go ballistic, lol.

John said...

Caligirl and all:

Was able to speak to a prison official who informed me that the average processing time is 73 days and thagt they don't process mail in the sense of how many are pieces of hate mail there are and how many pieces of support mail he receives. She did make it quite clear that they do refer to him as "Mr. Spector," and not his given number. Very nice lady, btw.

Also, I wrote my first guest blog entry for MB today. Interesting- a few PS supporters aren't so enamored with RS's behavior.


John said...

Anon at 6:32 pm,
Just ran into a lawyer. He said it's not likely RS will incur the debt because it will be treated as "seperate" not "marital" property. He explained that "marital" means she'd have to incur the debt.

If they paid off the debt together (Westin Bonaventure for example?) the argument could be made rather loosely for RS to incur it; for it to be "marital." All done with a good lawyer of course.

My lawyer friend then gave the example..let's say the wife came into the marriage with her own debt and the husband began paying it off for her while they were married. In this case, the debt would be labeled "marital" and not seperate.

Hope I explained it as well as he!

Anonymous said...

Thanks John for your efforts. Since the plaintiffs "will likely prevail in their civil case" (as stated by her attorney), it will be interesting to find out the true state of affairs. For example, how is the mortgage on the house being paid, etc., and whether he/they will bother to put up a defense in the case at all.

Anonymous said...

to the anon who thinks Phil's musical past from a long, long time ago will help him in prison.

Couldn't be more wrong on that. Most people have never heard of Phil accept for the fact he murdered Lana. Now he's a just some old, bald murderer.

Anonymous said...

I must say that PS's musical accomplishments are from a forgotten thing. There are many people who well remember him and that time in music. And, we are all not doddering, slobbering fools sitting in a rocker.

I am not defending PS for what he did in the Lana Clarkson case, but, as a music lover and one that happens to really enjoy the music of "that era", it is a slight to those of us that still enjoy that time.

We are all into our own thing and I would suggest listening to it and hang up your NIN music for a little bit.You may condemn the man but, don't condemn the music is all I am saying.

Anonymous said...

Recall the cute video, "MISUNDERSTOOD" of the Spector look- alike? His name is George Frangides. Well, this amazing parody is entered into the Los Angeles Short Film Festival and will be showing between July 23rd-31st. The times will announced later. I came across this on our beloved Sprocket's blog and the good readers who mentioned it. It is SO good and I really had to look closely to make sure it was PS himself. Wow. Thank you,dear Sprocket...a good thing has come out of this.

CaliGirl9 said...

Hooray for George Frangides! He actually answers fan mail!
He's got Spector down! His other short films are darn funny too ("Caucasian" is very witty!) and I can't wait for his next parody. Watch out world!

Anonymous said...

The George Frangides video poking fun at Spector is pretty good. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Yes, George Frangides DOES answer his fan mail. I commented on his video and geez, there was a nice statement back from him thanking me. How often does THAT seldom to never.
If a movie was ever to be made of Spector's life story, he could easily play him and make it very believable. I'd buy a ticket. This guy is going to really go somewhere in his field. You're so right CaliGirl9. Hit it right on the head. Look out world!

Anonymous said...

Without the wig, little Philly looks so much like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons! I thought I was the only one who thought that, but as I scrolled through the comments, I see other people mentioned it too. I think it's because he has a small lower jaw and his chin is further back than it should be. I hope he's enjoying his stay in the Big House.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket,

I just read a Linda Duetch (sp) press release that PS has been moved to his final stop...Corcoran. He's at the Substance Abuse Treatment facility and was movedtoday, I believe.

He told RS that he was made to lay naked on the floor of his cell for two days and that he had to eat his food out of a bowl like a dog. She complained to the prison and they will investigate any wrong doing if that was the case. So, now the real time begins.