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Phil Spector Relocated to DOCR & Rachelle Short's 15 Minutes

UPDATE: June 6th, 2009
Rachelle Short on YouTube speaking to the Associated Press. One has to wonder how dim the bulbs are in Rachelle and Spector's brains after hearing Rachelle talk about the guilty verdict: "... We did not expect this at all. This came as a total shock and total surprise."

June has brought the Los Angeles area some much needed rain and a bit of gloom as well as Rachelle Short (Mrs. Phil Spector) in front of the camera. The good news is, TMZ was the first to break the story that Phil Spector has been moved out of the LA County Jail system and handed over to the State's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Phil's first stop on his way to serving a life sentence is North Kern County State Prison, right outside Delano, which is 30 miles north of Bakersfield, California. That's a boring, 90 minute drive up Interstate 5 to the 99. He will be there for some time under evaluation until a more permanent location is chosen. Our own CaliGirl9 (who knows way more about the California DOCR than I do) weighed in earlier on where he might go, and I've re posted her thoughts, here:

I'd like to throw a new wrinkle into the "where will he go?" question. Back in the days of Court TV, we had a thread going about just this thing. To summarize: he'd first be taken to the county jail, and then likely within 30 days, be transferred to a SoCal intake center (Chino is one). After an evaluation as to which facility would be best, Harv would then be transferred to another facility. I'm still going with my guesses of Vacaville (California Medical Facility), Pleasant Valley (where he might catch valley Fever, a common occurrence) or Soledad, in that order. Corcoran is too tough a place for him, even with the protective housing unit. So it's unlikely he'll be producing music with Charlie Manson. Unless Harv is being treated for drug abuse, in which case he'd end up in Corcoran's drug treatment facility. But I still think CMF's the place. Edmund Kemper is there.

First off, I want to thank all the loyal T&T readers who sent me emails or left comments alerting us to the latest news reports about Spector and the Trial Bride.

Ever since her husband was sentenced to 19 years to life on May 29th of this year and the gag order imposed on her by Judge Larry Paul Fidler during the first trial lifted, Rachelle has been talking to any reporter or gossip show willing to listen. I missed it, but I hear she first showed up on the TV show, Inside Edition. According to Michelle Blaine, in this interview she claimed Spector's empire was worth around 50-million. If Donna Clarkson's attorney's were not aware of the show before, I bet they have a copy of the taped show now. In subsequent reports and interviews, she claimed that Spector is suffering financially and that he would have to take out loans to fund an appeal. (I wonder what "bank" would fund that cause?)

UPI also put out a report online, but it's not clear if this is just a rehash of the Inside Edition interview. It's interesting that UPI reports Rachelle said, "I handle and run all of his businesses. I'm like his protector." One wonders if Spector really has lost his mind if he put a former Jerry's Deli waitress in charge of his supposedly 50-million-dollar empire.

The next interview to show up on the net was one with Miriam Hernandez, of Local ABC Channel 7. I have to add that Miriam Hernandez is a beautiful woman. Tall, slender and each time I saw her down at the Criminal Court building, she was the epitome of a polished professional woman, impeccably dressed. In a section of this video, you can see Rachelle playing that famous white piano. Fortunately for the viewing public, the sound is muted in that area of the tape.

The latest interview with the most interesting information was with Harriet Ryan of the Los Angeles Times. I have to hand it to Harriet; she's the real McCoy and an excellent reporter. I have no idea how she sat through that interview and kept a straight face the entire time.

During his first trial, Spector spent about six months working with famed film producer Vikram Jayanti to produce a documentary on his work. Until recently, the video of the taping could not be seen by anyone in the US. I haven't seen it yet, but I don't think the information in it will be much different that the article that came out in the UK's Daily Mail back in September, 2007.

I personally don't think Rachelle's time in the sun will last very long but who knows, she just may do something tabloid newsworthy in the future. In the mean time, she joins a long list of women who are married to men behind bars, standing behind them through the lonely days (and nights) ahead. It's the perfect arrangement when you think about it. She has all the financial perks (if there are any left) and she no longer has to keep an (alleged) diary of Spector's antics as insurance against future harm.

Thank you T&T reader for the latest from the Associated Press. The reporter who interviewed her is not identified. There is also this interview with Abbey Hood of the Beverly Courier. Here's also a YouTube video about North Kern State Prison.


ritanita said...

Sprocket, thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the latest Phil-info. I noticed in the Harriet Ryan interview how she said that she shops TJ Maxx (or something like that) and wears stuff from high school. Does that include her red-soled shoes???

Keep on following up on the news!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news round-up.

The purpose of a publicist is to put out a story--truth may or may not collide with said story. If truly "they" were going to produce Rachelle's music, why wait til the music producer is in prison to pull it together? If it were marketable, it would have happened years ago. And where was the PR man when she was making a jackass of herself in the courtroom?

The KABC tape showed her walking down a tapestry-laden hallway. Now are those real tapestries---as in 300 yr old type--or just cheap copies to cover yards of hallway? I bet the Clarkson attorneys will request and review that tape (and its out-takes) closely.
Wes J.

CaliGirl9 said...

Ah so Valley Fever still remains a possibility!

I'm kind of surprised that the DOC used an intake facility that far north, but I know that the state has had to expand which facilities were intake facilities—to think that 20 short years ago, it was Chino in SoCal and San Quentin in NorCal. Kind of makes sense that North Kern would be another intake center.

I am sticking with CMF as the ultimate destination.

Spector Did It said...

Hey Sprocketgal,

I just posted on Michelle's blog that we feel SHE needs to get on Inside Edition and dispute what Rachelle has said. It's so infuriating. I'd love to also call Inside Edition and give them a piece of my mind for airing such garbage. Wait, that's how they make their living...and Oprah was just all booked up!


Big Fella said...

From seeing Rachelle Spector in a couple of recent TV broadcasts, reading about her behavior during the trial, and Harriet Ryan's article today, it is quite apparent that Mrs. Spector has never accomplished anything in her life, other than to glom on to a doddering, boozed up, drug hazed and dazed old has been, old enough to be her grandfather, his corpus as a host to her leaching.

If she is able to hold his remaining assets together, and continue to squeeze her own life out of them, it will just conjure up the image of an aging bimbo, eeking out a non-productive life, wondering the halls of the decrepit "castle", or slouching in the "death chair" wondering how she lost her sugar daddy.

Sprocket said...

I loved the shopping at TJ Maxx story! No way in hell her wardrobe she wore at court came from TJ Maxx. It was too tailored, too expensive looking. You don't buy Laboutin shoes at TJ Maxx, unless, the budget store by some miracle was able to buy up some five year old samples.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket,
Thank you for your continued updates. I happened to read that the marriage between these two- PS & RS - was performed close to the very place where Lana was shot in the mouth and died. I wanted to almost retch. What kind of people would do such a thing? A castle, lots of area, front foyer, anywhere, but there, for a wedding. And, upon being asked what did she think about some bad luck doing that...."oh, I was thinking happier thoughts...." Puh-lease....What kind of a woman does such a thing? She climbed over Lana's corpse to elevate herself. I tell you, I'm am ill thinking about it.

Also, do you notice the front door-back dooor layout? It is in almost a direct line. Legend has it that money comes in one door and quickly goes out the other. How true is that in this case? Frankly, Rachelle should keep quiet. I've heard enough out of her already. But, I think there is much more to come. Excuse my venting, but, that wedding location really got me sick.

Anonymous said...

The Associated Press interview and story raises more questions than it answers: He is putting his remaining (dwindling) business interests in the hands of a completely unqualified person? Who is auditing the results? Not selling a heavily-mortgaged house with all the pressing bills mentioned elswhere? And no Civil Case attorney in place yet?
And these "successful appeal" stories, lies and more lies by attorneys and others with their hands out.

Anonymous said...

Seems as if Rachelle is making a play for big time celebrity now that Phil is off doing his convict thing. I thought the Harriet Ryan article was pretty good, the AP article sounded as if Rachelle wrote if for whoever didn't have the nerve to put her/his name on it.

If Phil truly is worth 50 million, let's hope that the Clarksons get a big chunk of it and that the legal bills and IRS and who knows what else eat up most of the rest. Rachelle deserves 500k for having to babysit such a creature.

I don't for a minute think she got together with him for anything but his money.

Anonymous said...

Where is all this money coming from to make her able to rent an apartment, keep up the castle,file appeals and hire lawyers? Phil's voice must be better as she said he calls her and her mom often. The thing about his head on the pillow next to hers and all that sex was a little much. Thanks Sprocket for posting all these interviews. I expect to see her on Larry King soon. He's single maybe she can land him.

Katprint said...

It gets really hot in some of the California central valley prisons. It seems like every year there are mechanical failures in the air conditioning / ventilation system and some prisoners die in the 100+ degree heat especially those who are on medications that have a side effect of interfering with the body's ability to regulate its temperature. The prisons don't do this deliberately; the guards suffer just as much as the prisoners. However, the guards tend to be less frail than some of the more medically fragile prisoners.

I wonder what medications Phil Spector is taking these days. In an interview 4 weeks before he murdered Lana Clarkson, he said "I take medication for schizophrenia, but I wouldn't say I'm schizophrenic. But I have a bipolar personality, which is strange." The psychotropic medications tend to have the worst side effects when it comes to the body's ability to cope with high temperatures.

Sprocket said...

At another link, I saw that Linda Deutsch was the AP reporter who interviewed Rachelle.

I'll be surprised if Spector lasts more than a few years in prison.

Rachelle's public statements showing her complete lack of sensitivity over an area of "her home" that Lana Clarkson died in completely matches information I received during the trial.

Speaking of the layout of the house, it's absolutely terrible feng shui, lol!

I expect Spector is on several medications. I believe he had to list them when Robert Shapiro deposed him several years ago.

katfish said...

WOW, just WOW. That Rachelle is a piece of work and quite enamored with herself or should I say
her "perceived" self. Harriet Ryan wrote a very telling article.

How far will 'Chelle have to travel now to make those daily visits to her man and how nice of her to always answer when he calls.(Insert katfish here just shaking her head and chuckling I can't believe she said that.)

I don't know, she makes it easy to want to pick her apart but I'll leave it alone.

Phil has only been in jail for 6 weeks of his life sentence. Harriet Ryan reports that Rachelle's mother said she worried about the length of the sentence and the effect on her daughter. "I said, 'This is a long time, Rachelle, to commit yourself to.' And she said, "Mommy, I can't think about way in advance. What I am going to concern myself with is right now,' " Murdock said.
That last statement is very telling IMO.
Thanks for the laughs Sprocket!

Christine said...

Although I believe Spector needs to pay for his crime and that prison is the only just payment in our culture, those videos of the prison are beyond chilling, a world most of us can't begin to imagine. Even 6 weeks must be interminable to him. He'll either go completely nuts or just wither away or worse.

Sprocket said...

Oh Katfish, I know what you mean about the things that have come out of her own mouth, lol!

For someone not too concerned about the long road ahead, you have to wonder, who in their right mind would put her in charge of their finances?

Spector would have been better off to have gone with an insanity defense. All he would have had to present to the Judge (to prove he was nuts) was tell the court that he put his former waitress wife in charge of his 50-million estate.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but if Rachelle looks like THAT (tired, worn & run over) at the age of 29, what will this beauty queen (wink-wink) look like during her middle-age years?

Anonymous said...

"He could've sold (Rachelle's recordings) to make money, but that's how much he believed in me".....huh? Well if you could use the money and you want to make your mark in the industry and the product is good, why wouldn't you put it out there? I can't believe she fell for that. The logic escapes me.

Didn't Ronnie Spector complain that PS put her career on ice once they were married?

Anonymous said...

Phil's new prison has only double bunked cells.My heart goes out to his cell mate. Being in the same cell with Phil would be extreme punishment.LOL Phil's lawyer wanted him in a nicer prison. I don't think he got his wish.

Anonymous said...

I wish some of these interviewers came in with a hard-nosed attitude instead of the soft-balls where the answers are not challenged and they say little more than "ah-huh" in response.

I wonder if his businesses are incorporated, in that doing so is supposed to protect against civil liability against an individual. I don't know the legal lingo, but isn't that what the "limited liability corporation/LLC" is all about? (If not done by now, it is likely TOO LATE). And I am surprised that some of his children (or even close friends) don't petition the courts to put his affairs into a convervatorship to be run by a qualified, court-appointed person or group. But maybe this is coming. (I recall similar issues when Groucho Marx and Martha Ray each had much-younger interlopers in their lives at a time when they were old and vulnerable).

Anonymous said...

Whatever else he is, Spector is too smart a man to let some shoddy product go out there with his name on it. He would not want to go out as a convicted murderer AND someone who, as his last hoorah, put out an amateurish record by an amateur. He knows that many biographies about himself have yet to be written. He has always shown to be an absolute perfectionist in what he produces and he had an instinct for talent.

Anonymous said...

Are Rachelle and Jay Leno related? Same chin...

nd said...

Another blurb on Lana’s killer, with his mug shot shown next to a pic of the Crypt Keeper, lol.

Phil Spector -- The New Crypt Keeper: “Phil Spector is settling into his new prison home with a very unsettling new look. The murderer was moved to a new prison in central California yesterday, and a source tells TMZ that sans wig, Spector's looking a lot like the Crypt Keeper. We're also told he turned down his first dinner -- chicken a la king with beans and cornbread.”

Anonymous said...

"Shapiro, Spector at Odds over Lawsuit":

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that during an interview of Mrs. Spector showing the 35-room-mansion-and-we're-broke-home that she pointed out the sacred John Lennon guitar set on a stand WITH AN EMPTY PLASTIC SODA BOTTLE AND AN OLD RAG/TRASH BY IT? What a way to housekeep when you know cameras are coming around.

Anonymous said...

Rachelle must not believe Phil's defense if she thinks Lana was messing with the gun and it accidently fired. The defense said Lana was sooo depressed she killed herself. I think Rachelle slept through most of the case. Then saying Phil wants people to know he didn't kill Lana. If he wanted us to know this why didn't he get his butt up on the stand and defend himself? Hard to believe she is in charge of all his assets.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just thought of something, Rachelle and Tammy Faye Bakker have a few things in common: Both deny the allegations of the criminal charges against the spouse (despite evidence to the contrary), both plead poverty (despite all appearances), and both were "singers".
The thing to remember is, Tammy finally saw the light and filed for divorce....while the husband was in prison.

Memo-chan said...

Does the prison Phil will be at allow conjugal visits?

Sprocket said...

Spector has not been assigned to a prison yet. That could take up to 90 days or more, deciding on where to place him.

He is currently in an intake facility at North Kern Co. Prison.

I don't know this for a fact yet, but I'm betting he won't be getting any intimate visits until he's been permanently placed.

CaliGirl9 said...

I don't believe that conjugal visits are allowed at intake facilities unless the inmate is ultimately assigned to the facility itself.

Conjugal visits are also a privilege, not a right. He will earn the privilege by programming well, doing what is asked of him, and perhaps participating i mental health programs (anger management and alcohol abuse groups come to mind).

Spector will not stay at North Kern. It is a rough place (as the video shows) and the Department of Corrections takes its duty of keeping inmates as safe as possible during incarceration. In a place like North Kern, Spector is a victim, ripe for picking.

He will go to a place where most inmates are medicated and ill. Even though he is where he deserves to be, the DOC's mission is to punish inmates for crimes they have been convicted of by depriving them of their freedom to be out and about in the community, not to invent new ways to torture people or allow the defenseless ones to become victims. The punishment is the loss of freedom, to do what you want when you want. There are no dungeons or torture chambers in California's prisons.

Spector was a big brave man with a gun in his hand and pointed at women and his so-called friends. In prison life, he's an elderly, frail, white male target, period. His fame will impress no one. Harming him is some inmate's claim to instant fame. The DOC is charged with preventing that. All corrections officers take that very seriously.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rachelle should quite lying upstairs on THEIR bed, pining about her lack of sex and wistfully thinking about Phil in his trademark suit, and clean the place. Maybe staff (if there were any) did all the cooking ( thought they ate out alot) and laundry, and yard work, and car upkeep and getting the next day's outfit ready. I don't know about everyone else, but, just keeping a very modest and humble home going is alot of work. I can't imagine a 35 room castle and I forgot, pet care, too.
She wouldn't have all this time to be interviewed...and lest, I forget, I need to add that she is busy running a multi- million dollar business. Jeez. I'm thinking the same thing about the junk sitting next to John's guitar. Tacky, tacky. I'd hate to see the rooms that were given a lick and a promise.

Anonymous said...

The New York Post put Rachelle on Page Six on June 6. The comments placed by the readers were brutal (those New Yorkers!).

I don't find her that unattractive beyond the wide mouth (and wide false teeth), it is what is inside of her that is so repugnant to me. As long as we have Rachelle, there will always something tawdry and tasteless in the Spector-sphere.

Anonymous said...

My better half said that Spector's wife is an easy target. It was odd that no one came to the trial to support him from all the music legends he worked with and the scads of people he knew. His arrogance and greed and rough talk chased people off, not to mention the guns. He worked hard for the money, but, so did the artists that put their best into the productions.
What further troubles me is that there was no "giving back" to the community. Not anything for a cure for a disease or homeless people or the environment.
Then, to see the arm-candy wife, who really knew what she was getting into, I think, sporting the 9 carat bauble, the fancy cars, the extravagant clothes, the castle, and the horrible attitude displayed to our beloved Sprocket, well, beauty is only skin deep. It is what is in your soul and spirit that matters. Two lost souls and they don't, even now, get the picture of how things came this far. Repugnant is the correct word, absolutely. Enjoy the 15 minutes of fame, Rachelle. The time is quickly running out.

Anonymous said...

Every silly thing that comes out of Mrs. Spector's mouth in her numerous interviews is being monitored by Clarkson Family attorneys. I say let her keep on talking and dig Phil's hole even deeper in debt to the Clarksons.

iwishiwas said...

RS's big reveal now that the gag is lifted is quite revealing... in that it reveals nothing!
She's a mouthpiece, but she's not even doing to well at that job. Note the word choice, and every word was chosen carefully, but not well: "...that he is not responsible for the death of Lana Clarkson" not that he's innocent or did not do it. Wait, wasn't she depressed, suicidal and it was her gun?
RS believes Lana was "messing around and the gun went off", but she doesn't say who was holding it.
She goes on to discredit ADS, dis the jury (in spite of the fact that the defense verbalized their acceptance of the jury and it's verdict).
I could go on, but the point is clear... THEY HAVE NOTHING TO WORK WITH. There is no case for an appeal. There is nothing for her to solicit beyond sympathy. Her opportunity to tell the real truth now that she is free to speak with the press equals this:


Anonymous said...

Do you know his new inmate number and mailing address, Sprocket?

Sprocket said...

No, I do not. Pretty busy with the White Truck and the kitchen floor.

Anonymous said...

RS should note the name of this ebay seller, she may be needing their services in the near future

Spector Did It said...

Hi Sprocketgal,

As for mouthpieces, as I posted on Michelle's blog, I think Dan Kessel would have been a better choice-seems to have a reasonable amount of intelligence and has known Phil way longer than Chelle. He's also careful not to disparage Lana and her family.

ITA Chelle is making it worse for Phil and his defense team. She lacks requisite class and charm,
and the public for the most part despises her.

If Chelle really feels Phil is a "sex god," she's going to have to prove it by frequent conjugal visits (when/if he's allowed!)
Otherwise what Michelle has said about their relationship must be

How come TMZ has yet to capture a REAL photo of Phil sans wig? Yes, Crypt Keeper comparison is quite entertaining but I would have thought by now we'd see the real bald deal.


Anonymous said...

The Spector appeal will not be about the jury, or any of the other nonsense that RS spouts. They will try to make a case that the 5 women who testified about the PS prior bad acts should not have been allowed, because they were not close enough to the Lana Clarkson situation. California law says that prior bad acts can be introduced if they are very close to the situation in the contested case, and the law has been upheld all the way to the Supreme Court. Spector's attorneys will claim that none of the 5 women testified that the gun went off, which made it unlike the Lana Clarkson situation. It is a pretty long shot that they might succeed, but it is all they have. Even if they were to preveail (very unlikely), it will take years, and then he would have to face another trial in all probability. He is in a very very bad situation and is going to be in jail for a long time....thankfully!


Anonymous said...

....she is making (his case) worse....digging the hole even deeper.....terrible spokesperson...badly behaved at the trial...

Could this be her plan?

Anonymous said...

I saw the documenty that Phil did for the BBC. "The agony and Ectasy of Phil Spector." He says that the judge is a "mean son of bitch that doesn't like me." He also says that he doesn't like the jury. I'm sure he hates both of them now

Sprocket said...

I don't think anyone really cares what convicted murderer Phil Spector has to say these days.

iwishiwas said...

She has no plan. She's trying to win an appeal in the court of public opinion. She's convinced he was tried and convicted via character assassignation in the public arena and thereby in the jury room. Losers always claim foul. She has no factual grounds, no revealing data, no new evidence. She ignores the jury spokesperson's statement that they considered the totality(sp?) of the evidence and not any one aspect. ALL of the evidence and testimony was used to make a determination (of guilt). She's not even material to the case, so why woud she think anyone would put any weight into the her statements?
She's fishing in the dark and not catching anything because there is nothing. Her pleas to the Team Spector fans confirms this, when she appeals to anyone to brainstorm for ideas.

My message to Rachelle M Spector: Good luck with that. You're not famous, popular or liked and you brought it on yourself by acting immature and irresponsible. Don't be surprised when you fall and no one's left to pick you up. There's still time to change directions and turn your life around, but you won't.

My message to Harvey P Spector: Keep throwing good money after bad. After the latest series of bad decisions, why stop now? We don't expect that you'll ever man up and do the right thing so whatever.

Noneofyerbeeswax said...

"Rachelle Spector and the producer chose to marry in that foyer 3 1/2 years after Clarkson's death.
"Why wouldn't I?" she said, adding, "I sit in that chair all the time.""

I am so creeped out by this.

Not only is 'Chelle a dim bulb, she's completely lacking in sensitivity.

HUGE ick factor here.

Clueless Chelle said...

Never in my life have I ever seen such a gold digger as Rachelle Spector.

She is so foolish and selfish. Spector is in prison. People are talking about how he might never come out alive. And she's all concerned about her music career and what Phil can do for her??

Oh, the poor baby misses the sex!!
Do we really think Phil gives a damn about meeting Chelle's sexual needs while he's struggling daily just to survive?

I, too, saw this horrific interview on 'Inside Edition' where she spoke gleefully about getting marrying Phil where Lana Clarkson was shot. I agree-she was completely devoid of empathy or sensitivity towards Lana Clarkson was quite disturbing. Most of the interview was focused on a tour of the Castle. The whole time she was acting like a real estate agent, showing it to a prospective buyer.
(After all, she DOES say she wants to sell the place but Phil doesn't.) She acts like she's on some huge power trip & controls all his $$$ but in the end I believe Phil still has some semblance of control over the purse strings.

Someone in Spector's camp needs to reign this woman in, or be onhand whenever she does interviews because in her effort to do damage control, she's only doing more damage!

Anonymous said...

Phil S knows every entertainment lawyer and management person in the business--for 50 years. Why, then, would this woman be in charge? I am sure there is more to the story than what she says. (Not only do I not believe a word from her, I don't think SHE believes anything she says either).

If Rachelle is this much of a harridan and hag at this young age, what will she be like in 25 years? She's a Jennifer-Hayes-in-training.

Clueless Chelle said...

Did you guys see this article yet? Chelle is calling Phil her "little boy." Just like Anonymous above can't believe she really has THIS much control, I can't believe he's aware of all she's saying...and just like he hasn't "okayed" releasing the music they've allegedly recorded yet, I'm not sure he'd okay this crap either:

Hope you guys join me in commenting on it. It feels lonely there. :) Here's my comment I left:

"All of his life, Phil Spector has felt inferior in large part due to his small stature. (Being 5'5"). All his life he's tried to compensate (perhaps the gun incidents were a way to feel taller and more of a man?)

He's pushing 70 years old. I would think the fact that Mrs. Spector is calling him a "little boy" and treating him as such MUST be demeaning and demasculating to him. How could it be flattering at all? Calling a man of his size and age "cute" is downright degrading. Ok, I get her desire to humanize him, but does she have to humiliate him in the process?"

Anonymous said...

Wigless PS pic just released:

Also, while I am here, let me be the first: congrats to Sprocket, almost 1 Million hits here! Great!
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 10:16 a.m. Reality check for you. He sealed his fate the night he murdered Lana. Biography? It would have to be the work of pure fiction. Do you think all his past evil deeds will magically disappear? The has-been is now a murderer sitting in a cell for life.

Anonymous said...

His fan comes to blogs and message boards asking for his current address. Can't be much of a fan if you have no idea where he is at the moment.

As for RS, she's helping Phil lose the civil trial every time she opens her big lying mouth. Thanks RS.