Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jersey - The Ultimate And Final Betrayal

It really comes as no great or unexpected surprise, yet it does not lessen the profound sadness and despair I, many in Jersey, and people, internationally feel.

The historic abuse inquiry is to be formally announced as “over” – by Gradwell, Warcup and their puppet-master, Bill Bailhache - they’ve decided that it can all be wrapped-up now.

As I sit here weeping for the victims, their unwavering advocates and supporters, the professional and dogged investigators who uncovered volumes of evidence exposing the abuse perpetrators, I am left with a feeling of hollowness and anguish for the good and decent folks of Jersey who continue to suffer at the hands of the upper-crust government buffoons.

“…know this – the memory of this horrifying, decades-old history of foul and monstrous abuse – and the memory of those who contributed to the concealing of that abuse – is not going away; will never be hidden – will never be forgotten about.

So this is not the end.

On the contrary – we live in the 21st century – when those who were weak have now become strong.

The abusers, those who have failed to prevent that abuse, those who have concealed that abuse, those who have contributed to the barbarism and criminality of the suppression of the truth – are going to be beaten.

Victims, Senator Stuart Syvret, Lenny Harper, Graham Power, Simon Bellwood, John Hemming and all of those I have come to know and deeply respect and admire in the past two years, know you have continued support and we will continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight for justice!

Senator Stuart Syvret Blog

Jersey 7/4/09 Protest March For Justice Photos


Anonymous said...

I had read your comments before and didn't really know about this case, so started searching the net and was horrified at the story I found.

How civilized people can allow such things to go on unpunished and try to cover it up is the closest thing I know to the people in WWII who knew but pretended not to know about the Nazi atrocities.

I hope you will give a lot of links to the British news articles connected with all this. And also hope that in future this case goes further.

donchais said...


If you click on my name on the right side column...that will bring up all the stories I have ever posted.

Also search labels for: Haut de la Garenne, Senator Stuart Syvret, Lenny Harper, Jersey Abuse Scandal, etc.

Senator Syvret's blog is extremely informative also.

I have been writing about this since February 2008 and you'll find links at the end of each story.

Sorry, but you may find some links no longer work.

I thank you for your interest!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for covering this story, which still begs for the involvement of the world's most intrepid investigative journalists. It is surprising no one has announced a movie or book deal yet, although there have been a few blog rumors about both.

After following the historic child abuse inquiry for over a year, it is impossible to believe the entire Jersey system is not absolutely rotten to the core. And today, there are Jersey media reports of the Bailiff hinting at a need to remove "certain elements," meaning Senator Stuart Syvret, from elected position.

In Jersey, horrific crimes against children are ignored but the good senator's rightous anger is not considered acceptable.

Beginning with Senator Syvret's first blog posting in early 2008, he has accurately predicted most of the judicial atrocities now unfolding, the cover-ups and media spin and more.

And, to those not yet familiar with the Jersey story, this is currently taking place in Europe, not Iran or Zimbabwe!

One can only ache for the abuse survivors, and be grateful that blogs like yours are keeping the possibility of justice alive through international awareness.

Anonymous said...


I first heard about the Haut de la Garenne story on this blog, and was immediately outraged at the level of historic child abuse.

Now, I just find it even more unbelievable that Jersey is dropping all these charges. Weren't there well over a hundred victims who cooperated with the previous police investigator?

Why oh why is this story not all over CNN? What can be done by your readers to support the victims?

- Elle

donchais said...


The number was 160 victims who came forward.

CNN did a single story on Haut de la Garenne over a year ago and nothing since.

Many of the victims read Senator Syvret's blog and see by reader comments they have support.

I take some perverse pleasure in emailing the Attorney General, lol.