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3/25/15 Day 5
1. SARAH KEY-MARER - Mother of victim, Lauren Sarene  Key, 4.

3/26/15 Day 6
1. SARAH KEY-MARER - Testimony continued.

3/30/15 Day 7
1. SARAH KEY-MARER - Testimony continued.

4/6/15 Day 8
2. LINDA PETERSON - Former roommate of Sarah for one year while Sarah was dating Cameron Brown.

3. JACK EARL LAISURE, III - Lived in the same marina as Brown, on his own boat. Overheard conversations Brown had with other marina residents about Sarah and her pregnancy.

4. MARLENE QUIRAM - Knew Sarah, Lauren and the entire Marer family. Her daughters went to the same school as Lauren and her family went to the same church as the Marer family. Observed Lauren at school and her behavior on the last day of her life.

5. FIORELLA MILETICH - Lauren's preschool teacher at the Montessori school for about a year. Knew Sarah. Observed Lauren with her mother. Was present when Brown came to pick up his daughter on several occasions. Observed Lauren and her behavior on the last day of her life.

6. JACQUEWYN MARTIN - Had two children who attended Montessori school. One of her daughters was a close friend of Laurens. Often stopped by the school to have lunch with her children. Knew Lauren and Sarah. Observed Lauren on the last day of her life.

4/2/15 Day 9
7. JANINE HERRERA-SAUNDERS - Assistant Director of Christian Montessori School. Knew Lauren and her mother, Sarah. Knew Lauren's personality. Observed Brown pick up Lauren on three or four occasions. Observed Lauren on the last day of her life. Observed Lauren being picked up by Brown on the last day of her life.

8. DEBORAH JENKIN - On November 8, 2000, worked the parking lot cashier station at Abalone Cove Parking Lot. Observed Lauren and Brown in the car.

9. SAAD OMAR - Visitor to Abalone Cove area on November 8, 2000. Observed Lauren and Brown together on the hillside and at the western edge entrance to Portuguese Point. Heard a scream while he was reading a book on Portuguese Point. Brown was always in front and Lauren behind.

10. JAMES WITHEROW - Hiker on the hillside of Abalone Cove area on November 8, 2000. Observed Brown and Lauren on the trails that day. Brown was always in front and Lauren behind.

- Driver on Palos Verdes Drive South on November 8, 2000. Observed Brown and Lauren walking on the ocean side, just off the road in the dirt. Brown was in front, Lauren was behind.

4/3/15 Day 10
12. SARGENT JESSICA BROTHERS - LA County Deputy Sheriff. At the time, working patrol. One of the first sheriff's responders to the scene. Interviewed Brown at the scene and observed his behavior.

- LA County Sheriff, lead Homicide Detective who investigated the case. Responded to the scene. Observed Brown at the scene. Interviewed Brown at Lomita Station for three hours along with his partner, Detective Danny Smith.

4/13/15 Day 11
14. JEREMY SIMMONS - Visitor to Sacred Cove Beach, aka the "nude" beach on November 8, 2000. Saw Brown come down the trail from IP asking for a cell phone. Loaned Brown his cell phone.

15. CAPT. FREDRICK ANTHONY  CURCIO - Retired. LA County Fire Fighter who responded to the scene November 8, 2000. Observed initial responders attend to Lauren's body on the picnic table. Observed Brown at the scene. Asked Brown questions at the scene.

- Retired. LA County Deputy Sheriff who responded to the scene on November 8, 2000. At the time he was assigned in the field as a supervising Sargent. Was briefed at the scene by Deputy Brothers. Observed Brown's demeanor at the scene. Interviewed Brown at the scene. Walked out onto the rocks with Brown at the scene.

17. VICTOR ROSENTHAL - Retired. LA County Firefighter Specialist. One of the paramedics who responded to the scene on November 8, 2000, and worked on Lauren's body. Observed Brown's demeanor and behavior at the scene while next to his daughter's body.

18. DETECTIVE  ANTOINETTE MARTINEZ - LA County Sheriff's Detective. First detective on the scene on November 8, 2000. After she arrived at the scene, Detectives Leslie and Smith were the team that took over the scene and investigation. She was ordered to Lomita Station to speak to Patty Brown. She was then ordered to Carson Station to give the death notification to Sarah. Observed Sarah's reaction to the death notification. Sarah's reaction left an impression on her. She had never seen anyone react that emotionally, and get sick.

13. DETECTIVE JEFFREY LESLIE - Recalled to stand.

4/14/15 Day 12
13. DETECTIVE JEFFREY LESLIE - Testimony continues.

4/15/15 Day 13
13. DETECTIVE JEFFREY LESLIE - Testimony continues.

19. DEPUTY DALE FALICON - Went to Inspiration Point on November 10, 2000. With the assistance of ropes, inspected the point face of IP. Believes he saw what looked like five impressions of shoe prints. Took photographs of the prints and cast impressions.

4/16/15 Day 14
20. LEIGH ANN ORMES - Friend of Sarah and her family. Met Sarah at church. Lauren's babysitter from five months to two and a half years, when Lauren started preschool. Knew Lauren well. Knew her personality, her likes and dislikes and how she would behave. Testifies to things Lauren told her.

- Pediatrician. Full Professor at Geffen UCLA Medical School. Extensive CV on published papers and lectures. Medical expert hired to give an opinion on whether or not Lauren was able to initiate the hike and complete the hike.  Participated in a hike route at the scene from Abalone Cove, to the beach, up the hill and out onto Inspiration Point.

Her conclusion: First: Lauren wouldn't have initiated this hike [She would not have said, "Oh lets go on this hike".]. Second: If she did hike for a short period of time, she would not have had, on her own, the interest or the stamina, to complete the hike. One way she could have completed the hike, she could have been carried as part of the hike, then if that didn't happen, she was coerced.

22. PHYLLIS MASSEY - Retired. Airport Police Officer for LAX. Not a part of LAPD. Worked the desk. Took an incident report from the defendant, Cameron Brown. Brown reported to her that Sarah intercepted him while he was trying to leave on his motorcycle. She yelled at him and prevented him from leaving. While he was leaving, he heard her yell, "I'll kill you."

- Friend of Sarah, and her entire family. Met her through a cruise that Sarah organized. They go to the same church. There was a camping trip, organized by the church for families. This was in August 2000. It was tent camping. She organized a hike for the children. Lauren was the only child in their group of friends who did not want to go on the hike.

22. JANICE ROQUE - Friend of Sarah, and her entire family. Knew the family through their church. Her and her family attended the camping trip in August 2000. Knew Lauren and describes her personality. Roque's daughter was a few months old on the trip. Lauren wanted to stay at the camp and hold her daughter, be with her, during the camping trip.

23. CARI HEATHER DUNLOP - Lived on her boat at the same marina where Brown lived, in 1997. She considered Brown an acquaintance. She did not date him. Went hiking with Brown at Abalone Cove along the cliffs. Went out onto Inspiration Point with him. Brown said something to her in regards in regards to the cliff. He said he liked that place and that he liked it a lot. There was something that he also said about suicide, and it struck her as strange. 

4/17/15 Day 15
24. MITCHEL DeGRAFF - Former neighbor of Sarah and her family. Knew Sarah, Greg, Lauren and Josh well. Knew Lauren's personality and the things she liked to do. Observed several occasions where Brown picked up his daughter. Observed one occasion where Brown tried to put Lauren in the front seat of his van. Heard Brown tell his daughter, "Tell your mother to shut up. You'll do what your dad says now."

25. JEANE BARRETT - LA County Fire Dept. Captain. Worked for the department for 16 years. Former girlfriend of Brown. Dated Brown for about a year and a half in 1994-95. They broke up before she planned to travel to Chile to complete her Spanish immersion program. Brown told her that he had gotten a woman pregnant and that she was from England. Also told her there was something about a visa.

26. JON HANS - Former friend of Brown. Knew Brown since the mid 1980's. They were close friends. Hans considered Brown like a brother. Originally wrote a letter in support of Brown that was posted on a support Cameron Brown website. Once he read the grand jury testimony and saw images of the site where Lauren died, everything fell into place for him. He no longer believed what he was told by Brown's wife. Brown never told him anything about the event or what happened to Lauren. Brown believed law enforcement were putting people close to him to try to get him to talk. Described conversations he had with Brown that struck him as odd. Described several events he witnessed involving himself and Brown, as well as Brown's wife Patty, and his own wife, Lisa.

27. CYNTHIA NICHOLS - Former employee of Orange County DA's office. Reviewed the family court child custody file involving Lauren. Explains several documents in the file as well as court rulings on requests made by Brown to reduce his child support due to a job related injury and due to requesting more custody.

4/20/15 Day 16
 28. JANE DOE (Witness requested anonynimity) - Former girlfriend of Brown in Breckenridge, Colorado.

29. JONI DODGE - Orange County Children's Services social worker who investigated allegations that Sarah was abusing Lauren.

30. ANNE O'MARA - Social worker at Kaiser Permamente who counseled Sarah and Brown on options once Sarah learned she was pregnant.

31. WILLIAM GNAM - (New witness; never testified before.) Former friend of Brown's who knew him in Colorado and later after they both moved to California. Testified that Brown was an expert outdoors man and was very safety conscious in all outdoor sport/activity situations.

32. SCOTT SIMONSON - Former friend of Brown's who also lived on a boat in the Marina. Testified about various events.

33. JEROME POINGSETT - (New witness; never testified before.) Former co-worker of Brown's at American Airlines. Testified that Brown, on three different occasions, in conversations about child support they both had to pay, asked Poingsett, "What if we just got rid of the kid[s]."

4/22/15 Day 18
34. VICTOR RENDON - American Airlines management employee who testified about the contents of Brown's personnel file, the times he was off on a work related injury and his salary.

35. DETECTIVE MARK LILLIENFELD - LA County Sheriff's Detective. Was asked by Detectives Leslie & Smith to pose as a Los Angeles Airport Police Investigator, looking into Brown's claims that Sarah Key-Marer threatened to kill him.

13. DETECTIVE JEFFREY LESLIE - Testimony continues.

36. JANE NGO - Supervisor Investigating Officer for LA County DA's Office. CPA who reviewed Cameron Brown and Patricia Kaldis Brown's financial records.

37. STACY PHILLIPS - Family Law Attorney who explains the in's and out's of family law, "time share" child support, etc.

38. DR. OGBONNA CHINWAH - Deputy Medical Examiner for Los Angeles County. Performed the autopsy on Lauren. Determined the cause of death was multiple injuries due to blunt force trauma. Manner of death was homicide, or, at the hands of another.

4/23/15 Day 19
38. Dr. OGBONNA CHINWAH - Testimony continues.

39. ROBERT OLSEN - Land surveyor, who works for Psomas. Produced a topographical map of Inspiration Point.

40. LENA PATEL - Prior testimony read into the record. She was a preschool teacher at Christian Montessori school. Knew Lauren.

13. DETECTIVE JEFFREY LESLIE - Testimony continues.

4/24/15 Day 20
41. DR. WILSON CARLYLE HAYES - Biomechanical Injury Expert. Testifies that Lauren's injuries resulted from a single impact with the cliff face. Testifies that Lauren had to have been launched from the cliff at 12.5 feet per second. Her injuries were not caused by a trip or slip. Explains the trajectory her center of gravity had to have taken to hit the cliff face then fall into the water.

4/27/15 Day 21
13. DETECTIVE JEFFREY LESLIE - Testimony continues.


4/28/15 Day 22 
1. JOHN DIETZLER - Character witness who knew Brown. Testifies that Brown had a loving relationship with Lauren. Wrote a letter of support for Brown's BIL's website. 

2. JOSEPH CREENEN - Character witness who knew Brown. Remained friends after Brown moved to California. Wrote a letter of support for Brown's BIL's website. 

3. MARK THOMPSON - Character witness who was a former co-worker of Brown.

4. ANNA-MARIE ROBERTSON - Believes she was at the Abalone Cove area on November 8, 2000. Testifies she saw a man and a young girl coming down the trail from the parking lot. The young girl was in front and the man was deep in thought, as if in a daze.

5. AARON CARTER - Witness who saw Brown and Lauren on Palos Verdes Drive South on November 8, 2015.

4/29/15 Day 23 (Half day)
6. IAN BROWN - 2009 Testimony read into the record.
Cameron Brown's younger brother. Testifies about what Brown was like growing up and his interests. Testifies that Detective Leslie and his partner coming to his mother's house. States that that the detectives initially told them that they believed Brown was innocent. Then the questioning went in a direction that alarmed him and his mother. His mother became upset and Ian requested that the questions be passed to an attorney first, so that there wouldn't be any misrepresentations.

7. TERRY HOPE - 2009 Testimony read into the record.
At Inspiration Point on November 8, 2000. Testifies he saw tall man and a little girl on the trail at several points on the side of the cliff above Sacred Cove. Saw them in four different spots. Testifies that on two occasions, the little girl was ahead of the man.

5/04/15 Day 24
8. GUNTER SIEGMUND - Biomechanical Expert. Testified that biomechanics can not determine if Lauren accidentally tripped/slipped or if she was pushed/thrown.

9. JAN MUELLER - Orange County Court appointed family court mediator who was required by law to report that Brown made an allegation of child abuse against Sarah. Mueller testified that she didn't believe the allegation, but she was required by law [mandated reporter] to report it.

5/05/15 Day 25
9. JAN MUELLER - Testimony continued.

10. DR. KEVIN BOOKER -  Psychologist and Trauma Specialist (PTSD) - Reviewed 911 call and various police reports that described Brown's demeanor and affect immediately after Lauren's death. Testified the descriptions he read were comparable to someone who was suffering from psychological shock.

11. DONALD DeARMAN - Friend of the defendant. Met him at the farmer's market. On Halloween 2000, Brown and Lauren joined DeArman and his family with a group of kids for trick-or-treating.

12 LYNNE BROWN - The defendant's mother. Her testimony from 2009 was read into the record.

Last witness for the defense.


1. DETECTIVE JEFFREY LESLIE - Testified what various defense witnesses told him when they were interviewed about knowing Brown personally, or seeing him at Inspiration Point. Also testified about what happened when he stopped by Lynn Brown's home.

05/06/15 Day 26
1. DETECTIVE JEFFREY LESLIE - Testimony continues.

2. DR. WILSON CARLYLE HAYES - Testified that Lauren did not have the ability to get to a running speed of 11.3 ft per second or 8.55 ft per second because there was not enough space on the slope to do so.