Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stacey Barker Ordered To Stand Trial

~Emma Barker

24-year-old Stacey Barker will be tried for murder, assault of a child causing death, and child abuse.

Sufficient evidence in the death of 18-month-old Emma Barker caused a Lancaster Superior Judge to issue an order for her mother to stand trial.

Barker originally told law enforcement that she was knocked unconscious as she placed little Emma in her car on March 19. She claimed to have awakened in a park-and-ride lot hours later.

Barker then changed her story to say that Emma had died in an accident and she dumped the body along side a road in a panic.

A trial date has not been set.



Jesdamala said...

Why and what drove this young mother to this point? No answers yet, of course, no trial yet, but still, the allegations are horrific.
Each and every day of my guys' lives, still, and they are in their 20s, I care about their health and safety. Nobody should be driven to harm their own child, whatever age, as there are many resources out there. Such a pity, loss of a life, with so much potential.

donchais said...

Jes -

I don't know, and maybe it's because the media highway is at our fingertips and we have immediate access, but this trend appears to be sickeningly, increasing in occurrence. This was an innocent child, not yet 2-years-old!

Sandra Cantu...
Caylee Anthony...
Lauren Key...
Brooke Bennett...
Marcia Trimble...

Maybe parenting classes and then parenting licenses need to be issued.

For parents to just take a child's life because they are crying or cranky or need attention?????

I don't know - I am truly ashamed and afraid for mankind.

Google Karen Carpenter, "Bless the Beasts and the Children"

Jesdamala said...

Marcia Trimble doesn't fit into the list, but it is a sad enough case, she was a victim of another person, a sexual villian.

We had a murder this weekend in Los Angeles, a talented high school student, just met with the wrong person at the wrong time while innocently going about her business...a man repeatedly locked up and released. I am a liberal, in many regards, but honestly, when it comes to locking up repeat offenders, I am turning the other way, in a big way.

Yes, these crimes against children by their mothers, fathers, seem to be popping up each and every day, and yes, we have the internet and news 24/7 to thank for knowing about them....but honestly, better to know. What is shocking to me is how few have used the laws in some states to take a baby to a police station or hospital, and leave with no questions asked if the baby is under a certain age.

Also this 'trend' seems to be growing among younger parents, or those with too many to deal with, or sadly in the latest case in Texas, among the mentally ill.

katfish said...

I have a guest entry on katfishponders by a girl who attended the preliminary hearing and gives a detailed report. This was a 2 part hearing so there are 2 entries. If what Stacey Barker finally admitted to the police is true....little Emma suffered. :(

donchais said...

Thanks katfish!